I’m tired!

It was a busy day here … laundry and packing AND I was able to spend a few hours in the sewing room since Keith was home to entertain Finn. 

I’ve got tops filling up the closet, waiting for the longarm to come live in Florida … just another month now although I admit I’m dreading doing the packing and moving bit again. 

I also embroidered Finn’s name on his stocking … I have a bunch to do at Mom’s so I decided I should practice on his first. I haven’t done any embroidery in a while but it will do … I should get better after I get a few under my belt!

I’ve got a Happy Block assembly line going – since I only have a few days to sew in December I’m working on these rather than starting a new project. We’re making blocks to take to the Maine sew-in next September but I can already tell I’m going to have to make one quilt here. These are turning out cute!

And if I wasn’t already tired enough, we decided to walk downtown to see the lights and have dinner – that’s a 7 mile stroll and now I’m really tired!

3 thoughts on “I’m tired!

  1. Linda in NE

    It’s a lot of work but you will love having all your sewing/quilting stuff in one place. I made enough happy blocks for three kid size quilts a few years back for a Heartstrings project….at least I think it was for Heartstrings. They really are fun to make….especially if the blocks are all cut out and you can just sew, sew, sew. I’m feeling kind of grumpy & stressed today…it’s too bad I don’t have a project like that all ready to go.

  2. Barb

    I don’t think I’ve seen Finn’s stocking before, do you have a picture of the entire stocking? I’m looking for a pattern for my grand dogs, do you have a source.
    So enjoy following your blog Mary!
    Barb in MN

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