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I was distracted!

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I layered and did the quilting on this RWB quilt except for the border 2 weeks ago. At first I was debating how to quilt the border – decided that rather than a meandering design in the border, I wanted some type of straight line quilting like I’d done in the quilt center. Thought about piano keys or a chevron and either would have worked but in the end I just did a couple spaced lines around the entire border. I finished the binding last night and my oldest UFO (from 2008) is now finished!


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It seemed like I wasn’t making any progress on my goals between getting ready for company and entertaining but I have made a little progress all the way around. I’ve knit some on my Shine scarf and it’s slowly growing. All the Dutch Windmill blocks are made and I’m ready to assemble the top. 

The Simply Woven top has been quilted and bound. It’s my first UFO finish for 2017 and it’s  a free pattern from Moda Bakeshop found at this link. I had two blocks in the center I should have turned another way but I wasn’t about to take them out. It’s pretty obvious here in the photo but not really noticeable when you’re using the quilt. It’s just one of those things that as you turn some blocks in the quilt you create other areas that aren’t quite right and at some point you think you’ve got it all arranged OK until it’s all together!

Great progress has been made on our running/walking challenge and Chris and I have hit a combined 100 miles on our 2017 miles in 2017. He’s running and I’m walking my miles. 

It’s Pirate season here in Tampa and the kids are coming this weekend for the Gasparilla Children’s Parade. Our flag is out.

I also decided to make a Pirate ship. This might go back with Rae for her tree in her playroom. 

Not sure what the appeal is but it’s kind of meditative so last night after finishing my blocks I decided to make a quilt block. Technically I guess it’s not a block since I didn’t fill in the corners. 

In spite of having a ton of scarves that need to be donated, I have a little bit of a problem making things that don’t seem to have a purpose. A few might make it to the Big Canoe tree or this one might end up as a coaster in my sewing room. 


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The binding is done on the 9 patch and I’m happier with this now. I looked for the photo of the vintage quilt that inspired it but have no idea where that photo went. The colors are completely different and the quilts don’t even look like they’re from the same block which is what I wanted to show. Oh well, I really do need to be more organized with my digital photos.  Brief instructions and a drawing of a RWB version are on the website. 

This is not a UFO but finishing it up this week keeps it from going on my 2017 UFO list next week!

I’m working on both Strippies today – I’m quilting some stabilizing lines on either side of the small strip so I can remove lots of the pins before starting the freemotion quilting. Since I’m using the same thread, I’m doing all the walking foot quilting first. I hate changing threads and feet back and forth!

Merry Christmas

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I hope your holiday has been wonderful  and filled with family and love. Mine has!

I cooked most of the afternoon and didn’t think to take photos until Keith was cleaning up. There are plenty of leftovers. 

We don’t give many presents – but Rae got books and we all took turns reading with her except Chris I think although he spent plenty of time playing with her too. 

She got a quilt from Granny (my Mom) and loved it. 

I showed this quilt a while back when Mom finished it. I’d sent her a kit and we modified it – changing the appliqué to Owls and adjusting the size of the quilt. Rae made sure to test it out. 

Becky was the lucky one to get the green hourglass quilt of mine in our exchange. Here’s a final photo of it now that it’s been gifted. I love how this one turned out!


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Two finishes today – this doll quilt is a UFO and my 14th UFO finish for the year – seems like cheating to count the small ones but they need finishing too.

And here’s the simple pinwheel pieced from a Jelly Roll (2.5 inch strips).  I was afraid that this was too blendy without enough contrast but I love the blues and greens and am happy with how it turned out. Both tops were quilted on the regular  machine with a freehand leaf meander.


A change in plans

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My schedule needs to be flexible right now and rather than being home for a few more days as planned, I’m heading back to VA in the morning. Today was spent getting myself organized for being gone for another 3 weeks and a little sewing, a little football, and a walk along the bay. 

I did manage to finish the binding on the Drunkard’s Path quilt watching the Vikings beat the Packers tonight – I call that a win-win! (I’m leaving at 5am so no chance to get a better photo before I leave). This makes UFO finish #12 for the year. 

I didn’t make much progress on assembling the HeartStrings top but it will be waiting for me when I get home. 

Loved being home and walking along the bay in the evening.

Loved spending time with Keith