Do you dance?!

I know I’m in my happy place when the music is playing and I’m dancing around my sewing room. I will be done with these blocks tomorrow and ready to assemble the top. 

When I’m working with placement with a limited number of fabrics or colors I find putting a placeholder up on the design wall helps me to place my last few blocks. Since these are being pressed based on where they are in the quilt, I don’t want to have to change the block placement and repress them so this is an easy way for me to work. 

After I said yesterday that these blocks were larger than I typically like, Jack wrote and asked me what sized blocks I usually use for my Plus quilts. This is just the 3rd one I’ve made but the other two used 2.5 inch blocks and strips. I think I might try one using 3.5 inch squares and see how I like that but as I get more of this done, it’s definitely appealing to me more and I love how quick it is. 

2 thoughts on “Do you dance?!

  1. Bonnie in Va

    LOVE this quilt. I purchased some “go with” charm packs to make a plus quilt but couldn’t decide how to make it. This one sings to me so I’ve saved pictures and will try to make one with my fabrics. Now to see if the stash has a background fabric to use. I was unable to “Google” the quilt pattern you showed earlier. Did it come with the kit you bought?

  2. Carolyn

    (counting up on fingers) So your design wall is roughly 72″ square? Nice! So portable!! My design wall is installed on a shade roller, so not portable in the least.

    You’ve probably already mentioned this, but is it something that’s on the market, or something you and/or Keith created? I can picture how easy it would be to extend the usable length by installing a couple of hooks about 7′ up the wall on which to hang the frame when you get the top portion filled, then adding another piece of base fabric at the bottom of the frame (it would just hang freely, though) for more block pinning.

    My brain is whirling with ideas for another, portable design wall….

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