Taking a deep breath (or two)

Ok, everything is in and the movers have left, I’ve taken some deep breaths and I think it’s going to be OK. All the furniture pieces seem to fit the spots I’d chosen without overcrowding the rooms so that’s good.  Also, all the boxes and bins are confined to two rooms so the house doesn’t seem a mess. That also helps – a lot!

I’ll start on Keith’s office tomorrow. It’s mostly books for the library. His office is right next door to the library so it will be easy to unpack and put the books on the shelves but we can still use the library without tripping over boxes. 

You guys know I’m a planner and I want to still be able to sew while I work on organizing everything so I cleared as much of the area on one side of the room as I could for them to stack boxes and bins. And it’s a mess and overwhelming but …

The middle of the floor is clear so I can set up my longarm on Saturday when Keith gets home. 

And the front sewing nook is completely clear so I can sew when I need a break from unpacking. Being able to sew is especially important because my shelves aren’t coming until next week and I can’t do much unpacking of those bins until they get here. 

Finally, I was assigned to check off the numbers on the inventory as they brought stuff in and I’m happy to say there was just one item missing – a roll of batting. They’re going to follow up tomorrow but it’s an easy thing to replace if it’s gone missing somehow. 

9 thoughts on “Taking a deep breath (or two)

  1. Florence

    You are a wonderful planner — to be able to keep your sewing nook and the rest of the house empty is amazing! I hope your shelves arrive soon — you’ll be settled before you know it! Just don’t lift those heavy boxes of books! Take them out a few at a time.

  2. Kate

    if your batting is missing, then it went to someone else’s house – can you imagine them standing there going “what on earth is this”???
    You did good !

  3. Judy

    Looks pretty organized to me! I think you planned it well. I’ve made several moves, too, and the last one was certainly more organized than the first.

  4. Nancy

    Planning is what made this move go so smoothly: good job! All of those boxes will be unpacked and flattened soon. You’ll be happy to have your fabric and long arm machine accessible in one place.

  5. Cynthia Marrs

    I’m amazed at how organized you are. A list for everything. Carpet under your rolling chair could be challenging. Maybe you’ll need an office mat for the chair to roll on. Good luck with all the unpacking. Such a chore.

  6. Angie

    Whew! I’m amazed at how well you have organized just the boxes! Good job. You are going to enjoy having the long arm and everything else from your room at the condo in one place. Plus it’s fun to look through all your fabrics and books every once in while. Don’t overdo—

  7. Bonnie in Va

    YEA it all fit! I know that was a worry. And double YEA for the long arm moving to your house. I’m sure you will be so happy to have all of your supplies together. Once it is all put away I’m sure you’ll be so relieved. And, I’m with you, it helps to have access to your sewing area when you get bored or tired of unpacking. Congratulations on what appears to be a pretty smooth move.

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