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are you tired of hats?

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The hurricane hat fits. I mentioned last week this is one of my favorite hats to knit and I think this is the 4th time I’ve made it. It’s a free pattern from Ravelry 

The purple newborn hat for Mo was crocheted and so was the pink one I posted yesterday. They were also free patterns from Ravelry. The flower was from one of my crochet books and is very simple to make. 


I also finished this little one last night – this is a half double crochet stitch and a little warmer than the other purple and pink ones that were double crochet. It’s also a free pattern from Ravelry and I used the same flower. This yarn was a DK weight so I made the 0-3 months size and Mo might have to grow into this one. 

Another hat

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I started to use another pattern but it was coming out too small again so I did another of the same as the purple one but made a small flower to add. I still need to weave the ends in and sew the flower on and I want to find a pattern with a HDC or SC stitch that will be a little warmer too.


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I knit a newborn size hat according to the instructions I had … it turned out tiny …. maybe it will fit one of Rae’s dolls.

So I looked for my crochet hooks and luckily found a set that hadn’t been packed away and quickly made this little hat this afternoon after Caleb and Bree left but before we went to pick up Rae.

I didn’t have time to crochet a flower on it but I’ll make a couple more so Mo will have a couple spare ones and I’ll make a flower or two also.

A pompom tip

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Why didn’t I read this two days ago when I was finishing up this hat? This yarn came with a pompom but I admit I have the hardest time adding a pompom to a hat and not having it look really wonky. I had an email from The Loopy Ewe and they have a tip for sewing pompoms on hats. I’m definitely going to try this the next time. 

Pompon Overload

Did you catch our Instagram post about the 500 pompons that arrived? We built a wall of them. And then we knocked it down on our Instagram post. (No pompons were harmed in the building or destroying of the wall.) We have 21 colors of pompons for you (done in faux fur). Get yours here.
Pompon tip: these pompons have short strings to tie them to the top of your hat. OR, you can sew a button on the bottom of the pompon and button it right into the top of your hat (where you drew the final stitches together at the end.) 

This time, I removed it after an attempt that looked really wonky.  Next time I’ll try the button tip. It’s still a cute hat isn’t it although it would look much better on my hat head than laying flat on the table!


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I’m always thrilled when someone writes and says they were inspired by one of my quilts to make one for themselves or to donate so it was a nice surprise to get an email from Anne Marie who said that after a friend’s mother passed away she wanted blankets made from her mother’s clothing and chose my Rainbow HeartStrings to use for them. 

Anne Marie sent me photos of the three she made.

The rainbow version is most like mine but I like the black and brown versions a lot!

It’s a good thing I share photos of my quilts before they’re done because this one is still waiting for quilting!!!

Another task done

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Except for the longarm table and Keith’s help to shift a few bins around, I’m all done packing the sewing room! Just in time because the next 5 days will be filled with family. Adam, Caleb, and Bree will come tomorrow and spend Thursday/Friday with us, we’ll pick Rae up on Friday night and she’ll spend Friday/Saturday nights with us, and then we’ll go to Chris’ and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! After that, it’s back to packing!

I almost forgot that I was supposed to cut some background squares to send to Mom to appliqué butterflies for me. I’d seen this quilt online somewhere …. and thought it would make a great quilt for one of my granddaughters in the future but I don’t like to appliqué and Mom does such a nice job of it I thought I’d let her appliqué the blocks now and I’ll worry about making the quilt sometime later. 

Quilt photo found online – I don’t know who made it.

So in the middle of packing,  I found the neutral fabric bin … my blocks will be smaller, 9 inches finished rather than 12. I’m assuming she used a 12 inch block because the butterfly wings are separated. The smaller block will be ok because I like the butterfly wings overlapping too. I quickly decided I wasn’t going to cut a scrappy background as I’d originally planned but I had plenty of this one fabric for the squares and I quickly cut them and put them with Mom’s Bear Paw quilt so they’ll go back to FL with me and I’ll send them along with her quilt once I get the binding on. 

I can’t believe I haven’t found time to hike since we’ve been here. It’s a great time of year here in north Georgia. I’ll have to settle for the view for now. Since it’s rainy today – I’ll spend my couple free hours this afternoon knitting and cuddling with Finn

Fabric storage

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Thinking ahead … I’ve got one closet and a built in storage unit in the sewing room but I want to add some shelving on the wall behind the longarm in Tampa. I thought I’d end up using the two bookcases we have here that we want to bring with us but Keith has decided he’ll use them in his office so I’m free to choose whatever I want. In Minneapolis I had a wall of cubbies that I LOVED and it’s tempting to go the same route except they’re a pain to assemble, a bigger pain to disassemble and move, and I don’t have a long enough wall for two of them like I had in MN. 

After looking a bit, I think I’m going to go with some plain Jane wire shelving. Very easy to set up and move if needed and functional. I should be able to get two or three units along the wall and I can stack finished quilts waiting for donation on top. 

Of course I had to do a google search to see if there were any better ideas out there … it always makes me feel better about my stash when I take a look at other quilters!