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Yesterday’s sew along task was binding this HeartStrings quilt, assembled by Sue from blocks sent in to the group. Quilted last month while I was in Big Canoe.  Love how Sue used that border print with these blocks!

 I haven’t made it up to my sewing room yet, we went over to a local bar for the first half of the games (we can’t get the Vikings or Redskins games here at the house). Looks like they’ll both have wins today although the Redskins are losing ground as I type this. We’re kind of following the Bucs these days too but they’re going to lose this one. 

It’s time to decide what to work on this afternoon and head upstairs!

UFO # 12

I started this HeartStrings quilt in Dec 2012 but like most of my tops, it waited a while for quilting. It’s my 12th UFO finish for 2015 which means I’ve met that goal.  



My black/white/green Two Rail Fence is done. This was one of my leftover quilts – when I pull a group of fabrics for a scrap quilt, I like to make more than one quilt, it’s especially nice when I’m using the same cut – in this case, 2.5 inch strips. This one is a gift so I’ll get it washed and sent off to Andrew in Chicago.  

Edit: I did post information on how I inserted the flange in this post.


The leftover strips were from a Boxed Squares quilt


My 16 patch quilt was bound Tuesday. This little one was hand quilted with the big stitch method and I’m going to take it to Big Canoe so I’ll have a smaller quilt there when I need one for the little ones.  


Another UFO finished

This one was just from last year – another HeartStrings project using leftover strips from the previous project.  

 I’m also getting ready to start the lace section on my Eyeblink shawl and I’ve started working on the ‘leftover’ quilt from the red/white/blue strips left after piecing the Cheveron Rail Fence. 


The binding was hand sewn yesterday and this HeartStrings quilt of mine is finished. It was started a couple years ago during one of our projects but waited a while for quilting so it counts as a UFO finish for me. 

I’ll definitely hit my goal of finishing 12 UFO’s this year which isn’t all that lofty of a goal but since most of mine are tops waiting for quilting I don’t mind having some – I’m most comfortable with 20-22 of them which is where I managed to keep it for years but since the longarm moved to GA last year that number has crept up some. It does help that I’ve been quilting the smaller ones here in FL either on my regular sewing machine or hand quilting using the big stitch method.  


My Sharon Challenge Quilt

Last year at the Maine sew-in, we decided to challenge ourselves to make a planned HeartStrings quilt like the ones Sharon makes and I finished the binding on mine yesterday. I love scrappy but I’ve got to say I love this one a lot and I’m not sure I can give it away. I’ll hang on to it a while while before I decide. 

We’re challenging ourselves to make another one this year and if you’d like the details, you can find them on the HeartStrings website at this post. 


The little zoo animal strippie is bound. No matter how many of these I make, I always love how they turn out. 


I also love a stripe binding – in this case I used the same stripe from the top.  The quilt colors are truer in the above photo, the one below was snapped last night after I finished stitching the binding. 

I’ve already trimmed the next one to be bound and I’ll machine stitch it later today and get it ready for hand stitching tonight. I also want to do some knitting later. 


It’s fun to look back over my finished quilts and know where we were living by looking at which spot I photographed them so today I took the last 3 quilts I finished before moving and went outside to the porch to snap some photos. I chose my favorite two snapshots of each quilt.  







Another Finish

So happy to be making progress. This is a HeartStrings top I pieced last summer during our Red/White/Blue project. All my binding is done just in time to go quilt more!