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More on TouchDraw

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iOS11 now allows you to capture screen activity on the iPad so I thought I’d try to record myself using the app in case I scared you off with saying it takes a little time and effort to learn. I use my finger,  not a pen or stylus and as you’ll see I can draw something pretty quickly although talking about it at the same time slows me down a little. 

The file is too big to upload directly but this link will take you to the video in my file section on Google Photos. It’s about 7 minutes so watch if you want (or not!).

I had to touch on the screen to start the video playing and adjust my volume to hear the audio. 

TouchDraw demo


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Several people have asked about the app I use on the iPad to design quilts. While I love how easy EQ is to use, I just don’t use my computer all that much and I have not been able to find a decent quilt design app so I use a drawing app called TouchDraw

My coloring options are limited but that’s OK because most of the time I just need an idea of what colors I want to use and don’t usually take the time to color a scrappy quilt. 

There’s also a bit of a learning curve but if you’re familiar with using different software programs you’ll be able to figure it out if you want to invest a little time and effort. Again, it’s not a quilting app so it’s not going to calculate your fabric amounts for you but if I’m making a scrappy quilt I don’t care how much fabric is needed and if I need to calculate yardage, I just use a calculator. 

Using the menu on the left, I draw my shapes and assemble them into blocks. Once I have my block built I use duplicate and group to quickly built blocks into rows and rows into quilts. I actually find this app easier to use than EQ to illustrate my quilt instructions because as you can see below it’s very easy to show how a block breaks down and is assembled. 

For me the effort is worth it because I’m always drafting quilts and I always have my iPad with me.

Boxed Squares

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I put borders on the Boxed Squares today so that top is finished. Instructions are on my website – this quilt is Jelly Roll friendly or you can use 2.5 inch strips from stash. I used a kit purchased on clearance at Craftsy and in addition to the Jelly Roll there was enough fabric for the borders and binding. There’s just one small 1/2 yard piece left from the kit – I love it when I can utilize all the fabric in a clearance kit and still make my own quilt and not the one included in the kit. 

Quilt size with borders is 64 x 76

Inner border is cut 2.5 inches

Outer border is cut 6.5 inches

I’m still moving things around in my sewing room – I have just a handful of days here in FL in December and the time I have left to figure out how I want the room arranged before the longarm comes is limited. 

I love my Koala table BUT it is completely impractical without an extension on the left side of the machine. I didn’t want to move this table from behind the machine to beside it because it means that either my cutting table or ironing board will end up back in the corner but I need the extra space and support on that side of the machine. 

The longarm will go in the middle of the room where the other table is now … I thought I’d have a hard time giving up that workspace but as you can see I’m measuring and pinning borders on the floor because there’s too much stuff on the table to use it!

I can’t believe that I’m going to have everything back in one room in just a few weeks. I’ve had a number of different sewing spaces and some have worked better than others but I haven’t had everything in one room since 2006!!!


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I’ve still been thinking about and playing with the Stars design … 

While the split 16 patches were where I started with this one, the piecing could be simplified with a split 9 patch.  

You could still put the red blocks in… it just takes a while to redraw everything in my iPad app. Also by changing to a split 9 patch, you could now make this quilt in 9 inch blocks if you prefer smaller blocks. 

And how about switching the Stars for churn dash blocks? So many different choices and I got a little lazier with my drawing too. Just enough blocks on this one to let me see how it would look. 


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I’ve been wanting to do another Ohio Star quilt but I don’t want to sash them, I like big blocks but don’t want large 12 inch squares alternating with the Stars so I played around today and came up with this idea. 

Blocks are 12 inches finished

Quilt size is 60×84

And because so many of you make veteran quilts how about a little pop of color in this version?

I won’t be able to start anything for weeks but this is definitely going on my to do list!

Clean or sew?

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I’d much rather sew! We only use a cleaning service every few months but it’s so nice to spend the morning in my sewing room while someone else cleans for me. Of course, having someone come in means that I spent all day yesterday straightening up and putting things away but even that’s worth having a clean house!

While Jocelyn was cleaning, I assembled the HeartStrings top. This one is completely scrappy  – I just sewed with whatever strips and strings were in the bin and some people might even call it ugly but from these leftovers, comes a quilt that will provide warmth and comfort to someone in need. I love that!

Buisier than expected

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The holiday weekend was busier than I expected and I hadn’t accomplished everything I wanted to in the sewing room so I closed myself up all evening and sewed away. The boxed squares blocks are assembled and it’s ready for borders and the HeartStrings blocks have all been pieced and tossed up on the design wall. I’ll move some blocks around before sewing them all together. 

I wish I could say my string bin looks emptier but I don’t think these blocks made much of a dent. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Such a great day … hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Walking by the bay.

Football, knitting, and cuddling with Finn.  The only downside is that our cable station was out but we were able to watch the Vikings win on our phones thanks to Verizon!

A home cooked meal … just the two of us so not an elaborate menu but I tried a couple things for the first time …. I cooked a frozen, boneless, Butterball turkey breast in the Instant Pot and I used a gluten free bread in my usual dressing recipe and while it didn’t crisp up as much as my usual one, it was still quite tasty.  Keith reminded me to snap a photo after he fixed his plate. 

Later when Finn and Keith go to bed, I’ll work a little in the sewing room on my HeartStrings blocks!


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As Keith and I spend this day together in our beautiful home, eating a home cooked meal, we think of the many blessings in our lives and take the opportunity to give back with a donation Trinity Cafe to feed the hungry and homeless here in our community.

I hope you all have wonderful, family filled holidays planned!