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Another top from the group in CA, tied and bound last night.


I’m feeling like a local today — when I stopped in for coffee on my way to the library he knew what I was going to order before I told him!


2 more finished

This Pineapple Blossom was pieced by Carol I think.


I probably shouldn’t have favorites but I do … I love working with our HeartStrings quilts and this one of Jackie’s is my favorite of the batch. It makes me anxious to finish my Black/White/Pink top when I get home.


I’m lucky that I don’t really have any chores this month other than caring for Chesty but I do need some clean clothes and Keith isn’t here to do the laundry so I’m at the laundromat. My reward will be a lobster roll for lunch!




Last nights finish was pieced by Jackie. I’m pretty sure this is called Double Slice and made from a layer cake (or 10 inch squares). You can see a video at this link




Last night’s finish was from blocks pieced by Helen and assembled by Sue. I like the lighter blue centers and the pops of orange in this one. Another is already in progress.


I’ve hit a snag with my research, trying to connect one generation to the next. I’ve found a book that might have the answers but there aren’t many copies…one in Augusta at the Maine State library and one in Boston. I’m debating whether a run up to Augusta is possible and worthwhile. I have to think about how I’d manage it with Chesty. Seems a waste to go up only long enough to check on this one book but I’d need to stay overnight if I do a day of research. Too bad Keith’s not around to help.



Just one for today since I spent some time last night with my knitting. This top was pieced by a group in CA.




Yesterday’s two finishes are this small quilt pieced by Carol. I think it’s Bonnie Hunter’s String X pattern or something similar.


And this one was pieced by Darlene I think.


These two make 9 finished. I have either 18 or 19 here so I’m half done which is good since I’m off to the library again today. I’ve one one binding in progress and one set up on the table for tying that’s going to have to come off for me to make some repairs before continuing. While string quilts can be wonky, care still needs to be taken in the construction of the quilt so they’ll hold up to use and laundering. I always encourage HeartStrings quilters to check over their blocks and seams to make sure everything is intact.



Both of these were pieced by Sharon and while she usually does HeartStrings quilts with planned layouts, she’s always telling us she does scrappy ones too!



It’s been rainy today so I’ve been inside working … I’ve got another top on the tying table and a binding in progress.



I finished the binding on this quilt of Jackie’s night before last. It’s a bit cloudy today so it’s not the best photo … Sorry! Several people asked about the pattern Jackie used and I posted the information here.


I haven’t been knitting a lot since my handwork time has been taken up with binding but I am making progress on my Hitchhiker.


Since this is more of a scarf than a shawl I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy with the finished size of this one unlike a couple of the shawls that have seemed a little small. I like the colors too. I can see wearing it with a turtleneck and jeans.



Today was for binding … I’d intended to trim Jackie’s tops and get the bindings made and machine stitched so I could do the handwork in Maine but when I was working on the second top I decided I’d roll the backing around for the binding and get that one done.

My binding buddies in Maine use a straight stitch but I don’t sew a straight enough line so I’d been using a decorative stitch until about a year ago when I realized that since I always match my thread so closely the stitching doesn’t show. Now I use a quick zigzag. This is the first quilted top I’ve rolled the backing over for the binding. Usually I just do that on tied quilts but it looks good so it’s nice to have options when I’m working to keep on schedule.


And a final photo


It’s already packed with the two needing hand stitching and 4 tops with backs that I’ll add to the stack already waiting in Maine for me to tie. If all goes well, I’ll have 18 quilts finished by the end of October to leave in Maine for donation.


#4 Bound

This counts as October’s UFO so I’m officially ahead! Instructions for my Carpenter Star can be found on my website.


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