I needed to run out to Joann’s to pick up some things for Mom… I’m not breaking my “no buy” vow if I’m shopping for someone else right?!

Of course, this backing might count as breaking it but I needed a flannel backing for the baby’s quilt and the few I had here didn’t go at all so I’m letting myself off the hook for this piece … no other fabric has been purchased for myself in Sept or Nov so we’re heading into the 3rd month without yarn or fabric purchases except this back.

While we were out, we had lunch by the water.  Our weather now is just about perfect!

After we got home, I spent some time trying to calculate how much fabric my sister’s two color quilt might take and then I started cutting a new project for me to work on piecing this week. It’s a kit I bought a while back from Craftsy when it was on sale.  Somehow I got lucky and my 5 inch square die is actually here in FL rather than at Big Canoe so the cutting is going quickly using the GO. I don’t like square quilts and I have enough of the background fabric to add a row of blocks so I’ll pull a couple solid fabrics from stash. 

7 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Sally

    That backing fabric you chose for backing on the baby quilt is gorgeous! Love it! Are you using the flannel for backing/batting or will you still use a batting too? (I have not used flannel for backing and am curious about if you use batting with it.

  2. Penny Guglielmoni

    I agree the backing fabric is amazing. I also liked the other fabrics in the cart. Lunch by the water with Keith sounds like a fantastic plan too. Hope Sunday is as fun and relaxing.

  3. Girl in the Stix

    Wow that backing looks like it was made for that quilt! I have a square quilt that always seems too wide and too short. It was made from leftovers from another quilt. We are getting our first winter storm, already a few inches of snow. Good day to stay inside and snow!

  4. Carolyn

    Ugh! I’m trying hard to “self shop”, but just *seeing* the shelves at JoAnns makes me itch to go in and fondle/browse/buy! And I don’t need anything!! You found a darling piece of flannel, that’s for sure.

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend is being enjoyed by you and yours. Thanks for posting,

  5. Shirley

    I admire your resolve. I bought more Christmas fabric last week and am feeling very guilty as I already have too much! Looking forward to seeing the two color quilt.

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