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Finally, the little hourglass top is done. This one will stay here for quilting.

You might recognize the fabrics, brought back from GA and also used in this top. Funny how different the tops look using a different background fabric although I also left out the pink/fuchsia fabrics.

You’ll see them again too because I’ve not made much of a dent in them with these two tops. It’s always a surprise to me how little of my fabric stash it takes to make a quilt and yet I keep collecting it.

Even though I got bored with making this top, I love hourglass quilts. I made this other one in 2013 and it might (or might not) actually get quilted in July. We’ll see. One of the reasons it hasn’t been quilted yet is that I haven’t decided whether to keep it or to give it as a gift.


As I noted when I started this one, I didn’t use her instructions but it’s based on Bonnie Hunter’s Scrappy Bargello quilt.  I’d much rather work in blocks than panels and I used a couple Jelly Rolls from Connecting Threads to make my top. 

On the remodeling front, the grouting is being done today on the hall bathroom and I met with the contractors to discuss the kitchen remodel. I’ll definitely need a break after the bathrooms are done but I want to get an estimate and on their schedule for late fall if possible. 


I hand stitched the binding on the bow tie quilt and pieced this little Strippie today. Trying to wrap up some stuff before I leave to visit Mom so not sure I’ll get much else done except I will get the binding stitched down on the doll quilt. 


The churn dash top is assembled. I know it’s small – approximately 40×54 but the top was finished in just a couple days including design time and time out to buy a sewing machine. 

 I’ll need to practice quilting on the new machine before I try quilting this one or maybe I’ll hand quilt it. There are others in line first so it will wait a while!


I’ve finished assembling my Patritic Rail Fence top. It will go to GA for quilting on the longarm this summer. 

It didn’t even make a small dent in the fabric in this bin. 


You probably realize I hate to waste fabric – it’s one reason I love string quilts! I’ve been piecing small doll quilts with leftovers from strip sets and once again I had enough leftovers for a small doll quilt. I think this is the 4th little one I’ve done but none are quilted yet. In my mind I’m thinking I can practice on them but somehow there’s always another top waiting for quilting. I’m not too worried, as long as I get them assembled into a top they’ll be quilted eventually. I don’t dare leave them in pieces and put them away though or they’d never get done. 

So the little pinwheel top is assembled along with a bonus doll quilt from the leftovers. 

Quilt is 40 x 56

Block size is 8 inches finished, 8.5 with seam allowances

The quilt is Jelly Roll friendly – I used 34 (full width of fabric) 2.5 inch strips and 1/2 of two other strips to make the 35 blocks. Leftovers were used on the doll quilt.  

Your blocks can be set with light or dark centers. I just made sure there was constrast between my two strips.  


Double 4 Patch – instructions can be found on my website. This version does not have a border although one could easily be added if you want a larger quilt. 

Quilt size is – 56 x 72

Block size is 8 inches (8.5 inches with seam allowances)

Blocks are set 7 across and 9 down


I did say it was fast

What’s better than turning a set of fat quarters that have been sitting around for a few years into a quick quilt?! My pink 16 patch is a top. Not quite as beige as it appears but it’s late at night (again) and things photograph differently in my sewing room when I don’t have the sun streaming in. 

So I’ve had a few questions about the size of the blocks – the squares finish at 3.5 inches but you will really want to take a look at the tutorial that I’m linking to here especially if you want to use fat quarters like I did. I’ve got another set I’m going to use for yet another 16 patch already picked out but I’ll piece something else first. 

On our walk today this bird came flying past – I wasn’t sure if it was an egret or a heron so I looked it up. My now educated guess is egret.  


Aren’t you impressed with all that I’ve accomplished since I’ve been home from GA? Three bound, two pieced, one quilted, one scarf finished up and another one started. It feels good to be back into a routine and accomplishing things in my sewing room. 

Best PLUS quilt ever!

That sounds so conceited but it really is my favorite and not just because I made it. The BEST inspiration comes from antique quilts. My instructions for this one can be found on the website. 



This was one of those days that got away from me – lots of paperwork and sorting, laundry, and before I knew it, the light was fading and I hadn’t gotten my steps in so I headed out for a 3 mile walk along the bay. The bay is east so the sun sets across the street from it. I love how it looks through the trees.  

I finally got into the sewing room at 9pm and was able to finish assembling the Plus 1 top. It took less than half of my package of 2.5 inch strips to make the pluses so I’ll pull 5 strips from the leftovers and use them to bind the quilt. Excuse the poor lighting – that’s what happens when you work late at night.  

My reward for getting all my steps in and finishing this top, porch time with a glass of wine! I love that I live in a safe neighborhood where I can sit out even late at night. Of course, the lovely FL weather is nice too. Just cool enough that I can sit under my quilt.