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The sashed tumblers are assembled. I need to get a better photo so maybe Keith will hold it up for me this weekend. I will be putting some brief instructions up on the website later but for now, I’m going to take a hike and then spend a couple hours by the pool.




This is as far as I will get on a UFO for July. The sashed 9 patch top is done. Brief cutting instructions are on my website




I never get tired of these cute little Strippies — Kitty Strippie is now assembled.


This one may end up as a gift rather than a donation but I’ve got others to finish for donation … And just bought some more fabric at Tiny Stitches yesterday for a couple. Normally I just buy the focus print like this cute dinosaur one and pull the others from my stash.


Occasionally, I’ll buy all the fabrics … Like these three.


Instructions for making my Quick Strippie



I probably should have walked first and sewn later but I was anxious to sew and now its raining. Maybe it will clear up so I can take a hike later.

The Strips and Strings Log Cabin blocks are assembled. It’s dark inside and wet outside so there’s no good place to take a photo.




I pieced these HeartStrings blocks during our Memorial Day sew along and now the top is assembled and my sewing machine stored away for our Holiday weekend. Chris and his family will be coming up and spending the weekend with us.


I’ll knit for a while and see if the rain clears up enough for me to take a walk


On my Design Wall

Hard to believe it but this green hourglass top is finally finished!


After a light lunch, I’ll head downstairs to quilt.




I knew I wouldn’t have much time to sew while we were here but I thought I’d have just enough to assemble this set of HeartStrings blocks. This makes 135 blocks and 3 completed tops toward my 365 block challenge I’m doing this year with HeartStrings.



On my design wall

Yes, it’s finally a completed top. I woke up this morning with 4 items still on my to do list for February and while I’ll have a couple days at home at the end of the month, I wanted to complete everything on the list before the next trip so I can start a new quilt when I get back.

So, putting the borders on this one was the first item to be checked off.


Item two is to load and quilt a top for Mom and I’ll get that started this afternoon.

Item three is the last HeartStrings binding and that’s in progress

Item four is finishing the purple Fisherman’s Knit scarf and its long enough right now but I like extra long scarves so I just have to finish up the rest of the yarn on this this ball and it will be done.


Bricks and Stones

I know I just showed this quilt but now it’s a finished top and another check mark on my to do list.


There is an instruction sheet for this one on the website.


HS sew along

I finished the last seam at 10:30 last night. The blocks were pieced and the top assembled along with piecing of 4 backs during our New Year’s weekend sew along.


Assembling it was also my first finished goal for January 2013. The goals are:
▪ Quilt 2 HS
▪ Tie 2 HS
▪ Bind 2 HS
▪ Assemble 2
▪ Quilt and bind one UFO

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