Not a totally wasted day

They finished up in my sewing room just before noon so I was able to get in and work a bit. After setting my machine back up, I cut and pieced another Strippie.

This fabric happens to be directional and to save myself some grief from having to unpick strips sewn the wrong way, I toss them in order up on the design wall. (The floor works too!)

It’s almost 3 now and they’ve finished all the upstairs windows so Finn and I have the upstairs to ourselves the rest of the week. It’s a hassle but I think I’m going to like the new windows … I’ll certainly be happy not having to worry as much about hurricanes when we have to evacuate.

Now after a walk, we’re going to head back to the bedroom nook where Finn can sit with me while I knit a bit. He’s been good about being in his crate while they’ve been coming and going upstairs and while we were in the sewing room.

13 thoughts on “Not a totally wasted day

  1. Florence

    What??? It’s only 3:25pm! I realize strippies are fast, but to cut and piece one this fast? Your speed amazes me! Your windows are very nice and I sure hope you NEVER have a hurricane.

  2. Sara F

    Adorable strippie quilt. Such cute fabrics.

    The windows will be a very good investment in your property – for your own peace of mind and also for future resale. I imagine all the noise makes Finn kind of nervous.

  3. Peg

    Perfect fabric choices in this strippy! Of course I am partial to dogs, having 4 rescues. I know, a lot, but I have worked at a veterinary clinic for 30 years.

  4. Ann D.

    Do you have a pattern for your strippies? Or measurements for the widths you use? This looks like a great, easy way to knock out a quick quilt with those bold or novelty prints. I’d love to make a couple so I have a few baby quilts on hand.

  5. Robin

    Yay for the windows! We had our hurricane screens install done in January. Hopefully, never necessary, but a bit less stress is a good thing..

  6. Elizabeh

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  7. Donna

    Great looking Strippie top. I like the dog fabric. Love that pattern. The window looks good. Soon, soon they’ll finish and be out of your house. Then you’ll get back into your groove, and things will fall back into that familiar zone for you. You and Finn getting out for a walk probably helped, too.

  8. linda humphreys

    We’re getting quotes on new windows here in FL too. I’m thinking about no grids. Was that something you considered?

  9. Judy

    Cute strippy. That dog fabric is adorable. The windows look really nice. Did your old ones have the panes? We recently had them replaced and I went from enclosed mini blinds to panes. Just love them. They really changed the house.

  10. Marianne

    Every one of your strippies are wonderful. I have many cute kiddie prints, really must see if any are a yard. Surely a strippie would not count as a new start, right?!!

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