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I did say it was fast

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What’s better than turning a set of fat quarters that have been sitting around for a few years into a quick quilt?! My pink 16 patch is a top. Not quite as beige as it appears but it’s late at night (again) and things photograph differently in my sewing room when I don’t have the sun streaming in. 

So I’ve had a few questions about the size of the blocks – the squares finish at 3.5 inches but you will really want to take a look at the tutorial that I’m linking to here especially if you want to use fat quarters like I did. I’ve got another set I’m going to use for yet another 16 patch already picked out but I’ll piece something else first. 

On our walk today this bird came flying past – I wasn’t sure if it was an egret or a heron so I looked it up. My now educated guess is egret.  


Aren’t you impressed with all that I’ve accomplished since I’ve been home from GA? Three bound, two pieced, one quilted, one scarf finished up and another one started. It feels good to be back into a routine and accomplishing things in my sewing room. 


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This was one of those days that got away from me – lots of paperwork and sorting, laundry, and before I knew it, the light was fading and I hadn’t gotten my steps in so I headed out for a 3 mile walk along the bay. The bay is east so the sun sets across the street from it. I love how it looks through the trees.  

I finally got into the sewing room at 9pm and was able to finish assembling the Plus 1 top. It took less than half of my package of 2.5 inch strips to make the pluses so I’ll pull 5 strips from the leftovers and use them to bind the quilt. Excuse the poor lighting – that’s what happens when you work late at night.  

My reward for getting all my steps in and finishing this top, porch time with a glass of wine! I love that I live in a safe neighborhood where I can sit out even late at night. Of course, the lovely FL weather is nice too. Just cool enough that I can sit under my quilt. 


It’s dreary outside

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Inside, it’s cheery and productive! I assembled both sets of HeartStrings rainbow blocks AND cleaned up the piles of strings all over the floor.  The larger top, shown first, will go to Big Canoe for quilting and I’ll quilt the smaller one here in FL. 



So nice to see my floor again! 

I came across some bins on clearance when we were in Office Depot yesterday … For now they’ll hold strings but I’m hoping to sew a lot of the remaining rainbow strings into blocks during this last official HeartStrings project. For now the plan is to work on a few other projects but I’ll come back to them in a month or so. It will be easy to pick a bin and sew.  

I’m not sure why I’ve been feeling so unproductive, I looked at all the tops on the shelf and counting the two I pin basted, and the one I’m slowly hand quilting, there are 12 of them – all but one have been finished since my last trip to Big Canoe so I must be getting something done. I think it’s because I have so many waiting to be pieced that it feels like I’m working so slowly. 


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The Woven top is assembled – finally. I thought this quilt would be more fun to make than it was although it wasn’t difficult. I’m glad I’d decided to make a smaller version than the pattern. 

I also cast on another scarf – for Becky. She liked this one I’d made but wanted it in gray.   

 She picked yarn from my stash while she was here at Christmas and although I was going to finish up one of the others before starting it, I messed up for the second time on the Eyeblink shawl so I tossed it aside for now and started the first of two I’m going to knit for Becky.
Pattern – Falling Birch Leaves
Needle size – 9

Yarn – Wollmeise Twin



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Don’t mind the wrinkly look – it needs a good pressing especially after being mangled on my lap as I took out and resewed a block on the right edge that had been rotated wrong. Of course I didn’t see it until after I had assembled and pressed the top AND hung it up for a photo. This will be folded away for months (maybe years) before its quilted so I’ll save the final pressing until I’m ready to load it on the longarm.

All that’s left for tomorrow is packing and football. I’ll do a bit of knitting too. 


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Although any of the border choices would have worked, I went with the purple because I felt it looked best with the stripe I wanted to use for the inner border and binding. This is the second ‘Sharon’ quilt I’ve made and I’m sure I’ll make more.  I love my scrappy HeartStrings quilts from my string binds but these are fun too. 



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In the end, the borders were determined by the amount of fabric I have here. A pieced border to finish the pattern and the one to float the blocks. Quilt size is 50×59 and had I planned better, I would have added one more row of blocks to the length but overall I’m pleased with it. 

I’ll use the other blue print to bind the quilt but don’t hold your breath, this one will go to GA eventually to be quilted on the longarm.  

 The binding is on the HeartStrings quilt and now I just need to hand stitch it down. Progress is being made!