A box of bad memories

I had no idea how many bad memories were contained in these papers. As I struggled with them tonight and searched for some words of comfort, I remembered the simple prayer Valerie shared with me when I talked about forgiveness weeks ago. It helped me then and it helped me tonight. 

Be Healed

Be healed of all that harms you. Be healed of sorrow and grief, of anger and guilt, of envy and pride. Be healed in your mind, body and spirit. Be healed of illness, of fatigue, of pain. Be healed of worry and of fear. Be healed of broken relationships, doubts and suspicions, betrayal and separation. Be healed by being made whole, by acceptance, understanding, release and forgiveness. Be healed from deep within your soul. Be healed by the Spirit who loves you. Be healed.

—Bishop Steve Charleston

7 thoughts on “A box of bad memories

  1. Girl in the Stix

    Wishing you peace and happiness in the New Year, Mary. I find shredding personally satisfying, as is setting fire to letters/photos/documents that bring bad feelings. I saw a quote that helps me: “Stop looking to the past; you aren’t going that way.” All the best–V

  2. Sara F

    This is a good message any time but seems especially appropriate at New Years. I have to agree with the comment above – that shredding can be strangely satisfying. Happy New Year!!

  3. tirane

    what a beautifully expressed sentiment. it has made me feel better and there wasn’t anything wrong to start with!

    thanks as always for sharing it with us.

  4. Donna

    Hi Mary, What great prayer. I think I’m going to use that prayer to start my day in this New Year 2018. It covers a lot of areas. Healing of any kind is good for us. I got a few boxes unopened. They have years on them. I am thinking to rid of all the old stuff. Which also is healing, with a breath of fresh air.

  5. Jeannie

    Bad events are hard enough to live through in their day. Yay that you are ridding yourself of these bad memory boxes never to be visited again. On to a good new year Mary.

  6. Penny G

    Be healed and remember that you survived all the bad and grew. You loved all the good and grew. The experiences in our lives help us grow into what we are and hopefully we shape ourselves with those experiences into a better person.

  7. Jackie

    Hi Mary. You post today struck a chord with me. I, too had one of those boxes of memories I just needed to hold on to. But then when I was facing a move the time was just right to let it go. Going through it stirred up all of the hurt and anger but the shredding of it was so freeing. The only one who was hurt by holding on to it was me. Glad you were able to let go of your box of hurt too. I’m wishing a very happy 2018 for you and your family.

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