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Binding #5 is done, it’s another one of my UFO’s. I love a double 4 patch!

Instructions and a couple other versions are available on my website. 

I’ve got the 4 patch on the diagonal next on the list to bind but I took some time out to dig through my browns looking for binding options for the last two. I’d cut one binding for the tumbler but in the end decided to use that for the Drunkard’s Path and chose another one for the tumbler. 

I don’t know where the last week has gone and find it hard to believe that I’m heading out of town again in just a few days. This afternoon was spent choosing countertops and the backsplash for the kitchen remodel. I’m thankful to have most of the choices made even though we won’t actually start the project until mid October. 

It’s been rainy here the last few days and my walking has suffered although Keith managed to get out earlier today. I did get 5 miles in yesterday but I’ve missed 3 days (Sun, Mon, Wed). I have to make sure I get out the next couple days. The effects are coming slowly –  I’ve lost 15 lbs and have toned up a bit but even better, I feel like I have more stamina. The challenge as always is to keep it up. I’m going to be traveling a lot this fall so I have to do better when I’m home. 


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My binding marathon continues – this is the 4th one – Mom and I worked together on this one for my sister and Mom was supposed to bind it but I decided that I’d save her the trouble since it’s a heavier quilt due to the Minkee backing. It was from a kit I bought on Craftsy – Mom pieced it and I quilted it last month in Big Canoe. 

For those of you that love Jelly Roll quilts – it can be made from 2.5 inch strips! (This one is made from strips cut 2 inches).

EDIT: I’ve used this block in a couple quilts when I first started quilting but I can’t find photos right now (I really need to digitize the photos of my early quilts – they’re in a couple albums that are in Big Canoe). It’s a log cabin variation and I just realized I have a couple Jelly Rolls that I could use to make another one. They’re not from the same fabric line but they’re both reds and neutrals. I’ll have to make a note for myself to use them for one of these. 


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My Red/Black/White Log Cabin is the 9th UFO finish for the year. This one just took me 4 years to finish! I’ve told you before a lot of my tops wait for quilting – it used to be because I was quilting so many group HeartStrings tops but now it’s because I have a limited amount of time in GA with the Longarm but still, I’ve enjoyed learning to quilt again on my regular sewing machine and it’s all working for me. I love the texture the quilting created on this one – it’s one of 7 I quilted last month in GA that I’m trying to get bound this month. 

Are you watching the Olympics? We are and I thought I’d be binding but I’ve been knitting while we’ve watched and then I come upstairs to hand stitch bindings.  I’m working on the decreases of this hat now – it’s taken a while since it’s a big slouchy and I’m using fingering weight yarn. I don’t think I’m a fan of the twisted ribbing on the band on this one – it seems a little tight and not as comfortable as a regular rib. 

I did manage time in the sewing room today – my aunts quilts are packed and labeled for shipping, the quilt Mom and I are making for my sister has been trimmed and I machine stitched the binding. I was going to let Mom hand stitch it but there’s lots of fuzz from the batting and trimming the Minkee so I’m going to go ahead and stitch it down and then go over it really well with a lint roller before shipping it. 

We travel again on Saturday and there’s a lot I need to get done before then! 

Another UFO

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This Double Sashed 9 Patch is a little older than the one I finished the other day. Started in May 2011, the top was finished in July 2013 and it waited 3 years for quilting so if someone asks me how long it takes me to make a quilt I can honestly say sometimes 5 years! I’ve got brief instructions for piecing this quilt on my website so click the link above if you’re interested. 

I haven’t decided whether I’ll keep this one or not, it’s actually a good size for sitting in the chair or to use on the cot for the kids when they visit. I’m going to wait until all the quilts are bound and then choose. 

Let the binding begin…

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I finished hand stitching the first binding last night. My Sharon inspired HeartStrings quilt – it counts as a UFO finish but it’s just from last year so not one of my older ones. 

These planned HeartStrings quilts are inspired by Sharon in Maine who has an ability to put 8 fabrics together and come up with something wonderful. It’s the second one I’ve made and I’ve brought fabric for two more of them back from GA. I like to start with a stripe in my center and pull my other fabrics from that one. 

If you’d like to make one of your own, here are the guidelines we use. 

(please review the guidelines to see how we make our HeartStrings blocks first and then adapt them as noted below).

Choose 8 fabrics – I yard each ( not all of each fabric will be used)
 All strips are cut 2 inches (fabrics 1-7)

For the corner triangles (fabric 8), use the same fabric on both sides of the block and they are cut from 4.5 inch squares (cut the squares first and then cut them on the diagonal).

This is a planned quilt with all the strips in the same place for each block.

NOTE: Nann made one last year and was a little more precise in her fabric measurements — we just estimated a yard of each knowing there would be some leftovers but I’m including Nann’s measurements here in case you have some fabrics you’d like to use but have less than a yard of them. 

*It turns out that you don’t need one-yard pieces of all eight fabrics. Label the center 1, the strips flanking it 2 and 3, then 4 and 5, then 6 and 7, and the corners 8. #1, #2, #3 — 16 strips (32″). #4 and #5 — 12 strips (24″). #6 & #7 — 11 strips (22″), #8 — 4 strips (8″). That is handy to know if I try another Sharon quilt. 


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The Bow Tie quilt was a Craftsy kit and was the first thing I pieced in the new sewing room back in July 2015 before I’d even organized my supplies and fabric. Meandered on the new Babylock Jane. 

The Coins doll quilt is also quilted. I have 3 other doll size tops to quilt and I’ve decided they’ll make great practice pieces before attempting a quilting design on a larger top and by larger I mean baby or child size. Anything larger than that goes to GA for quilting on the longarm. 


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I love it – wobbly quilting lines and all. I finished the binding this morning but it’s not washed yet so the crinkles will help some with the wobbles but it’s a bright happy quilt in spite of them.  Easy to make, easy to quilt.  I used part of a Jelly Roll for the pluses and chose 5 of the leftover strips for a scrappy binding. 

Now back to work on the Rail Fence. 


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Do you procrastinate binding quilts? I’m always surprised when quilters put off that last step. I procrastinate during the assembly of the top and have been know to drag that out for days but I enjoy hand stitching bindings so unless I’m in GA quilting up a storm ( those come back to FL for binding) I typically get my quilts bound quickly. 

This was one of many tumbler tops assembled in Maine and the 2nd of three that I brought back with me to finish up. Don’t you love my geraniums? They remind me of the deck in MN.


There were so many tumblers cut by Rebecca, Brenda, and Jackie and brought to the 2014 sew-in that I’m sure I’ll still be tying tumbler tops this September!




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I’m so tempted to start another top right away but if I don’t want to get too behind, I need to get one quilted. Today I  pin basted the 2nd tumbler from Maine  and I’ll quilt a grid on it tomorrow. It’s so wonderful to have that table up all the time in the other room – I didn’t have the space in the MN townhouse or the FL apartment but it saves time and effort when I can just walk into the other room to trim or pin baste a top. 

I finally got around to taking a final photo of my Rainbow HeartStrings quilt that I finished binding last week.  

I can tell I’m being productive because the stack of quilts needing to be washed is getting larger.  No room in the house is safe from my quilting stuff except for the kitchen and Keith’s office! These are stacked in the breakfast room and I have another stack under the entryway table.