Hearts and Ribbons

Mo’s pink Flamingo Strippie is quilted and the binding is on and ready for me to hand stitch tonight. 

I knew I was forgetting to bring something from Florida – I realized it was a label for this quilt. I can make a Heart label here but I’m not sure if I have a permanent fabric pen here. If not, I’ll sew the hearts on and write in the info on another visit. 

I don’t know if you can see it but I quilt all the kids names in their first Strippie. And by name I mean the name Keith and I will call them. Caleb is the only one we call by his full name. Rae’s name is Reagan Rae, the Rae being for my Mom and we call her Rae, Bree’s name is Aubrey Anne, and Mo’s name is Monroe Mae. Mo’s name is quilted in three places in the quilt. 

I’ve got the backing pieced for the next quilt – one of Mom’s and I’ll load and quilt it tomorrow. I had the moving company here today to give me an estimate and we’re all set now for them to to pick up on January 4th. So much to do between now and then!

2 thoughts on “Hearts and Ribbons

  1. Sara F

    Mo’s quilt is so adorable and quilting their names into them is such a good idea.

    You have a really busy couple of weeks ahead of you. Best of luck on the whole moving process as I know it is stressful.

  2. Lynne

    Quilting their names into their quilts makes your special gift even more so. They can search for it since it is slightly hidden. Like “Nina” in the Hirschfeld drawings.
    Happy Holidays!

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