A good day for football

A little football rivalry going on here with the Vikings winning over the Redskins today … it was a good day for football but not such a good day for my hair!! A little wind and rain on the walk over and I didn’t realize how bad it looked until we took the photo!

I’m coming along on the baby’s knit blanket too. Just one more side to edge but first I have to weave in all those ends from the stripes. Luckily I carried the yarn up the sides for each section but that still leaves a lot of ends to weave.  I think I if ever do this one again, I’ll crochet an edging, much easier,

6 thoughts on “A good day for football

  1. Linda

    Lovely blanket. Great colours, the knitted edges are perfect. My hair looks dreadful too, just taken my woolly hat off after a visit to the cemetery – 20 years today since my Dad died. Only 5C!

  2. Vicki W

    Normally I’m happy anytime the Redskins lose but this time it would have been better for the Eagles if the Vikings had lost. The Vikings are looking good and it will be nice to have Teddy Bridgewater back. I feel bad for what he’s been through.

  3. Penny Guglielmoni

    Love that you guys got to spend a Sunday on the little things and not preparing for travel or work or …
    BTW the hair is fine for the circumstances. The smile outshines all of it. Our Sunday was spent talking to a group of people preparing for marriage and I hope my smile was as warm and welcoming.

  4. Sara F

    I really enjoy seeing the Vikings playing well. Glad you got to watch it with Keith. I recorded it so Dave could watch it last night when he got home. He took a buddy along to a college basketball game. His friend was happy to use my season ticket and I was happy to have a whole afternoon to myself to sew for the first time in more than a week.

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