I’ve still been thinking about and playing with the Stars design … 

While the split 16 patches were where I started with this one, the piecing could be simplified with a split 9 patch.  

You could still put the red blocks in… it just takes a while to redraw everything in my iPad app. Also by changing to a split 9 patch, you could now make this quilt in 9 inch blocks if you prefer smaller blocks. 

And how about switching the Stars for churn dash blocks? So many different choices and I got a little lazier with my drawing too. Just enough blocks on this one to let me see how it would look. 

4 thoughts on “Options

  1. Elizabeh

    what app do you have on your iPad to draw these quilts. It looks a little like EQ, but I know that isn’t available on the iPad.
    Love the star quilts!


  2. Sherrill

    I was looking at the first option and thinking ‘ugh, 1/4 square units; I don’t like making them!’. But now the churn dashes..I LIKE that one!

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