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Hiding out!

Keith got home late last night and has been on conference calls all day so Chesty and I have been hiding out in the sewing room. The daybed makes a perfect place to park myself with the iPad after finishing my task for the day and with Pandora playing through my JBL speaker … We can drown out the business conversation from the other room!

My goals these days are less lofty but deciding what I want to accomplish in advance for the week and the day ensures that I make steady progress. This week my goals were to quilt a small HeartStrings top (✔️), bind it (✔️), and assemble these HeartStrings blocks I pieced during our July RWB project (✔️).




You won’t see lists of goals like in the past because the intention for however long we’re in FL is to spend my time more leisurely – walking, reading by the pool, working on my family genealogy, knitting, and yes piecing and quilting too but not at the same frantic pace of past years. However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to focus on donation quilting and that I don’t have any goals … Each night before I sleep or in the morning before I get up, I think about my day and what I want to accomplish. Today – I need to walk, I’ll knit this evening while I finish listening to my current audiobook, and my quilting goal was to assemble the HSTeria top … And it’s done!


It will be set aside to wait it’s turn for quilting in GA but don’t expect to see it done this year. I’m still trying to decide how much time I’m going to be able to manage to squeeze in at Big Canoe in October but there are HeartStrings tops and some UFO’s ahead of this one to be quilted.

Brief instructions have been added to my website

I did change my mind after designing the quilt and added a narrow inner border from a blue fabric found in the stash that worked with the other blues. And speaking of borders … How do you attach yours? Do you take the time to measure and pin? I do and I’m lucky that there’s just enough floor space in the sewing room to do it.




The first RWB HeartStrings top is completed. I’ll offer this one to Kathy in WI to quilt and donate to veterans entering hospice if she has time otherwise I’ll set it aside for quilting in GA.




Being adaptable is important in quilting. For this quilt, I chose a border and then pieced the blocks using colors from the border but when I was done, the border didn’t work. I had several options that I could have chosen but I found these orange and blue/green fabrics in the stash and decided to use them. If I hadn’t had anything else, I would have pieced a piano key border from leftover strips.


Binding is also in progress for the last of the Heartstrings donation quilts. Of course, that doesn’t count the ones just received this week!


Today’s accomplishment

I’ve been sewing a bit on this top as I bound the other quilts but today I decided it was time to finally finish it up. These were the blocks I made during our last HeartStrings sew along.

I don’t usually use 2.5 inch strips for my HeartStrings tops but since I’m making quilts in 2014 with 2.5 inch strips and since I wanted to make one similar to one Ann brought to Maine last year, I decided to go with it. I have a bin of random 2.5 inch strips and these blocks were made from those strips so I didn’t have to do any cutting except for the center strip which was cut 2 inches and the corner triangles which I cut with my 4.5 inch half square triangle die.




I couldn’t go to bed with just two seams left to sew …. My Coffee makes me Happy top is done! The HeartStrings sew along continues through the weekend so I’ll get a top loaded and quilted too.




Just in time… I’m doing laundry, running errands, packing, and finishing up this HeartStrings top. 20130828-190907.jpg

I’m also going to cast on a hurricane hat using this pretty red/purple yarn. If it turns out OK, it will be for my sister.




I finished the assembly of this HeartStrings top I started yesterday at the sew-in. Blocks were pieced by AnnG.


I always press these seams open to decrease the bulk from the foundation and encourage everyone assembling our HeartStrings blocks to do the same. It takes more time but the top lies much flatter and is easier for the volunteers to quilt.


I also finished piecing my Black/White/Blue HeartStrings blocks and they’re ready to assemble.



More of the same going on around here.

Chris, Becky, and Rae came for the day. Rae loves the pool.


With company coming and going I needed some quick easy sewing rather than something I needed to lay out so I cut and sewed another Quick Strippie.


Keith and I ended the day with a quiet evening listening to music and more progress was made on my Camp Loopy Project 3 shawl.



Another Quick Strippie

I had some time this afternoon and evening and decided to cut out and piece another Quick Strippie.


I also soaked and then pinned my Vortex shawl. I finished knitting this the end of April but didn’t have anywhere at home that I could block it. I’m using the guest bed since I won’t need it until this weekend.


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