I’ve got a plan

It’s been 10 days since I quilted Mom’s BearPaw which was my last day of sewing … where has the time gone?!! I’m already antsy and ready to sew but I’ve got a week before the movers come on January 4, then we drive home on January 6 and that’s when the fun begins … I have a little prep work to do in the sewing room before the movers deliver my stuff but they’re giving me a huge window for delivery … it might be the week of the 8th or it might be the week of the 15th. 

I won’t want to drag out a lot of fabric or get started on an involved project so I’ve been thinking about what I should work on when I get home and I’ve decided January will be Jelly Roll month. I’ve got a ton of them and they make an easy grab and go project. 

I’ve got a little kit from Craftsy with this framed 16 patch quilt 

And I’ve saved this little quilt that was made from a pattern from the Moda Bake Shop website. I don’t know who’s quilt it is because it wasn’t identified on the website where I found it but I love the combination of the boxed squares and strips. 

So I think I’ll start with these two and add in some already cut Happy Blocks for Maine and wait for my stuff to be delivered. These will also make easy projects to work on while I slowly set up and organize everything once’s it’s delivered. Maybe it won’t seem so overwhelming if I allow myself to sew a little too. 

What are you planning for your first quilt of 2018???

6 thoughts on “I’ve got a plan

  1. Donna Weeks

    First quilt for 2018 will be a commission quilt with vintage LEVI denim and then a special anniversary quilt. Classes that I teach begin on Jan 8th, so that will be a great opportunity to share some quilty goodness. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. Penny G

    I sat here yesterday planning a new quilt. It will be a baby floor quilt somewhere around 45 by 45 based on Bonnie Hunter’s dancing nine patch with my variation added of course.Then I begin on real quilts. My list includes a world map quilt for a baby whose parents travel a lot. A teacher appreciation quilt with french bulldogs and fabrics in blue, pink and chocolate. An architectural quilt showing a famous building – again for a baby whose dad is an architect and that will keep me busy for a long time. I am not fast so this could keep me busy until June.

  3. Ann

    I’ve been pulling patterns out of binders but haven’t made any decisions on what to cut up first. The husband is still home so sewing time is reduced. There’s 5 tops with Batting and backs ready to be quilted and that the is end of what I had kitted up. I like the blue strips and boxes. The pattern I have and made quite a few times is called Jelly Sandwich. That might be a good place to start.
    Made 3 last minute baby quilts for my sisters grandchild before Christmas. So she got 6 king quilts and 3 baby quilts this year. I think I’ll make myself something new.

  4. Nancy

    I have several projects lined up: I just need to determine the order and start cutting.

    The framed sixteen patch is a great idea for using some of my 2.5″ scrap strips.

  5. Sara F

    I like that blue quilt. It’s visually very interesting in a monochromatic way, but would be fun with more contrast too.

    My first quilt project of the new year is to quilt and bind my Farmhouse Stars (Kim Diehl) wall hanging. The top is finally done after a month of fiddling with the tiny pieces. My reward for finishing this 100% is to start something new.

  6. Karen

    I really like your idea of January being Jelly roll month. I might just try that, too. I haven’t sewn much at all this past year, and would like to get back at it. Thanks for the link to the blue quilt; printed it off and might just give it a try. All the best to you in 2018 and thank you for all your inspiration!

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