We are ready!

Movers will be here around 10am and hopefully done in 3-4 hours.  The only packing they’re doing Is the glassware I’m taking and a few pictures.  Somehow I thought I’d cut this cup collection down by more but there are lots of memories and the ones I would have left are ones that Keith wanted. Luckily when we remodeled the Tampa kitchen they took the cabinets all the way to the ceiling so there are empty shelves that will hold these. 

9 thoughts on “We are ready!

  1. Bonnie in Va

    That is quite a collection but I think mugs make nice item to bring home from a trip. I used to bring home tea towels but haven’t recently. Do you rotate the mugs?

  2. Deb P

    LOL, John is the one in our house also. I finally convinced him that 4 mugs each is enough. We have nice mugs that match our dinnerware. It is not like we will run short! We donated 22. His work mugs did not count. When we remodeled the kitchen, we each got a corner unit cabinet. We are allowed to store anything we want in it but nothing and I mean nothing, on the counter. So far, so good. My kitchen looks much neater. Good luck with the move!

  3. Judy

    Mine outgrow the available space periodically too and they are hard to pare down. They all have a memory attached. We have a friend that brings my husband one about twice a year. They really add up.

  4. Penny G

    Paul and I cleared out mugs from trips 30 years ago after we retired. The trips were still important, but we realized that no one else shared the memories and we were getting old. Our longevity is not close to yours. My mom and dad died at 78 each and his mom died in her sixties and his dad died at 82.

  5. Angie

    Safe trip home, and I hope the weather is not as bad as the news makes it sound. Wow, that is a lot of mugs! We only have 8 mugs in our cupboard. I’ve been on a cleaning binge this past year in our kitchen. I keep a box by the front door and every time I find a duplicate or unused item in the kitchen, in the box it goes and off to the local Hospice Thrift Shop. The interesting thing is I haven’t missed one thing I’ve gotten rid of. I’m still working on destashing some unused dishes and serving pieces.

  6. Linda in NE

    You should see the cup collection my brother-in-law’s significant other has. She has narrow shelves built a little way down from the ceiling completely around two rooms with hooks underneath. The shelves and hooks are completely full. Way more than I would ever want to dust/wash.

  7. Susan Rizzi

    I loved your idea about buying a mug as a souvenir and brought 2 this past year. Of course, my husband has managed to break both if them but none of the 20 year old ones that have no memories attached!

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