A change in plans

I had plans for today … the movers called this morning and said they would deliver tomorrow so I was going to sew a little and then take down the tables and clear a wide space in the sewing room for all the bins and boxes … then they called back and said they would be here by 6pm so I ran around like crazy throwing stuff in closets and shifting thing around.

Can I just say this is going to be a complete mess!

I thought I was being smart 3 and a half years ago when we moved from Minneapolis. A lot of our stuff went to Big Canoe because we were going to be in the South FL apartment for an undetermined period of time, then when Keith’s Mom died we bought the Tampa townhouse and promptly started filling it up. Trying to combine the stuff we want to keep from Big Canoe along with the stuff we bought here has been a big challenge and before it’s all over, I may be donating furniture that just doesn’t work here or with the stuff we have here…… and I still have no idea where I’m going to store all that fabric and the sewing supplies.

7 thoughts on “A change in plans

  1. Angie

    Mary, it will all work out I’m sure. From photos, you seem to have a fairly large sewing room. Household furniture may be a different challenge. Thinking of you and wishing Keith was there to help. I do have confidence though that with your organizational skills it will be just a matter of days before you have everything in it’s place. Take care.

  2. San

    Wish I were closer to help, as I too am a professional mover. However, I know you’ll get it all sorted out. Everything in stages, right!

  3. Kate

    Stuff it all in the garage and park the car on the street. Keep it there til spring.
    Pour wine, pet dog.

  4. Sara F

    I was thinking pretty much Kate wrote above. LOL. You are very organized so I’m sure it will not be long before you’ve figured out what to keep and what has to go. But it’s probably also nice to have all of your belongings delivered and in your possession again.

  5. Penny G

    Today you panic, tomorrow you plan. That is just how things are. Things seem so overwhelming right now because you haven’t had the opportunity to think it through, but you are a champ at making things work. I look forward to reading your list of things to do and know that you will have things up and running in half the time it would take most people.

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