Clean or sew?

I’d much rather sew! We only use a cleaning service every few months but it’s so nice to spend the morning in my sewing room while someone else cleans for me. Of course, having someone come in means that I spent all day yesterday straightening up and putting things away but even that’s worth having a clean house!

While Jocelyn was cleaning, I assembled the HeartStrings top. This one is completely scrappy  – I just sewed with whatever strips and strings were in the bin and some people might even call it ugly but from these leftovers, comes a quilt that will provide warmth and comfort to someone in need. I love that!

13 thoughts on “Clean or sew?

  1. Nann

    I like it, too! Perfect for a scrappy HS quilt. A few months ago I finally admitted that I could not keep up with housecleaning. The first time the cleaner came it took her two days! Now she comes one morning a month. We are fairly tidy people, we don’t smoke, and we don’t have pets, so things don’t get horrendously awful. I haven’t asked her to tackle my studio, though. I think that in 2018 that will but something that she and I work on together, since I know where the stuff goes.

  2. Kathie L

    Who wouldn’t love a quilt with so many fabrics to enjoy! I have a cleaner one morning a month, and it makes all the difference. Good for us and good for her.

  3. Vicki

    ALWAYS sewing over cleaning!
    When Chris and I got married I said then that the only non-negotiable thing was to have a bi-weekly cleaning service. It will be the last luxury that I give up!

  4. Dee Dee

    Mollie, there really is no such thing as an ugly quilt. Each and every quilt is beautiful in it’s own way. They are all made with love and that is where their beauty comes from. I really like the red accent strips in this quilt. You are such an inspiration, thanks for all the free patterns.

  5. Angie

    I love your string quilts! I like to add a border to mine which seems to bring it all together—and the quilting of course changes everything. Cleaning, well I pay my granddaughter twice a month to come and clean. It really helps, and gives her some money for college stuff. I prefer to sew, but today I’m outside raking leaves and blowing off the sidewalks and patio. Maybe this afternoon I’ll get to sew. I’m so behind on my Linus mystery quilt, and Animal Adventures embroidery quilt. But, really I sew for fun, so no pressure. Cleaning on the other hand has to be done at some point….ugh. Just for germs sake.

  6. Penny G

    I have lost my handle on things. Right now I can’t seem to get things straight enough to get someone in to clean in the outside chance that Paul would give in and let me have someone in to clean. We have a bunch of misplaced stuff that makes things look cluttered to me. Just stuff that has been cleaned out of one place and is in the process of either finding its way out the door or into another place. The remnants of a major cleanout of the shed. That stuff that was being stored because we didn’t want to throw it away and now some has been gotten rid of, but some just sits in the sunroom taking up space.

  7. Sara F

    Certainly NOT an ugly quilt. I love all of those dark colors. And someone is going to love it. I have had a cleaning lady come every 2 weeks for about 20 years. And I so appreciate it. Now that I’m semi retired, I have the time to clean. But like you I would rather be sewing or doing anything else. So as long as I can afford her, I’ll keep indulging myself. And no guilt involved.

  8. Linda

    Another great Heartstrings Quilt- certainly not ugly! I love its bright cheerful red centre strips making the diamonds. I always think picking strings randomly somehow creates patterns of its own which is exciting.

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