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Jelly Roll Strippie

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again today – I don’t like Jelly Roll Race quilts. I just DON’T. 

I do understand why people make them

  • It’s fun to be part of a group event
  • A lot of us have Jelly Rolls laying around, and
  • Who doesn’t like a quick quilt?

I’m heading to Maine on Sunday for the annual HeartStrings sew-in held there and as I was gathering up my stuff to pack, I pulled out a couple Jelly Rolls – some of girls are going to have a Jelly Roll race (Last year they raced with Tumblers) and I thought I’d take one for my binding buddy and one for the winner of the race. 

Since I like quick quilts and I have Jelly Rolls I thought I’d try my hand at a strippie quilt using a Jelly Roll so I’d feel like I was playing along with everyone else. I don’t carry a sewing machine on the plane so I have to do mine either before or after the sew-in. If you do a search for Jelly Roll quilts you can see some people cut theirs and reassemble them in some fashion because they don’t like the finished top. Some people make Jelly Roll quilts by just sewing their strips to each other rather than in a long roll like the JRR quilts, and some people alternate lights and darks. I kind of jumbled these ideas together and came up with my Jelly Roll Strippie.

I’m done in just a few hours this afternoon. Since I’m done first does that mean I win?

If anyone is interested in my process – I posted the steps on my website. 


I just love marking things off my list! This is the little HeartStrings top I’ve been trying to finish up from our project that ended In August. Technically, the quilts were supposed to have light centers — these leftover dots are kind of light, right?  It’s really a rather overcast day so not the best photo unfortunately. 

I rarely have enough yardage here in FL for backing but how lucky is this? I’m taking this little top to Maine with me next week to tie and donate there and we flip the backings around for bindings on those quilts. This one will work perfectly.  


Keith’s flying home tomorrow, am I the only one that still worries about a loved one being on a plane on September 11th? 


I almost hated to finish the Chevron Rail Fence top as it’s the last one I’ll work on while Chesty kept me company but I did finish the assembly today.   


Knowing its a difficult week for me since he’s traveling, Keith sent some sunshine my way. Made me smile, made me cry.  



The BowTie top is finished although it needs a good overall pressing. I’m going to fold it up and put it on the shelf for now so I’ll wait until I’m ready to layer it. Not sure if I’ll quilt this one here or in GA.  I mentioned in a previous post that this was a kit from Craftsy but I added an extra row in width and in length and narrowed the border. 



I thought I’d finish assembling this yesterday but I had more interruptions than I anticipated so I finished it up today. Love pressing that last seam! It takes more time but I press the seams open on my HeartStrings tops to decrease the bulk due to the muslin foundation. The top lies nice and flat and I’ll appreciate that when it comes time to quilt this one. 


It’s a bit bright and I wondered whether I’d like it after I’d finished the first few blocks but I do! Won’t it make a wonderful donation quilt for a child in need?

You may wonder why I keep making these – I have several reasons.

  • I like scrappy quilts
  • They’re easy to pick up and sew when life is hectic
  • I LOVE that I can use all my leftover bits and pieces to make a quilt that will comfort someone during a difficult time. Frugal and meaningful all at the same time!

I’m settling in and I think it’s kind of funny that the same time last year after we moved HeartStrings blocks were the first thing I pulled out to work on!

Chesty is having another good day and we’re thrilled that he seems to be better. I know that his kidney disease will continue to advance but for now, he’s eating, playing, and watching out the windows to catch a glimpse of me coming and going. 

Next up some knitting while I watch the Tour De France episode we taped today and tomorrow, I’ll be back at work on my BowTie blocks. 


I really struggled with how big to make this one – I’d intended to make it child size and big stitch quilt it but I kept second guessing myself. My go to quilt size is a larger lap or sofa size. In the end, I made myself stop at 12 blocks – that’s 42 x 56 – so I will plan to big stitch quilt this one next after I finish the Pinwheel and Rails quilting. 

I also assembled another small doll quilt from the trimmings. 

Do you feel compelled to point out your mistakes to others? I’ve been knitting my Brickless shawl too – I made a pretty big mistake last night but after discussing it with myself, decided not to rip back … No one will ever be able to find the error with it wrapped around my neck or shoulders, no one but another knitter would be able to find it and then probably only if they knew there was an error and were looking for it.  And I won’t even photograph it and show it to you. 


Do you use your leftovers? While I had the fabric out for the HSTeria quilt, I cut some 2.5 inch strips from the leftover fabric and kitted them up for later. A simple 5 rail fence is the result. Quick and easy and better than the fabric going back in stash. It will be donated when it’s eventually finished (don’t hold your breath! My tops tend to age a bit on the shelf before being quilted).


The problem with multitasking

Working on a little of this and a little of that makes for slow progress but I did manage to get the 16 patch top assembled.


I head to GA in two weeks so I needed to start sorting what goes and what stays. Why is it that organization in my sewing room is a never ending task?! As you can see, I have piles everywhere – and the fact that you can see is due to my finally buying a light for my sewing room so now I can work at night and actually see something beyond the sewing table. I haven’t even managed to remake the bed in there after Chris and Becky’s visit. I will get to that once I pack up everything going to GA.


I sorted through the finished tops – 4 small ones will stay here for quilting and 6 will go to GA. I might eventually decide to big stitch one or two of the ones going to GA but I have more than enough to keep myself busy for the next 6+ months and I expect to visit at least 4 times this year.

I sorted through the finished quilts and started washing them – again some will go to GA for donation and some will be mailed from here so there are two stacks.

There are 4 afghans to go to GA for donation – 3 need ends woven in before I go so that goes on the to do list.

While I told myself I wasn’t going to establish another fabric stash here in FL I haven’t stopped ordering fabric online so that’s sorted through – the larger 4-5 yard pieces go to GA for quilt backs and I’ll keep the rest here for now.


Making a doll quilt from scraps left over from the 16 Patch sounds like a good idea but probably only going to happen if I pieced it while everything was sitting out … I knew if I put it away to do later, later would never come so I assembled the little top today.


The 16 patch blocks are all made and next I need to get that top assembled.


I know you just saw this yesterday but now it’s a finished top. It’s bright but I like it!


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