I know it seems like I should be done by now and I’m close … today I finished all the shredding and Keith took 5 trash bags of shredded paper to the North Gate trash facility. Yeah! I’m done and it’s all out of here.

I did finish knitting a scarf last night and even cast off. It will need a light blocking because it’s been scrunched in my knitting bag for a few months! It will go into a pile for donation.

Tomorrow I just have to set out the glassware from the kitchen that we’re taking with us. Some bowls, coffee cups, and special wine glasses. I’m having them pack the breakables…. and I’ll finally be ready for the movers on Thursday!

4 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Penny G

    Special wine glasses – we have some of those. Wineries we really enjoyed visiting and some that Paul bought to celebrate special anniversaries. They mean nothing to anyone other than us, but he always picked nice crystal that he m=knew were my style

  2. CarolC

    What’s this scarf pattern? Lucky person who gets it! Beautiful yarn. Would you share that, too?

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