Stolen moments

Keith leaves tomorrow and I didn’t come home until Friday night so I planned to spend most of the weekend with him and Finn but I found an hour here and there to work in my sewing room. I finished cutting the Plus quilt and have even made some progress piecing it. At first I didn’t think I would like it at all because the squares are so big (cut 5 inches) but as I get more up on the design wall it’s growing on me. I think it will make a great donation quilt once it has the texture from quilting and I think I’d like a scrappy version with a dark background and light pluses. 

Today also included knitting time with Finn this morning … he slept beside me until he heard Keith come back in from his walk. 

A four mile walk along the bay …  sometimes I still find it hard to believe all this is just a short block away. 

And finally we watched football late this afternoon. The Vikings have a bye week but the Redskins won so Keith was happy.  I hope you all had as nice a weekend as I did!

4 thoughts on “Stolen moments

  1. Jackson Watkins

    Hi Mary,
    This is Jack in Ellijay, GA, just north of Big Canoe. I failed to tell you of an excellent place across the road from the North entrance of Big Canoe where we board our fur-kids when we go on vacation. They are very well known to many residents of Big Canoe. The name of the boarding place is: Red Barns Kennels, and the owners are Shelley Johnson-Garstin and Bob Garstin. I don’t know if you ever board Finn, he is SO cute, but it is always good to have a great referral just in case. They are very convenient to you when you are there, and I assure you that you and you husband would be very impressed with their facilities and property. And no, I do not get a commission for advertising for them.
    FYI, for some reason I love Plus Quilts. I think that maybe it is the simplicity and the color combination possibilities. They seem to be very versatile. You mentioned the size of the squares maybe not being of your liking in the beginning, can I ask what is the smallest Plus Quilt Squares you have made? Thanks, it sounds like you had a great weekend. The fall leaves are at their peak right now. They are beautiful at the top of Fort Mountain, between Ellijay and Chatsworth, Ga going Hwy. 52W from Ellijay, for future reference.

  2. Judy

    I sure like plus quilts and the bigger blocks would be great for one of our guild’s charities. We need lots of boy quilts.

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