Finally, Mo’s striped blanket is done! I think it took me as long to do the knit on border as it did to knit the center of the blanket — never again! If I knit this pattern again, I’ll crochet a border. Much easier and faster!

This is before I washed and dried it but it’s been washed now and it’s packed to go with us tomorrow. Finn and I are also packed and I’m going to start a knit hat while I wait for Keith to get home so we can pack the car. I feel like I’m forgetting something but I’m not going to worry about it!

5 thoughts on “Done!

  1. Angie

    Well, it sure is pretty! Even if it took awhile to the edging. Safe travels, and I hope you remember what you have a feeling you are forgetting so you can sleep tonight.

  2. Penny G

    Looks like you have life under control and lots to look forward to at the end of your drive. Hope you and Keith have a safe drive filled with fun experiences.

  3. Carolyn

    The edging is beautiful, but I agree, crocheted edgings are so much faster! The blanket is beautiful. Enjoy your time with the wee ones and enjoy the holidays!

  4. Judy Baumann

    I just finished a vest for my great-grandson, who is eight. After trying to do the knit-on edging around the neck and armholes several times, I gave up and crocheted one on. With crochet, you can see how it’s going to look before you’ve invested hours in it. With knitting, not so much.

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