Boxed Squares

I put borders on the Boxed Squares today so that top is finished. Instructions are on my website – this quilt is Jelly Roll friendly or you can use 2.5 inch strips from stash. I used a kit purchased on clearance at Craftsy and in addition to the Jelly Roll there was enough fabric for the borders and binding. There’s just one small 1/2 yard piece left from the kit – I love it when I can utilize all the fabric in a clearance kit and still make my own quilt and not the one included in the kit. 

Quilt size with borders is 64 x 76

Inner border is cut 2.5 inches

Outer border is cut 6.5 inches

I’m still moving things around in my sewing room – I have just a handful of days here in FL in December and the time I have left to figure out how I want the room arranged before the longarm comes is limited. 

I love my Koala table BUT it is completely impractical without an extension on the left side of the machine. I didn’t want to move this table from behind the machine to beside it because it means that either my cutting table or ironing board will end up back in the corner but I need the extra space and support on that side of the machine. 

The longarm will go in the middle of the room where the other table is now … I thought I’d have a hard time giving up that workspace but as you can see I’m measuring and pinning borders on the floor because there’s too much stuff on the table to use it!

I can’t believe that I’m going to have everything back in one room in just a few weeks. I’ve had a number of different sewing spaces and some have worked better than others but I haven’t had everything in one room since 2006!!!

2 thoughts on “Boxed Squares

  1. Linda in NE

    I really like that quilt….the colors are great.

    I’d be happy just have a room long enough and wide enough that my quilting machine could sit in one spot with room around it so I didn’t have to move it side to side and end to end to load it and roll the quilts. Everything else would find it’s place eventually.

  2. Bonnie in Va

    It’s hard to figure out placement of furniture/sewing machines — I sure hope yours fits well and you enjoy having it all in one place again. It looks like that quilt should live in that room… it looks really nice on the carpet there! Looking forward to seeing more of your quilting once the room is all set up.

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