We’re here at Big Canoe after a long drive and a short visit with baby Mo and Rae. Dinner was cooked, the kitchen was cleaned and we’re relaxing by the fire. Keith is catching up on work even though he took a vacation day today and I’m enjoying my book with a quick break to check email and post.

Tomorrow the mover comes to give me an estimate and then I’ll set up the longarm. With all the packing, the holidays, and family time I’m just going to quilt 3 tops this trip and then won’t quilt any until January when the longarm arrives in Florida.

3 thoughts on “Arrived

  1. Florence

    So happy you are safely there — don’t know how Keith can work after that long drive! Finn looks quite happy. Oh boy — you are going to have a VERY busy time!

  2. Penny G

    Keith is like my daughter and her boyfriend – if they don’t check mail regularly it becomes overwhelming. On Thanksgiving her boyfriend turned on his computer to 100 emails. Since he didn’t feel well and didn’t want to share his illness he answered emails for a couple of hours and only cleared about a third of them. He joked that all the problems were sent Thanksgiving morning in hopes that he had forgotten by the time he got back to the office.

    You got to see Mo in person and I am sure big sister told you all the special things about her baby sister. Life is good.

  3. Nancy

    My niece always works on vacation. It’s just too difficult to catch up afterwards if she doesn’t.

    I hope everything goes smoothly from enjoying your last holiday in Big Canoe, to packing, and moving.

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