No interruptions (except Finn)

It’s much easier to accomplish something in the sewing room without a bunch of interruptions ….

Happy Blocks for Maine were made, fabric for another Strippie was pulled, a top was loaded, quilted, and the binding is on and ready to be hand stitched.

I was tempted to do a pantograph but decided some overall freehand hearts would be easy enough even though I can’t remember the last time I’ve done them.

This top is backed with a flannel fabric and does not have any batting. I used a heavier weight muslin and I felt like it would be too heavy with batting but it’s not too cozy as is … I’m hoping it softens up significantly with washing!

7 thoughts on “No interruptions (except Finn)

  1. Donna

    I like it, and I love those free hand hearts! Anybody would love having that quilt. Your work looks so good, very skilled. I love looking at people’s talent. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Jackie Jacobs

    You find the best fabric. Your quilts should brighten the day of anyone who receives them. Wish I could quilt like that, mine are a little (a lot) rough. You will be rewarded for all the good you do, it always goes full circle.

  3. Bunny

    Your hearts are great! I have quilted heartstrings without batting, depending on the weight of the flannel backing and muslin. They can be quite drapey and still warm and cozy. Looks great!

  4. Diana Edwards

    In the above quilt you mentioned heavy weight muslin… this used in place of batting? I am planning on using some flannel on some charity quilts so the muslin takes place of the batting? Have plenty of both 🙂 Thanks

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