Almost ready to quilt

The table has been assembled, I just have to dig out one bin that has a few parts and I’ll be ready to quilt. Keith had to run to the hardware store for me because we couldn’t get one of the screws to work and a bolt was lost off one of the legs but he was able to find both pieces for me.  As you can see I’ve got the shelves assembled too. 

It looks narrower than it is between the machine and shelves, I have plenty of room to quilt from the back (pantographs) and to get to the shelves and I’ve got bins that fit under the machine for thread and parts.  It certainly takes up a lot of room but I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have it here. 

There’s still SO much work to do but assuming Keith can help me find the bin with my bobbins, parts, and bobbin winder, I will be loading and quilting SOMEThing Monday or Tuesday!

Tomorrow we’ll work on emptying the rest of the book boxes and getting them on shelves and Keith unpacked and cleaned the three boxes of dishes we brought back so they’re all clean and put away.  The goal is to have everything but my sewing room done before Friday because Adam and the kids will be here for the Gasparilla Children’s parade.

17 thoughts on “Almost ready to quilt

  1. Angie

    It looks SO GOOD! So great to have your long arm in place. And the shelves look wonderful too! Progress!

  2. Jeannie

    You’re on a roll Mary and it’s looking great! So glad Keith is such a help. Looking forward to hearing about the children’s parade.

  3. Penny G

    You guys are fantastic. The room looks great and I love that you used your space wisely. A wide path would have just caused cramped spaces elsewhere. Enough space is enough space. Can’t wait to see the longarm loaded with its first quilt in its new home.

  4. Linda in NE

    You’re making great progress. It will be so great to have all your quilting stuff in one place.

  5. Sara F

    Awesome progress. The shelves are bigger than I expected so they will hold lots of fabric and supplies. Good purchase!

    Have fun with the family!

  6. Pamela Thorne

    Awesome! I know you will be so happy once you get it all organized! I just love your creative space. My first longarm was a Gammill Premier and I just loved that sweet workhorse of a machine. Can’t wait to see what you load to quilt first. Happy Quilting!

  7. Shirley

    A lot of work, but so worth it in the end. It will be so convenient for you to have your longarm with you!

  8. Dar in MO

    It looks great Mary. Those shelves are wider than I thought they were. How nice to have everything close at hand and visible to your quilting machine. Where are the lights in the room. Is there any windows facing the fabric shelves? You and Keith work so well together.

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