Can I tell you how over I am having work done on the house?!!!

They started the hurricane window install today and based on their progress and the fact they also have 3 doors to install, I’m not expecting them to finish before Friday!

I had them start in the studio (the former master bedroom) and they have one more window to do (there are 3 double windows so 6 total to install in the studio and attached bathroom). This way, I’ll at least be able to sew the rest of the week once they finish that last window. Today, I just knit. Finn was VERY good!

5 thoughts on “UGH!

  1. Donna

    Oh yes. I agree. Seems like two speeds- slow and slower. But on the flipside, you’ll have that extra help and protection. I hope you never have to use them.
    Your knitting looks like it is coming along good. Finn is a cutie.

  2. Florence

    UGH is right! Long week with strangers in your haven and having to be up early and dressed before they come! Hope they surprise you and finish earlier!

  3. Sherrill

    Eh, it’s the price you pay for newer, nicer upgrades. When I had the master done, it was a solid 3 weeks of guys here every day, all day except weekends. But the bath is so much nicer. Need to do kitchen and other bath but I keep putting it off. It’ll be nice once it’s done.

  4. Penny G

    Hooray for Finn. I hate someone else controlling my schedule that thoroughly. Window replacement stinks though, things are just tough on everyone. Are they pre-built and then trying to fit into a frame that may or may not be square after settling. The last time they did ours they complained about the frames and for just twice the quoted price they could totally reframe the windows. I ignored the offer. They managed to get them done and apparently much more easily after that.

  5. Pauline Field

    Totally understand we moved in November. In 3 months we have put in solar power, completely landscape the garden ourselves, purchased all new furniture and still have a new room and a new kitchen to be built.I hope they don’t happen at the same time. All the stress has caused a case of shingles and like you we have the UGH feeling. This is our forever home and it will be worth it in the end and we have the joy of being close to our grand daughter

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