Happy Thanksgiving!

Such a great day … hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Walking by the bay.

Football, knitting, and cuddling with Finn.  The only downside is that our cable station was out but we were able to watch the Vikings win on our phones thanks to Verizon!

A home cooked meal … just the two of us so not an elaborate menu but I tried a couple things for the first time …. I cooked a frozen, boneless, Butterball turkey breast in the Instant Pot and I used a gluten free bread in my usual dressing recipe and while it didn’t crisp up as much as my usual one, it was still quite tasty.  Keith reminded me to snap a photo after he fixed his plate. 

Later when Finn and Keith go to bed, I’ll work a little in the sewing room on my HeartStrings blocks!

5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Linda H

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. Does Finn get a little turkey on this feast day? Our girl (Dorothy Anne) loves it and waits by the oven while it bakes.

  2. Bonnie in Va

    Happy T day to you and Keith. Your dinner looks almost like ours. Same set up — kids were off with their in-laws. Hubby and I had a preprepared boneless turkey breast — we just threw the container in the oven to cook the turkey. It was delicious. Only difference on our plate is we had some scallops potatoes. It was super easy and very tasty. I sewed most of the afternoon. Life is good.

  3. Sara F

    Happy Thanksgiving! Glad you got to see another Vikings win. We spent the day with our girls’ families at my niece’s house along with her folks and siblings. She lives in the hometown of Vikings player Riley Reif, and they watched him play all through high school, so we knew the game would be on at their house.

  4. Marilyn Smith

    Mary, your dinner looks wonderful! We have the same placemats! I am so enjoying being home after being in the hospital for a month. Son is here from Hawaii to help us out and other son from Encinitas has been here a lot as well.

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