I love my little nook … when we were switching rooms I had to choose between the desk nook or the binding nook going into our “new” bedroom. I chose the binding nook – otherwise known as my recliner. Not the most attractive chair but when we bought it, I was looking for a chair that Chesty could sit with me. He died shortly after we moved but now Finn sits here and keeps me company while I bind or knit.

I’m a night owl and Keith is a morning person so the only way we go to bed at the same time is if I come up to knit or bind. Luckily, the light doesn’t bother him.

Speaking of binding … I cleared out my binding bin. I couldn’t believe how many bindings were in there for quilts that had already been finished. In some cases I couldn’t decide between two and cut them both but I’m not sure how how the others got missed. Maybe they were in GA and all my binding was done here in FL. Anyway, the green binding I used on this one was an “extra” one from the bin so nothing goes to waste. The rest will eventually be used too.

8 thoughts on “Binding

  1. Annie O

    I often make binding for a quilt when I’m stalling on a step or can’t decide on a border or the like. It’s so great to have a binding all ready to go when the quilting is done. I machine bind almost all my quilts.

  2. Penny G

    This week I found leftover bindings from a lot of quilts and then found some bindings I had made out of 1/2 yards of colors I use a lot, but in this case had bought for a specific quilts and had lots left. I can almost always find a use for blue striped binding.

  3. Nancy

    I have a bin for prepared bindings, too. Sometimes I make binding from backing scraps to use in the future. I check the bin before selecting preparing additional fabric for binding. ❤️ your binding nook.

  4. Diana Edwards

    Do you not try using the sewing machine for putting the bindings on? I use a soft curve stitch with a few adjustments. So far so good. I sew it on the back and bring to the front. Most of these are for charties which will get lots of washings and use.

  5. Sara F

    Your binding nook looks like it’s just perfect for those quiet times to bind or knit or read. A good lamp and a comfortable chair is all you need – except for that little table for “supplies”, like a scissors or a glass of wine. I’m the night owl in our house too.

  6. Donna

    I like your binding nook. I been thinking about creating a binding bin. I think that may come about soon as a side project. Sounds like a plan.

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