No move seems complete without a pile of shedding … these documents are mostly from the 1990’s but some go back to the late 80’s. I’d hoped we’d be able to take these and have them shredded today but of course, my bad luck held out and they have no bulk trash/shredding here this month because of the holidays. My goal will be to get it done before the movers come Thursday but we’ll be gone tomorrow and part of New Year’s Day too so we’ll see – I can only shred for about 10 minutes at a time before the machine shuts itself off. 

5 thoughts on “Shredding

  1. Cindy in NC

    I don’t envy you this job. After my mom died I burned out two shredders shredding decades worth of papers. I was amazed at how frequently Social Security numbers used to appear on a wide range of documents.

  2. Swooze

    You can do it! Maybe set a timer to remind yourself to get back to shredding as soon as the machine cools. I got to the point where I tore off only the private info to shred and tossed the rest! Good luck and Happy New Year!!

  3. Laura

    When I had to deal with all kinds of paper work after my momma passed I took them out to the fire pit and burned them all in minutes!

  4. Penny G

    I helped do that with some of my parents documents and it was both sad and enlightening, Funny, but for me time healed a lot of wounds.

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