Corner to Corner blanket

I bound off my scarf last night before bed and got up this morning and cast on a blanket. I think this yarn was bought when we still lived in Marietta. I remember winding it into balls when I was packing for the move from Minneapolis, and uncovered it in a bin a couple days ago so while I’d intended to crochet a blanket, I’m going to knit this one. I love these colors and think I need to make a blue quilt with lime green!

Same blanket … different knitting companion!

The pink one was made for Bree but this one will be donated.

This pattern is from my book Knit Baby Blankets but Lion’s Brand has a free version (link is from Ravelry)

5 thoughts on “Corner to Corner blanket

  1. Donna

    Today would be a good day for an afghan here in the Buckeye state. We are covered in ice. What a mess! We are under a level 2. Come on Spring!
    You are a fast knitter! Looking good!

  2. Marianne

    Thanks for the pattern! I like using circular needles. I am on hiatus from knitting since a class at Quiltfest in Hampton last year caused severe trigger finger. Plus I have a yard long list of quilting to dos. I really enjoy a variety of handwork and knitting is so relaxing. Easy to be carries away by the rhythm. The pattern calls for cotton yarn. Does not look like you are using cotton. What are you using? The colors in that yarn scream Florida to me…funny you bought it in Minneapolis!

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