I hate when I don’t get around to posting until after midnight. I could go into my settings and change the posting time but I’ll just title it Sunday. 

I always forget how much catching up we have to do after being away. Poor Keith – he has to turn around and travel tomorrow and will be gone all week so he had to help me move things around today so if the movers come this week while he’s gone, they can put the furniture in the places I want it. 

There was a little football watching but since Washington is out and the Vikings had a bye week, we weren’t too invested in any of today’s games. 

We did run some errands and I ordered shelving – they were out of stock at the store but they’ll deliver them to me here for free. They’re not fancy but they’ll be very easy to set up and 3 of them will fit along the wall behind the area the longarm will go. My thinking is that I’ll have some project bins on the bottom shelves, use the top for storing quilts waiting for binding or finished quilts and the middle 3 shelves for fabric. Several people suggested shelves with castors but I don’t plan to move them around so these will work. I actually like that they’re not metal although I’d originally planned to get metal shelves. Maybe one day I’ll upgrade to something fancier but for now I just need something practical and easy and these should do it!

I also managed some sewing time. I started the first Jelly Roll quilt – the framed 16 patches. I find the pinked edges a little bit of a challenge with my 1/4 inch foot on the Elna so I’m using the Little Foot I bought when I first started quilting. I can’t believe it hasn’t gotten lost along the way because I bought it to work with my first Singer machine but it also happens to fit the Elna.

Just one finished block … to test the foot and my accuracy…. but the 16 patch blocks are in progress and I’ll do the framing of them all last. 

It’s pirate season in Tampa and Keith hung our flag today. 

8 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Girl in the Stix

    I had one of the plastic shelving units for YEARS–my husband finally commandeered it for the T-shed. They are nice and deep for fabric storage. Happy Pirating!

  2. Sherrill

    WOW! Where’d you find them for that price? They’re almost $10 more on Amazon. My son needs a couple of those. Good find!

  3. Penny G

    Boy do I feel sorry for Keith. Travelling when you are tired is the worst. All the little aches and pains are intensified and you have to stay pretty still on an airplane. The kinks don’t get worked out they just tighten up.

    I like your plan for the studio. You are so good at planning. Good luck!

  4. Diana Edwards

    You will like those shelves. I use them in garage. Soon you will have everything in place and peace in the household.

  5. Sara F

    Those shelves look very sturdy and practical. Once you have your project bins and baskets on them you will probably be amazed at how much they hold.

  6. San

    That looks like very practical shelving, adjustable and everything. Very pretty block, i may have to try that one for a QOV top.

  7. Angie

    Love your shelving unit Mary! It is going to work great for what you have planned. You are such a good organizer. Can’t wait to see your “new” sewing room all set up. I also have that quilt kit, and if I didn’t have so many other projects going on, I would join you in cutting and sewing. I’m looking forward to seeing how yours turns out. The one block looks lovely. I wonder if my kit is the same colors? I got it on sale at Craftsy. Glad to hear you are both home safe and sound, but sorry Keith had to leave so soon. Hugs to Finn!

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