Happy Friday

Where did this week go?!!!

Now that I’m finished the Plus quilt it was time to think about what I wanted to work on next … since tomorrow is Veteran’s Day I decided I should start a quilt that will be donated to a Veteran, what better way to honor their service?! 

I pulled some fabric and decided on one of our planned HeartStrings quilts, inspired by Sharon in Maine. 

I’m sitting here on the porch … I did mention this is porch season didn’t I…  watching our flag wave in the breeze. I may not like or respect our country’s leaders right now but I appreciate the sacrifices our service men and women make and we fly our flag almost year round to honor them and our veterans. (We do fly a pirate flag during Gasparilla season!)

Also of note today, Finn was groomed … I so love a freshly groomed puppy!!!

8 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Ann

    What a face! He looks like an old soul. Veterans Day quilt-excellent idea. I’m going to extract myself from this comfy chair and go make one.

  2. Carol in MN

    The photos of Finn put a smile on my face….he’s the cutest! I am planning to make a quilt of valor and am interested in seeing yours as I have not decided on a pattern to use. Thanks for sharing your many patterns.

  3. Cynthia Marrs

    You know that Finn has a large group of fans. His new “do” looks just fine. Your quilting is great, too. Adorable puppies are just so hard to resist.

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