The problem with having your fabric in bins for 3+ years is that sometimes you forget what you have! I opened up one today that I never opened in GA and found some kiddie prints … I set a couple aside for Strippies after deciding I can’t get into piecing anything more complicated right now until the sewing room is more organized.

There were also a bunch of leftover novelty pieces that went right into the bin with the fabric I’m making the Happy Blocks for Maine from – I’ll piece some more of those too while I continue to unpack.

And I found a bunch of solids I didn’t remember buying – I need to think up a quilt for these.

What’s your favorite pattern for solids?

15 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Donna

    My goal this year is to sew up all my stash. I am resisting to buy fabric. I accumulated fabric my last couple of years before I retired. Then the beginning of January my old Singer quit. I had that machine before my youngest child was born. He is 31! But they don’t make Singers like that today. So I shopped, watched You Tube of all kinds on machines. I decided to go with a Swiss made machine called Bernette. Which is the more affordable low end of Bernina line. Just got it yesterday. So I have a learning curve on it, book reading stuff. But I’m liking it so far.

  2. Penny G

    Love the solids because they are beautiful. I bought a couple of layer cakes for a project and I have the pattern, but so far not the willpower. I have enough projects that I can wait until I am comfortable.

  3. San

    We’re working from the same page Mary, I recently opened up 6 bins of lights to find stuff long forgotten. A great pattern for solids is 9 patches doing the speed method with squares. Happy sewing.

  4. Sara F

    I don’t have any good ideas for solids, as I rarely buy any. But I love, love those choices for strippee quilts. Those will be adorable.

  5. Mary D

    Mary I love the rich colors of your solids. I have a small stash of solids to make Christa Watson’s Woven Ribbons quilt. I have started the process of cutting the strips and they are in a project bag waiting for my attention. Cherry House quilts has a pattern called City Lot that would also look good in this group of solids.

    I have so many fabrics in bins and look forward to finally be able to un-bin them all so I can feast my eyes on all that I have.

  6. grace thorne

    wow gorgeous solids…look very southwestern there….the christmas cracker pattern would work….i’ve done big hexies aka honeycomb, rail fence, bow ties, 9 patch….almost anything….how about mexican star?

  7. Diana Edwards

    It is like shopping without spending money. Plan on getting in the sewing room shortly. Right now quilting some Strippies tops. Working on UFOs as time allows. That is the goal this year. Enjoy the shopping.

  8. Susie Q

    Once again lost my comment to not answering the addition question that I don’t see until zap comment gone.

  9. ---"Love"

    Your “found” fabrics will make great quilts, and you are one who will probably get it used up. In bins under my beds, there’s lots of fabrics that I haven’t seen in years! I know they are beautiful because I loved them when I bought them, but I can’t even remember what some of them are, and if I needed to, I probably couldn’t find fabrics now to match them! Yet, I continue to buy and stash more fabric when the notion strikes me! Something is wrong with that picture. —“Love”

  10. Annie O

    Fun find! I never buy novelty fabrics but pet them in stores and smile 🙂
    I like Broken Dishes blocks for solids, with white, or Irish Chain.

  11. Malinda

    Have you seen the Postcard from Sweden quilt? Using your solids for something similar would be lovely!

  12. Tanya

    I love solids too and wish I had more in my stash. I made a dedecohedron Quilt where solids were a must. Word quilts work well with solids too.

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