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A box of bad memories

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I had no idea how many bad memories were contained in these papers. As I struggled with them tonight and searched for some words of comfort, I remembered the simple prayer Valerie shared with me when I talked about forgiveness weeks ago. It helped me then and it helped me tonight. 

Be Healed

Be healed of all that harms you. Be healed of sorrow and grief, of anger and guilt, of envy and pride. Be healed in your mind, body and spirit. Be healed of illness, of fatigue, of pain. Be healed of worry and of fear. Be healed of broken relationships, doubts and suspicions, betrayal and separation. Be healed by being made whole, by acceptance, understanding, release and forgiveness. Be healed from deep within your soul. Be healed by the Spirit who loves you. Be healed.

—Bishop Steve Charleston


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No move seems complete without a pile of shedding … these documents are mostly from the 1990’s but some go back to the late 80’s. I’d hoped we’d be able to take these and have them shredded today but of course, my bad luck held out and they have no bulk trash/shredding here this month because of the holidays. My goal will be to get it done before the movers come Thursday but we’ll be gone tomorrow and part of New Year’s Day too so we’ll see – I can only shred for about 10 minutes at a time before the machine shuts itself off. 


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Keith seems not so thrilled ….

Finn decided he’d try to chew the boxes which got him put in time out ….

And Ann let me know I’d found the “wrong” Jelly Sandwich. I have to admit I like this one better!!

More packing tomorrow UGH … but the end is in sight. Just one week before we leave to go home and I can’t wait!

More Jelly Roll ideas

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Ann comment that she might make a Jelly Sandwich so of course I had to look that up. 

If you’re looking for Jelly Roll options, maybe one of my boxed squares will inspire you – I finished this top in November.

Maybe I should finally get those butterflies appliquéd on this little top I made after one of my Maine trips … it’s been waiting for them for a couple years now. The butterflies are all fused and cut so it wouldn’t take long to finish it up. 

I think have might make another rectangle quilt too … these were quick and easy. My bright rectangles was made from scraps but this one was from leftover strips from a Jelly Roll combined with a single background fabric. 

I need to stop looking at quilts and go pack up my bookcases!

I’ve got a plan

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It’s been 10 days since I quilted Mom’s BearPaw which was my last day of sewing … where has the time gone?!! I’m already antsy and ready to sew but I’ve got a week before the movers come on January 4, then we drive home on January 6 and that’s when the fun begins … I have a little prep work to do in the sewing room before the movers deliver my stuff but they’re giving me a huge window for delivery … it might be the week of the 8th or it might be the week of the 15th. 

I won’t want to drag out a lot of fabric or get started on an involved project so I’ve been thinking about what I should work on when I get home and I’ve decided January will be Jelly Roll month. I’ve got a ton of them and they make an easy grab and go project. 

I’ve got a little kit from Craftsy with this framed 16 patch quilt 

And I’ve saved this little quilt that was made from a pattern from the Moda Bake Shop website. I don’t know who’s quilt it is because it wasn’t identified on the website where I found it but I love the combination of the boxed squares and strips. 

So I think I’ll start with these two and add in some already cut Happy Blocks for Maine and wait for my stuff to be delivered. These will also make easy projects to work on while I slowly set up and organize everything once’s it’s delivered. Maybe it won’t seem so overwhelming if I allow myself to sew a little too. 

What are you planning for your first quilt of 2018???


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Our plumbing problem was quickly and easily solved this morning with a quick visit from the plumber and Keith went off for lunch and to pick up his brother and SIL while I stayed home with Finn and did some more packing. 

We have no big plans for their short visit. A pre-dinner hike and time visiting this evening. Such a nice afternoon, cool but not too cold at 43 degrees. Since we’re all living in Florida now, this feels good to us!

I can’t believe this short one mile hike is the first time I’ve been out on the trails this visit. 

Home repair

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I promised Keith I wouldn’t show the photo of him on the floor trying to fix the garbage disposal but it didn’t go well. Now both sinks are leaking and we have to try to get a plumber out here first thing in the morning before my company arrives. Luckily it’s Keith’s brother and his wife so they’ll understand if we can’t get someone here and if the sink has to stay off limits !

Don’t even ask how he managed to get one of my glass ramekins chewed up by the disposal to break it in the first place!!

We did find time between the packing and failed home repair to take Finn out to the dog park!

And a good end to a stressful day …

More packing

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Today Keith helped me finish up a few things downstairs in the sewing room. It’s officially done and ready for the movers. The table isn’t that hard to disassemble but it’s awkward and heavy and bars are wrapped in plastic to protect the leaders from dirt during the move. As I said, I’m not sure how this is all going to fit in Tampa but I guess I’ll worry about it when it arrives. 

We have Keith’s brother and sister-in-law here Wednesday and Thursday and we’ve offfered to watch the girls on New Year’s Eve so Chris and Becky can go out. That gives me just 4 full packing days before the movers come on January 4th but there’s not much left other than the living room, the quilts, and setting out the breakable kitchen stuff I’m going to have them pack. We’re not taking most of the kitchen stuff just some favorite coffee cups, wine glasses, and bowls but it will still end up being 3-4 boxes. 

are you tired of hats?

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The hurricane hat fits. I mentioned last week this is one of my favorite hats to knit and I think this is the 4th time I’ve made it. It’s a free pattern from Ravelry 

The purple newborn hat for Mo was crocheted and so was the pink one I posted yesterday. They were also free patterns from Ravelry. The flower was from one of my crochet books and is very simple to make. 


I also finished this little one last night – this is a half double crochet stitch and a little warmer than the other purple and pink ones that were double crochet. It’s also a free pattern from Ravelry and I used the same flower. This yarn was a DK weight so I made the 0-3 months size and Mo might have to grow into this one. 

Another hat

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I started to use another pattern but it was coming out too small again so I did another of the same as the purple one but made a small flower to add. I still need to weave the ends in and sew the flower on and I want to find a pattern with a HDC or SC stitch that will be a little warmer too.


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I knit a newborn size hat according to the instructions I had … it turned out tiny …. maybe it will fit one of Rae’s dolls.

So I looked for my crochet hooks and luckily found a set that hadn’t been packed away and quickly made this little hat this afternoon after Caleb and Bree left but before we went to pick up Rae.

I didn’t have time to crochet a flower on it but I’ll make a couple more so Mo will have a couple spare ones and I’ll make a flower or two also.