Home repair

I promised Keith I wouldn’t show the photo of him on the floor trying to fix the garbage disposal but it didn’t go well. Now both sinks are leaking and we have to try to get a plumber out here first thing in the morning before my company arrives. Luckily it’s Keith’s brother and his wife so they’ll understand if we can’t get someone here and if the sink has to stay off limits !

Don’t even ask how he managed to get one of my glass ramekins chewed up by the disposal to break it in the first place!!

We did find time between the packing and failed home repair to take Finn out to the dog park!

And a good end to a stressful day …

5 thoughts on “Home repair

  1. Sara F

    Hope your plumber arrives and gets it all fixed so you have 1 less stress.

    Can’t believe how big Finn has gotten in a year. But still cute and cuddly looking.

  2. Marilyn Smith

    My DH hats plumbing problems more than anything. He is now 79 and anything having to be done from the floor, into a cabinet is almost impossible. We have to have a flood for him to let me call a plumber. Lord, help me because we have some of this coming up!

  3. Penny G

    1. Would love to hear how the ramekin ended up in the disposal, because I thought I was the only one with that kind of expertise.
    2. A dog park with a happy puppy cures almost any bad times.
    3. Love both the artistic nature of the last picture and the content. I could have loved a an evening with a glass of wine and a fire.

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