Are you watching?

We LOVE watching the Olympics around here and the winter games are my favorite! It’s also great knitting time. This afternoon I worked on my 2nd square for Jay – I had to go up to a size 8 needle (from a 7) to get the right size block but I’m hoping I can block the first one into the correct size..

The purple one was finished while they were still here installing … 5+ hours today when they should have been done by Thursday at the latest. I wish I could say they were done but there were 3 damaged screens and they ordered the wrong doors for the back – they were able to install the doors and when the correct insert comes in, they can just remove the glass section and replace it with the correct one. ( That’s the front door you can see behind it and that one was correct)

It should have the individual panes like the old one.

I’m so disgusted with this sales rep – he tried to say that the “rain” glass didn’t come in the individual panes but we specifically told he we wanted the same style doors as we had and he showed us a door with the rain glass and the smaller panes. I have a bad feeling that he showed us non impact glass … again, his mistake … and then we’ll have to make a decision about whether to go ahead and switch them out and have to use a Kevlar type fabric over them if a hurricane threatens or keep the ones they installed. At this point, I’d definitely choose the smaller panes and hanging the Kevlar if needed. I just don’t like the look of the single pane of glass. I guess we’ll find out Monday.

This evening after they finally left, we had happy hour on the porch … happy to have them gone after a week and then I knit this evening while watching the Olympics … this is square #3. I guess my blanket is going to wait a while but there’s no deadline on that while there is one these squares.

8 thoughts on “Are you watching?

  1. Donna

    Knitting sounds like a good way to relax after all that fiasco you have had. Boy will you be glad when all that gets completed. So glad your husband was there today to deal with that so you could have a break from it. I bet little Finn was glad to see dad, too.
    I like that stitch on the purple block. It looks pretty. My youngest daughter is a purple lover. Me? I like most colors. I’m leaning toward yellow in my kitchen. I think it is due to dreary, gloomy, wintery weather here. But also, you change as you age. I find that interesting. Yellow or orange wouldn’t have worked for me in my 30s. But I am thinking about it now. lol
    I like the winter game Olympics, too. Figure Skating is one of my favorites. It’s a nice change to watch. I love the costumes the skaters wear, too. Speed racing 500 meters is good too.

  2. Penny G

    So happy hour was really “happy because they are gone hour” but at least you have the Olympics to distract you. If you do blocks throughout the Olympics you may have a bunch to donate.

  3. Julierose

    You know, we turned off the NBC coverage–too many ads and “sports heads” yakking–I just want to see ALL of one event in order–not hear what someone else saw and thought. We were really disappointed…I want to see even the lowest rated ones skate, ski whatever…but not on this type of so-called coverage–there–it’s my vent and I apologize ;*))) but it’s how I feel–

    We tuned into Dr. Blake mysteries on netflix…
    and i knitted 3 rows on my new socks without my hand hurting..yay
    hugs Julierose

  4. Florence

    We love the Olympics also — love their personal stories — struggles and hardships — hate to see a competitor fall, but I can feel their happiness when they do well. I love to see the friendships between the nations.
    I’m using these two weeks to sort and divide over 50 years of photographs. It’s fun and something I don’t want to leave for our children to have to do. I already threw out over 500 (what was I thinking?)

  5. Nancy

    Winter Olympic Games are more enjoyable to me than the Summer ones.

    The small panes of glass are more appealing, so I hope you can get what you want. I replaced my front door last year. When the installer arrived, he discovered the rep had ordered a door with the hinges and latch on the wrong side, so I had another three month wait.

  6. Sara F

    I love watching the Olympics from the opening ceremony right through to the end, both summer and winter games. But I think winter is also my favorite. I so enjoy the skiers and skaters. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a skier and a skater in my younger days. My husband however, could care less about watching them. I taped the opening ceremonies and watched it yesterday. And I stayed up late last night watching the partner skating.

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