As a night owl, it’s tough for me when Keith is out of town because he’s the one that gets up early with Finn. Finn was up at 5:30am for a walk, then again at 6:30am which is too early to feed him so I knit for a while (he fell back asleep – I didn’t).

I can’t sew for hours when it’s just the two of us because he has to be in his pen when we’re in the sewing room so we sew a little,  walk a little, and spend some time downstairs where he can roam around. I finally worked some on my photo project for the grandkids – I posted last year that I was going to create albums for them with photos of them with us over the years. I got as far as ordering photo prints and buying the albums but hadn’t yet put the photos in the albums. Since it’s time to order the photos from this past year, I figured I’d better catch up. Bree and Rae are caught up through the end of 2016 but I still need to organize Caleb’s. 

I mentioned before how helpful Google photos facial recognition is with this project. I can easily find the photos I want for each of them and I was able to go back and find the dates and location the photos were taken so I could write them in the album. 

After a couple hours with the photos and another walk, we went back upstairs to sew and all the framed 16 patch blocks are done. Over the next day or two I’ll play around with the block placement and then assemble them. 

4 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Sara F

    The photo album idea is wonderful. I was looking through some photos over Christmas and realized again that I’m always the one taking pictures so I’m not in very many at all. So I need to be more deliberate about taking photos WITH my grandkids, not just OF them. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Denise

    Love the blocks and the way you framed them. This will go on my bucket list. Thank you for all you do.

  3. Carolyn

    Your quilt is beautiful, but my attention was drawn to Finn. What breed is he? I have a mini apricot poodle, Toby, that looks a lot like your precious fur baby.

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