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I love my little nook … when we were switching rooms I had to choose between the desk nook or the binding nook going into our “new” bedroom. I chose the binding nook – otherwise known as my recliner. Not the most attractive chair but when we bought it, I was looking for a chair that Chesty could sit with me. He died shortly after we moved but now Finn sits here and keeps me company while I bind or knit.

I’m a night owl and Keith is a morning person so the only way we go to bed at the same time is if I come up to knit or bind. Luckily, the light doesn’t bother him.

Speaking of binding … I cleared out my binding bin. I couldn’t believe how many bindings were in there for quilts that had already been finished. In some cases I couldn’t decide between two and cut them both but I’m not sure how how the others got missed. Maybe they were in GA and all my binding was done here in FL. Anyway, the green binding I used on this one was an “extra” one from the bin so nothing goes to waste. The rest will eventually be used too.

Kind of lazy

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I debated doing some freehand continuous curves on this top but in the end went with a pantograph. I’ve gotten kind of lazy about my quilting in the years the longarm and I were separated. I had a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time when I was in GA and didn’t do much experimenting with new freehand quilting designs. I want to change that this year but first I have to have things settle down around here so I can focus.

I loaded the Dutch Pinwheels yesterday and got it quilted today – the pantograph is another old one, Surf’s Up by Dave Hudson.

Piecing some Quick Strippies will help with the quilting experiments later too as I originally drafted that quilt just so I could practice my quilting when I got my first longarm back in 2002.


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The problem with having your fabric in bins for 3+ years is that sometimes you forget what you have! I opened up one today that I never opened in GA and found some kiddie prints … I set a couple aside for Strippies after deciding I can’t get into piecing anything more complicated right now until the sewing room is more organized.

There were also a bunch of leftover novelty pieces that went right into the bin with the fabric I’m making the Happy Blocks for Maine from – I’ll piece some more of those too while I continue to unpack.

And I found a bunch of solids I didn’t remember buying – I need to think up a quilt for these.

What’s your favorite pattern for solids?


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The framed 16 patch is assembled. This was a Craftsy kit but you could make it with a Jelly Roll or 2.5 inch strips from stash.

I also unpacked a couple more bins … it seems like I’ll never get finished but I need to clear the area by the window by next week when they’re due to put in my hurricane proof windows.


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I’ve made progress and the binding is done on the Tessellating quilt but still no photos. It’s my 3rd UFO finish for the year. Unfortunately no more progress on the unpacking but I need to at least create access to the window by the end of the week because my hurricane windows and doors are supposed to be installed the first week of February.

Since I don’t have a photo of the finished quilts how about one of Chris and Finn … they made the local news this morning. They were walking along Bayshore as the news team was reporting on the cleanup after the Gasparilla parade. Yep, that’s news around here!

Chris leaves tomorrow and I’ll get back to work in the sewing room. I’m home all week so that means one top needs to be quilted, I’d like to get the framed 16 patch blocks assembled this week too.

A little piece of heaven

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Is there anything like holding a sweet sleeping baby?! I didn’t move far from this spot all evening although Finn alternated from sitting right up on me to a spot at the end of the loveseat. He goes from being a little bit jealous of Mo to being content to sit close to us. I think he doesn’t like me using my ‘baby’ voice for someone other than him so he’s happier when she’s sleeping and I’m not talking to her!!

Green is a neutral

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I like using blendy, neutral colored threads in my quilting and for bright kids quilts most often I choose a bright green. This one is called spring green.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to quilt on this top until I pulled and pieced the backing. My blowing leaves panto is still on the table and I’m going to use that one again.

I also pulled fabric to add a border to this little hourglass top. It was one I was going to quilt here on my regular machine but now that I’m going to quilt it on the longarm, I’ll make it a little larger.

And finally, I trimmed and got the binding machine stitched on Mom’s Bear Paw. I’d intended to get this done and sent back to her the week we got back from Big Canoe but that didn’t happen with the moving van arriving that Wednesday and time has just gotten away from me since then between the unpacking, the headaches, and my company. I figured if I didn’t do it today, it would be another week because Chris and his family are coming tomorrow night for a long weekend.

The Minkee backing feels great on this one but it makes a big mess so I wanted to trim it and get the binding on before sending it back. Mom is SO patient and never pushes me to get things done for her.

Do you like history?

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It was one of my favorite subjects in school and I still love reading and watching historical books and shows. I’ve been watching the PBS show Victoria (yes, I know it’s fiction but it’s based on historical characters!) and at the same time I’m listening to a biography of her descendants – George, Wilhelm, and Nicholas including their childhoods and the time leading up to WWI.

It’s amazing how much we know about Victoria and her relationships through letters to her large and far flung family. It makes me sad that I don’t write more letters but at least I have the blog and one day, one of these blog to book programs might actually work on my self hosted word press blog. I’d love to have a shelf of ‘diaries’ in my library.


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I didn’t sew yesterday but did spend some time looking at quilts on eBay. I find a lot of my inspiration in antique quilts.

I love tying our HeartStrings quilts but try to make sure my ties blend in rather than stand out. These are SOOOO distracting.

This one also popped up but I’m not sure why – it’s certainly not vintage. I’d hate to see one of my gifted quilts being sold on eBay because it doesn’t match their decor!

I’ve got some binding planned for later and will get a backing pieced and a top loaded on the longarm. I’ve been busy straightening up and doing laundry after Adam’s visit plus we had the electrician back in yesterday … we had a circuit that stopped working that included my electric fireplace. The basket of Himalayan salt crystals doesn’t fit unfortunately but I did want to at least put it in front of the fireplace while I found a container that did.


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Watching the Vikings play tonight was painful.

Adam and Keith left today and Finn and I spent a quiet day mostly binding and knitting although I did a little unpacking and pulled a top for quilting this week. It’s going to be a short ‘work’ week as I’ve got company coming again on Wednesday night and an appointment tomorrow afternoon.

I don’t have photos yet but I have finished two UFO’s now. I need to get the framed 16 patch blocks assembled but for now I’m enjoying the quilting and binding.