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I finished the binding on this blue/green rectangle quilt a couple nights ago. Nice to actually finish something for a change!

I also just realized that I left two things off my list from earlier today. I need to piece a back for Becky’s king size quilt and put borders on Mom’s queen size log cabin and both of those should be done before I leave for Big Canoe!

# 5 and 6 are bound

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It feels SO good to work my way through my list! The 5th quilt on my list to be bound was my red centered HeartStrings quilt. 

#6 was my Amish inspired Churn Dash. I made these blocks with my Accuquilt GO using the 4 inch finished half square triangle and the rectangle from the 8 inch Qube set. As I said before I actually prefer the dies that come individually because there are more shapes per die which means the cutting is quicker but I do use the Qube. 

And I’m done with all my binding just in time to travel tomorrow! These 6 quilts will be donated – after I get back home and get them all laundered. I have a bunch of others waiting for donation too and I’m running out of space to store them so I guess I need to get them organized and out of here. 


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My Coffee quilt is the oldest UFO in this batch – started in January 2014 – it’s now finished.  

It’s a grown up variation of our HeartStrings Happy Block quilt.

Another variation – this Charmed Hearts quilt started with a charm pack and two coordinating fabrics were used to frame the charms. 

And here’s one more variation – I called this one Charmed Squares and it also started with a set of Charms and two coordinating framing fabrics. You can find brief instructions for this one and the Happy Blocks on my website by clicking on the links. 


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The pink 16 patch was finished last night – in addition to being the 3rd quilt bound during my binding marathon this week, it’s also my 5th UFO finish for the year!

Now I know we don’t need a pattern for a 16 patch but isn’t it nice when someone else does all the work for us? This is the 3rd quilt I’ve made using these dimensions – the individual squares are 3.5 inches finished (strips are cut 4 inches)  but what I love about this block is that they’re made from fat quarters and included in the instructions was a quick reference to show how many fat quarters to use to make quilts of a certain size. You KNOW I have lots of fat quarters … I can’t seem to resist them. 

See how helpful that is? The first time I made one I linked to the tutorial but since then the blog has been deleted so I spent some time searching the Internet archives today to find a link to share with you. It took a while to load on my iPad so be patient. I have no idea if the archived copy will also disappear at some point so I suggest you print it out if you want to keep a copy. 

 St Louis 16 Patch tutorial from the Sew with Sass blog 

Another quilt bound

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This one was finished yesterday – it’s a scrappy Bargello from the Quiltville site but I didn’t  use her instructions. I like piecing in blocks not panels. 

Another photo taken in the back. Usually I photograph my finished quilts in the front of the house but Finn has me up and working earlier than usual and the light is not right in the mornings so I’m experimenting with alternate locations in the back. Our townhouse community is built around a courtyard and inside the fenced area from the photo yesterday and today is our patio. We don’t use it much because we have the front porch but I’ve got a pen and potty area set up for Finn right now. Once he’s a little older and able to walk on the leash we’ll take him out front or to the park to potty but for now he goes out every one and a half to two hours and thinks the leash is for chewing so it easier this way. 

I snapped this photo in the sewing room yesterday as I was trimming and getting it ready for binding. You can really see the texture from the pantograph – Fern Gully. It’s an ongoing frustration that I don’t have the right light at Big Canoe to show the quilting on these. Side lighting from a window gives the best result. 

The 3rd quilt is ready for me to hand sew the binding down. Progress is being made!

I was distracted!

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I layered and did the quilting on this RWB quilt except for the border 2 weeks ago. At first I was debating how to quilt the border – decided that rather than a meandering design in the border, I wanted some type of straight line quilting like I’d done in the quilt center. Thought about piano keys or a chevron and either would have worked but in the end I just did a couple spaced lines around the entire border. I finished the binding last night and my oldest UFO (from 2008) is now finished!


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It seemed like I wasn’t making any progress on my goals between getting ready for company and entertaining but I have made a little progress all the way around. I’ve knit some on my Shine scarf and it’s slowly growing. All the Dutch Windmill blocks are made and I’m ready to assemble the top. 

The Simply Woven top has been quilted and bound. It’s my first UFO finish for 2017 and it’s  a free pattern from Moda Bakeshop found at this link. I had two blocks in the center I should have turned another way but I wasn’t about to take them out. It’s pretty obvious here in the photo but not really noticeable when you’re using the quilt. It’s just one of those things that as you turn some blocks in the quilt you create other areas that aren’t quite right and at some point you think you’ve got it all arranged OK until it’s all together!

Great progress has been made on our running/walking challenge and Chris and I have hit a combined 100 miles on our 2017 miles in 2017. He’s running and I’m walking my miles. 

It’s Pirate season here in Tampa and the kids are coming this weekend for the Gasparilla Children’s Parade. Our flag is out.

I also decided to make a Pirate ship. This might go back with Rae for her tree in her playroom. 

Not sure what the appeal is but it’s kind of meditative so last night after finishing my blocks I decided to make a quilt block. Technically I guess it’s not a block since I didn’t fill in the corners. 

In spite of having a ton of scarves that need to be donated, I have a little bit of a problem making things that don’t seem to have a purpose. A few might make it to the Big Canoe tree or this one might end up as a coaster in my sewing room.