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There’s a reason I don’t make large quilts – I’m easily bored! Becky’s king size top is FINALLY assembled. If you didn’t see my post on the pattern I used, you can find the details at this link.


It will go to Big Canoe with me this summer for quilting … along with 2 queen size tops Mom made. Not really looking forward to quilting 3 big ones but at least Mom has to bind 2 of the 3 although I think I remember offering to machine stitch the binding on her two and just leave the hand stitching for her to do.  I must have been feeling sorry for her like when I offered to help her put the borders on them. Mom has always pieced a lot more large bed size quilts than I have (although I’ve quilted them all plus a number of large ones for my Aunt) but she’s old now ( her words!) and the weight of a large quilt is a lot for her to wrestle with. 


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My Sharon inspired HeartStrings top has been assembled. This one will go to Big Canoe for quilting on the longarm …eventually. 

I think I might take a nap now … the storms came around 4am and and lasted the rest of the early morning hours. I didn’t get much sleep. 

On my design wall

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The problem with working on multiple projects is that progress seems slow. I’ve made a few more rows on the Pyramid quilt, the Hexagons are all sewn into rows and off the design wall now. The hard part will be hand sewing all the rows together!

And up on the design wall, my HeartStrings blocks were arranged and assembled. Nice to have something finished and yes, I do consider an assembled top a finish!  This one will go to Big Canoe for quilting – I’ve just set my dates for the beginning of March but already have tops to quilt for Mom and my Aunt so we’ll see how many of mine I get done. 

Back to work!

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Travel and family time are fun but I’m ready to finally be back in my sewing room! I’ve got several December goals to work on the rest of the week with the aim of finishing up as much as I can before the New Year arrives and my reward will be to start a new quilt on New Year’s Day. 

First up today was to trim and get the 9 patch quilt bound – it’s ready for me to hand stitch the binding down tonight. Next, to finish assembling the brown/green Carpenter Star that I cut and kitted at Big Canoe this past July. Click the link to see a brown and pink version made a few years ago and for brief instructions for making one yourself. I did change the pieced borders on this one – I cut them using the Accuquilt GO 1/2 rectangle die. 

I’ll be home all of January but we’ll have company twice – it’s SO nice to have a queen bed for guests again and Chris and Becky brought my red quilt from Big Canoe when they came. 

There’s still room for my table when there’s no company and tomorrow’s tasks are pin basting and quilting a Quick Strippie.



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One of these days I’m going to have to get back on track and stick to my goals but I’m being generous with myself through the end of the year. Doing just what I want to do and not necessarily what I should do but that doesn’t mean there’s not any progress being made. The tumbler top has been assembled and will go to Big Canoe for quilting. 

I’ve also started sewing the leftover tumblers into a small doll quilt. 

So what’s not getting done today? My walk. 


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The Log Cabin top is assembled. There are brief instructions on my website including how I used the GO die to cut my log cabin blocks. 

It feels wrong to go about my life as if I hadn’t just experienced the disbelief of America choosing a president who spewed hatred and bigotry but my sewing room is my sanctuary – it’s where I’ve been all last week wrapped in my grief at the loss of my sister-in-law and it’s where I’ll go as I try to come to terms with what just happened. 


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I got the binding on the tumbler and set it aside to hand stitch tonight. I like to keep the irregular edges on my tumbler quilts – it’s not hard to bind it but you do have to pivot the quilt frequently to follow the edges. 

I also cut out and assembled the Dino strippie top. I know a little boy mad for dinosaurs who asked his Gram for a quilt in July while we were at Big Canoe. 

I’m going to get out for a walk and then I’ll sit and bind.