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One interesting thing about reading/viewing history is learning more about the events and places that feature in my own family history. Just this week I learned more about both the Irish potato famine and the Boer War. My dad’s family came from Ireland years after the famine and I can’t imagine what it must have been like for them during that time. I’ve done a lot of searching for information about my great grandfather who died in the Second Boer War before my grandmother was born. It’s been hard finding information and I don’t know the exact circumstances of his death – whether he died in battle, of wounds, or of disease – or where he’s buried.

We also had sad news this week that my Mom’s aunt had died. She was the last living sibling of my grandfather’s and she was 98 years old. I was fortunate to have met her several times over the years and when we were in NC last May visiting Mom’s family we stopped by to see her. I’m so glad we took the time to go.

Anna Belle Privott – 1919-2018

4 thoughts on “History and Family

  1. Julierose

    Sorry to hear of your loss…but 98 is a nice long lifespan isn’t it?:)))
    My maternal Grand-pere’s family came from Ireland–we think– or maybe the British Isles (Nevins) ; all my other relatives are from Canada…and my hubby’s family is Irish/French Canadian also..
    It is fascinating stuff…I am the last of my family of my generation on my Mother’s side….and an inheritor of a lot of old photo albums with no indications of names…I often page through them and wonder….hugs, Julierose

  2. Sara F

    So sorry for the loss of your aunt.

    My mother was the historian for the extended family on her side, and even collected a lot of information about my dad’s family. I’ve inherited a LOT of family history things – photos and information. This winter my husband and I are researching both the WWII military experiences of both of our fathers. Easier said than done of course! But it’s been interesting.

  3. Penny G

    This year when we traveled to CT to see Paul’s family we visited Aunt Norma who was a favorite and always welcomed us with open arms. She was the last of Ersilia’s children alive we think (one son moved away and didn’t keep in touch at all). We saw her on a Friday and 2 weeks later also on a Friday she died. She had a full life and shared so much oral history with us that life in the generation of Paul’s father became real.

  4. Donna

    What a long beautiful life Ms Anna had. Sorry for your loss.
    I like history as I age. I find it interesting to learn about things in the past. It feels like stepping back in time.
    My mother was really into our family tree. She work on it for ten years. She really enjoyed that. All of her searching was with paper trails. No computer then. We also have Irish roots on her side of our family.

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