A pompom tip

Why didn’t I read this two days ago when I was finishing up this hat? This yarn came with a pompom but I admit I have the hardest time adding a pompom to a hat and not having it look really wonky. I had an email from The Loopy Ewe and they have a tip for sewing pompoms on hats. I’m definitely going to try this the next time. 

Pompon Overload

Did you catch our Instagram post about the 500 pompons that arrived? We built a wall of them. And then we knocked it down on our Instagram post. (No pompons were harmed in the building or destroying of the wall.) We have 21 colors of pompons for you (done in faux fur). Get yours here.
Pompon tip: these pompons have short strings to tie them to the top of your hat. OR, you can sew a button on the bottom of the pompon and button it right into the top of your hat (where you drew the final stitches together at the end.) 

This time, I removed it after an attempt that looked really wonky.  Next time I’ll try the button tip. It’s still a cute hat isn’t it although it would look much better on my hat head than laying flat on the table!

2 thoughts on “A pompom tip

  1. Dar in MO

    That is such a cute hat. I have downloaded the pattern to try it. Thanks for all the inspirations from your hat finishes. I do want to make me one this winter. Will be my first try at hats.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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