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I’m having problems uploading photos to the blog again and have been too busy to take the time to call technical support so it will probably be at least a couple days but trust me I’m making progress. I sorted through a lot of bins and started setting up the sewing room. Both machines are set up and ready to sew, the ironing board and design wall are up and more bins were purchased.

Keith and I came out of a restaurant and he pointed to a store and said that it was a store just for me – called The Container Store and boy was he right – I dragged him over to look and two shopping carts later I had two types a bins, a small filing cabinet and a cork message board to hang above my desk! I’m definitely go back there when I have more time to browse.

EDIT: I’ve found a work around for loading photos for now so here are the ones from the container store. Keith was deliberately frowning for the camera – he didn’t mind stopping and shopping for my bins!

10 thoughts on “No photos

  1. Penny Guglielmoni

    Keith is just so nice and thoughtful. I love to read things about him from your blog. You both are blessed to have found each other.

  2. Jan Altomare

    That is one dangerous store. Good thing I have to travel several hours to get to one. Almost as bad as the fabric store. Can hardly wait to see your progress!

  3. Marilyn Smith

    I love that store! The closest to me is in Costa Mesa, CA. I go there when I am in Orange County. Also go to the one in Las Vegas when we are there.

  4. Florence

    Keith is such a great sport! I agree with Penny that you are both blessed!
    By the way, we have no container stores where I live; however, they have an
    onlne store.

  5. VickiT

    Oh my gosh! I LOVE The Container Store!! I have huge amounts of their storage bins in a number of different sizes. I use them for my fabrics, tools, elastic/ribbon and similar and so many other things. Those which I buy are great as they stack nicely and the lids snap on. I didn’t want any with handles as that makes stacking them to save room impossible. Plus the ones I chose to buy are really reasonable in price and you can get a discount if you buy a large amount at once. I’ve done that with about 3 of the sizes I use.

    I’m sure if you’ve never been in that store, you made a very nice dent in your checkbook or credit card. LOL

    Oh and during the holidays, they have their own wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows and usually on Saturdays, they have quick classes for anyone who comes into the store showing them how to make beautifully wrapped presents.

  6. Beth in AZ

    oh! One of my FAVORITE places to shop! I swear if I didn’t have so many problems with my feet right now, I would get a job there! I have to have a specific list when I go in there now… They have GREAT gadgets/ stocking stuffers too!

  7. grace thorne

    oh yes container store is a quilter’s paradise…not sure where the closest is to me now but used to visit chestnut hill a lot…

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