More Knitting

I didn’t sew the last two days … couldn’t seem to find the energy to get into the sewing room and start something so I knit and waited for window installers to show up … they didn’t show up Wednesday, were here yesterday, and just called to say they’re not coming today …. UGH!!! This was a company recommended by a neighbor who used them frequently (she works for real estate attorneys). I’m going to like the results — the house is almost eerily quiet without the street and neighborhood noise — but I’d never recommend them.

Jay, one of my fellow HeartStrings members is working on a project making knit squares for afghans and asked our group for some help. I doubt I’ll get very many made but I thought I’d try one and see how it goes. I’m not a very fast knitter. I also made progress on the blanket.

4 thoughts on “More Knitting

  1. Sara F

    It is SO frustrating when workers don’t show up. I hope they finish soon. In our previous house we remodeled the kitchen and my husband hired his brother (a plumber) to do the plumbing work. Everything else was done, and we kept waiting – because he would keep pushing the “family” project behind other people. However, he had left a small but important toolbox, and I finally held it hostage until he finished. He stopped to get it one day, and I said “nope – not telling you where it is, unless you finish my kitchen”. Two hours later he was done and had his tools.

  2. Donna

    Yes. These contractors over schedule in a way that is crazy. But at least their work seems like quality. It is frustrating though. Which is why you don’t feel like sewing. Your routine is thrown off at the moment. I expect having good weather most of the time, cause these companies not to turn away money. So they over book work. Things have changed about the way companies view customers and work now days.
    Your knitting looks good. You seem fast to me because I don’t knit. I did watch a video on it. I thought that when I retired, I would learn how to knit. I bought needles then. So I have all this “stuff” pre-retirement. lol I guess I was planning my happy time with things I was too tired to do when I worked, but knew I would enjoy once I was retired. And since I love all kinds of things I bought up “STUFF”. lol

  3. Nancy

    It’s nearly impossible to get companies to even return calls in my area which I think is extremely rude. I have things that need to be done but can’t finds anyone to do the work.

  4. Mindy

    I knit that same type of afghan! Love that each square is different as I get bored easily. I’ve made several using the original pattern that I had and then decided to venture out and do knitted patterns that intrigued me from another book. It’s been fun.

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