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I’m puttering along, binding is done on this one and in progress on another. I also got the HST Quilt trimmed and ready for binding.

Pieced by Barbara at the HeartStrings Maine sew-in


And in the mail, a postcard from Vicki. We’re not putting up a tree so maybe this will be my substitute! Be sure to check her blog if you’re following her Drunkard’s Path sew along. She has some more layouts to inspire you today. As for me, I’ve got two more Drunkard’s Path quilts cut out but I won’t get to them until the binding is done or even later …. Maybe I can play again in January?!



This is one of my HeartStrings quilts and I finished the binding last night.


After the binding was done I set it on the table to wait until today to photograph and kept stopping to admire my freehand Baptist Fan quilting. I just LOVE how it looks on our HeartStrings quilts and that its so easy to do.



Pieced by AnnG – I love these Homespun HeartStrings quilts!


Keith leaves this in a little while and my work table is already back up in the living room. I’m knitting now but after a massage this afternoon, I’ll trim, pin baste, and bind!

Another gorgeous HeartStrings quilt

Hard to say you don’t like string quilts when you look at Beth’s from yesterday and this one from blocks pieced by Marianne!


Aren’t I lucky to work with these other HeartStrings quilters making these beautiful quilts to donate?


This gorgeous HeartStrings quilt was pieced by Beth and quilted with freehand spirals.


It’s the first of 6 brought back from my GA trip for binding.


My sewing table made it downstairs today … Ready to bind Bree’s Strippie


And completed. The binding hand stitched as we listened to music tonight in front of the fire!


I also got a backing pieced and started cutting the Drunkard’s Path quilt.


Chesty and I had a quiet evening and I sat and bound this small HeartStrings top — SaraF recognized it as one she sent me to finish and donate. I’m glad she let me know, I was feeling bad about not remembering!!


Is it crazy that I’m having fun quilting these on my regular sewing machine?! I have no desire to try a larger top but these small ones are fun and even though slooow seems to be in right now, I admit I’m motivated by finishes. Finished tops, finished quilts.

Patting myself on the back for another finish and thanking Stephanie for egging me on!


This little HeartStrings group quilt is now done. Blocks by Marianne, assembled at the WI//MN sew-in and quilted and bound by me. Such a fun quilt.


And I love how well the backing goes with the top … Just a lucky find at Joann’s.


I’m leaving for Maine in a few days to attend a HeartStrings sew-in and I’m trying to get a few things done before I go. Quilting and binding this one has now been checked off that list.


I had so much fun making and quilting this little Strippie and am quite pleased with it. Simple things make me happy – like relearning how to quilt on my sewing machine and making a sweet little quilt that will be donated and wrap a child in warmth and comfort!


Finished UFO’s



March’s – which was finished late but now I’m caught up on my goal of finishing one UFO per month.


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