A little piece of heaven

Is there anything like holding a sweet sleeping baby?! I didn’t move far from this spot all evening although Finn alternated from sitting right up on me to a spot at the end of the loveseat. He goes from being a little bit jealous of Mo to being content to sit close to us. I think he doesn’t like me using my ‘baby’ voice for someone other than him so he’s happier when she’s sleeping and I’m not talking to her!!

10 thoughts on “A little piece of heaven

  1. Vicky Hafler

    Our newest grandchild was born on Dec 31.
    Even though he is number 17 it never gets old and it’s so special.
    Thank you for sharing, lovely picture.

  2. Annie O

    Nothing sweeter than a sweet baby sleeping on your shoulder! My grandsons will be 2 & 4 next month but I still love to cuddle with them when they are momentarily still!

  3. Penny G

    I think it is so funny that Finn is jealous of Mo. Just think how much making up he will demand after she leaves. Hope the days continue to be heavenly.

  4. Kathie L

    They are so dear as newborns. Our 18 month old grandson Phid is now toddling around the house. It’s just been a blink of an eye.

  5. Donna

    Ahhh how precious. I love babies! Oh the wonder of grandchildren. My youngest is four. She calls me her ‘Graham-cracker’.
    Finn loves you.

  6. Sara F

    You are so right – that is a little bit of heaven! Part of me wishes that youngest grandchild of mine had stayed that sweet, cuddly little bundle. I miss having a baby to snuggle and since Jack is 2 1/2 now, he is the exact opposite with no time for cuddles anymore. But he does give me “mooches” when he says goodbye. Guess I’ll have to settle for that. Enjoy that little sweetheart!

  7. Mary Jo

    My grandchildren are all grown or almost grown and I really miss those snuggle times! Enjoy every minute!

  8. Marilyn Smith

    I am jealous. We have our youngest son with us this weekend. He is 48. His wife works for CPA and being it is tax time, she needs to put in a few hours each weekend. Todd ordered a small dumpster, he drove in from Encinitas last night. We had the dumpster filled by 10 am. Laura and Kaitlin stayed home obviously. But our 21 yr old grandson drove down. I am in heaven. This young man is just as huge and lovey as he was as a child. I love having him here every minute. He even brought Britt, their 2 year old puppy. Maybe we will have a doggy to sleep with tonight. No more babies until Tyler has some but- what a delightful weekend. Lauras parents will be down and we will have dinner with them tomorrow night. They have a huge house on a golf course. Told Tyler he is sleeping in his old bed. We had him a lot when he was a baby. What sweet memories.

    We are going out to dinner at Roy’s in Rancho Mirage tonight. Seafood. It is very good and very expensive. Have eaten here once, and celebrated an anniversary at the one in Honolulu. Just the four of us and should be fun.

    Time to go


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