Do you like history?

It was one of my favorite subjects in school and I still love reading and watching historical books and shows. I’ve been watching the PBS show Victoria (yes, I know it’s fiction but it’s based on historical characters!) and at the same time I’m listening to a biography of her descendants – George, Wilhelm, and Nicholas including their childhoods and the time leading up to WWI.

It’s amazing how much we know about Victoria and her relationships through letters to her large and far flung family. It makes me sad that I don’t write more letters but at least I have the blog and one day, one of these blog to book programs might actually work on my self hosted word press blog. I’d love to have a shelf of ‘diaries’ in my library.

8 thoughts on “Do you like history?

  1. Sue

    I find the “Royals” so fascinating! I’m watching The Crown on Netflix, so interesting! I haven’t seen Victoria, but it looks like is would be a great series.

  2. Cindy in NC

    I enjoyed both seasons of “Victoria” (which also happens to be the middle name of one of my girls, named in honor of my grandfather). I only let myself watch Netflix/Amazon when I am on the treadmill. It’s an incentive to go to the gym. Right now I’m working my way through “Genealogy Roadshow” because I love all forms of history.

  3. Kathie L

    I love the current shows on the British royals. That book on Victoria’s 3 grandsons is a terrific history lesson.

  4. Diana Edwards

    Want to get Season one from the library before watching the current one. That is what I did with Downton Abbey….had to do a catchup before starting on the current season.

  5. Shirley

    I am also fascinated with Victoria. It has filled the void after Downton Abbey ended. Since watching Victoria I have been trying to learn more about her and early British history. My grandmother kept a daily diary the last years of her life; and when I found them, it was like having a visit with her:)

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