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The RWB rectangle quilt is finished. It’s #6 of 7 in my binding marathon and a UFO started in Oct 2015. 

This one was inspired by an antique quilt and instructions are on my website.

It is also a donation quilt and will go with several other completed quilts to Kathy in WI.  She donates RWB quilts to a local hospice where they’re presented to veterans. 

I know many of you are involved with making quilts for veterans and I have more inspiration on the website. I often design in RWB even when I make my quilts in different colors to help provide inspiration. Looking over the list, I see I need to update it too! 

It’s also labeled. When I’m adding a label during binding I like to put it in the bottom right corner with two edges tucked under the binding. Several people also commented the other day that they thought the year should be included on the label — I agree and when I label my quilts they DO have the dates on them but unless I think I’m going to use an entire sheet of labels during a year, I prefer to write the year in by hand with a permanent fabric marker. 

I also checked my UFO spreadsheet and realized that this makes UFO #12 for the year. Twelve UFO’s per year is an ongoing goal for me although I do like to surpass it these days since my total UFO number has been creeping up since the longarm has been in GA. I number all my UFO’s and each year new ones get added to the bottom of the list so a lower number means an older UFO.  Half of these completed were just from last year but the oldest one was from 2008 and as you can see there are some lower numbers on the list too. 

  • 1
  • 3
  • 6
  • 8
  • 14
  • 17
  • 19
  • 20
  • 22
  • 23
  • 25
  • 27


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My Fan quilt is bound. One of my oldest UFO’s, it was started in November 2010 and is quilted with the pantograph Flirtatious. There was a time I thought I might hand quilt this one but as much as I like the idea of doing it, I obviously could not find the time in the last 6+ years so I’m glad to have it finished now.  The fans were cut with my Accuquilt GO Dresden Plate die and I used Bethany Reynolds method of appliquing the fans to the background – I found the method in this book of hers. 

It’s #3 of 7 and I’m already hand stitching binding #4. 


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There’s a story to this quilt – 3 years ago in Maine Brenda, Jackie, and Rebecca brought Tumblers – lots and lots of Tumblers – and we had some Tumbler races just for fun. 

Some of the leftovers went home with Mavie and with Darlene’s help – and maybe Sharon’s too – they came back 2 years ago as a bunch of assembled tops. I tied some of them that year but there were lots of them for Bev to quilt too so I brought 3 small ones back with me to finish here in FL. I intended to get them all done and take them back with me last year but I wasn’t able to attend due to caring for my sister-in-law who passed away in October from cancer. 

Fast forward to now – this is the last one to be finished and I can’t wait for September and the Maine sew-in!

Just 3 more items on the to do list before we leave for Big Canoe next week – I’m still not sure I’ll get through all three but I’m happy that most of the list has been accomplished!


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I finished the binding on the Pluses and Circle quilt several days ago but I needed to repair a small area of the stitching where my bobbin thread had loops. It was less than an inch but still needed to come out and be redone. Now it’s ready to be washed and carried to GA. I’ve decided I’ll keep this one at Big Canoe for Rae to use when she’s visiting. 

I’ve also finished piecing the backing for Becky’s king size top – that’s the last one of those I plan to piece!! Next time I’m going to purchase a wide back! I’ve been gathering all the things going to Big Canoe in a corner of the sewing room but now it’s time to start organizing it all. The car will be packed to the gills as usual going and coming. I also got a package from Mom with two tops – the stockings need some lettering that my sister decided not to do. I may do it if I have time and the inclination so that Top will wait for quilting until our December trip but the poinsettia top will go with me for quilting in July. 


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This little batik squares doll quilt is finished also as I work my way though my list. 

 It also happens to be a UFO finish for me – # 8 for the year. Quilted with a loopy meander, it was meant to be a warm up for the Pluses and Circles top but I ended up quilted swirls on that one. 

Someone asked if I donate these and that was my intention several years ago but I couldn’t find a doll that I liked to go with the two I’d made so they just sat around and then Rae started putting all her dolls and stuffed animals to bed under quilts so most of them have gone to her including the last one that went with Bridget the Elephant. 

Maybe it’s time to make her another animal for her menagerie and save this little quilt to go with it. Becky sent me this photo a while back of the three I’ve already made for her. The quilt is one of her many quilts – I made this one – but Mom has made several for her too. When we were facetiming other day she saw one I always working on and asked if it was for her – when I said no she told me that she loved quilts and then started telling Becky that she should make her some quilts too. Becky doesn’t sew or quilt and has no intention of starting to but she said Rae assured her she could learn how. 

More progress

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I quilted and bound the Bright Rectangle quilt today while my house was being cleaned. One good thing about having someone come in to clean is that it forces me to straighten and pick up the house before they come so that was my day yesterday although I did manage to get the center of the 5 Star top assembled and the pieced borders are laid out and ready to sew. The binding is also done on the small doll quilt but I haven’t gotten a photo yet and the Plus and Circle quilt is ready to have the binding hand stitched too. Working my way through the list!

Brief notes about these rectangle quilts are on the website. Both were quilted in a simple grid with the walking foot following the piecing.