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Fast, fun, easy!

I finished 24 HeartStrings blocks for our rainbow challenge. There are so many options when making a HeartStrings quilt – I never get bored.  

String blocks are a great way to clear out those partial bobbins too! I’m going to have to wind some more before too long. 


A new start

Stephanie from HeartStrings posted a link to a Moda Bake Shop project called Simply Woven that she was going to start. Since it was one on my to do list anyway, I thought I’d join her and do a small version. My quilt will have 20 blocks, set 4×5, and measure 48×60. I made a start on it today – I think the hardest part will be deciding how to rotate the blocks. One of my strips doesn’t seem to have much contrast with my gray background but it’s not as blendy in person as it appears in the photograph. Since I’m cutting for just a few blocks at a time, my blocks will also need to be placed further apart so those greens or purples won’t  be so close to each other in the finished quilt. 


Something new!

Is there anything more exciting than starting a new quilt? Since I’ve done such a good job finishing and marking things off my list this week, I’m allowing myself to start something new. I love tessellating quilts but am usually too lazy to fuss with them since you have to make and place blocks in a certain order. 

This cover quilt looks easy enough and I pulled fabrics for it when I was in Big Canoe. I can’t wait for my cutting table to arrive, I hate having to bend over to cut on this table!

I haven’t decided how I’m going to finish the edges, or even what size I’m going to make, but for now I’m cutting 4 blocks out of each of my fabrics (I won’t use them all) and pinning one up on the design wall.  The lighting in my sewing room this time of day isn’t the best, these fabrics are much brighter than they appear in the photo. 


Wrapping up

I’m getting ready to hit the road for 3 and a half weeks so today and tomorrow I’m trying to wrap up what I can and get packed. Keith will be back and forth so at least I don’t have to worry about leaving the house empty.

First up today was finishing all the blocks for the RWB Brick quilt – it will be waiting here on my design wall for me to assemble when I get back.  The quilt would look great with a border or two but I love quilts without  borders and the antique quilt that was my inspiration didn’t have a border either. I’ll just bind this one in a darker blue. 

 So much for this quilt being the leftover quilt – I still have a bin full of the RWB fabrics used so I’ll have to come up with a few more ideas but for now, this bin is going to be tucked away.  

 I’ve got all my supplies I’ll need in GA set aside and we’ll pack the car later today while Keith is here to help. The only thing I didn’t get done this time while I was home was finishing the hand quilting on the little 16 patch top but if I don’t knit at all today or tomorrow  I just might be able to get it done. 

One patch quilts

I love one patch quilts and it just so happens that the leftovers from the Chevron Rail Fence top were perfect to recreate an antique quilt I found on eBay. It’s super simple and I’m flying through making the blocks. If it looks kind of sloppy up on the design wall it’s because I’m not pressing the last couple seams on each block until I have them placed where I want them.  


On my design wall

I wa overly optimistic when I thought I’d finish these blocks before my trip tomorrow. I have 25 done and the stripsets are made for the last 10 blocks but they’ll have to wait until I get home next week after my visit to Mom.

I’m using the fabric I have here and don’t have access to my stash so I’m not sure about those lighter blue blocks. If I was in GA, I’d probably stick to darker blues but since I’m not, I’m debating whether to line those light ones up in a row like I have them here or to scatter them. There are two more blocks that use the lighter blue so I’ll make them them first and decide when I have all the blocks up there. 


It feels so good to be making spending time with my knitting and quilting and making progress. 

On my design wall

All my BowTie blocks are done according to the pattern and up on the design wall but I have enough fabric for more blocks so I made 12 more 4 patches and have the center squares fused and ready to blanket stitch down.  That will give me one more row in width and another in length. I’ll probably make the border a little narrower than in the pattern but I’ll wait until I have the blocks finished and the center assembled before deciding.  


I’m still searching through bins. We have an empty bedroom for now so I’ve got them spread out there rather than in my sewing room.  


Our current HeartStrings project goes through August and I’m thinking these leftover fabrics will work well as center strips for a small top. They’re not exactly light centers but they’ll look great and I won’t have many scraps left over from the BowTie kit when I’m done.  I’ll have just enough for 4 blocks out of each color and I need 24 blocks for the top. 


And the results are …

Sharon in ME has a real talent for putting fabric together for her HeartStrings quilts and it’s been fun to try my hand at it. So after laying out the strips yesterday and making my final fabric choices and placement, this is what my blocks are looking like …. I like them – do you?

You can see that when arranging the blocks there’s a “block A” and a “block B” that emerge

If you’d like to try your hand at making a Sharon quilt – we’re following these guidelines

8 fabrics – I yard each ( not all of each fabric will be used)

All strips cut 2 inches

Corner triangles same fabric on both sides of the block from 4.5 inch squares cut on the diagonal.

This is a planned quilt with the strips in the same place for each block.

Maybe not so obvious as I thought

I asked Keith what he saw yesterday looking at the blocks on the design wall and he didn’t get the right answer … I probably already mentioned where I’m going with this quilt in another post but I think it’s pretty obvious what my blocks are supposed to be … Any guesses?


A better day

Chesty isn’t throwing up and his stitches are looking good so he’s having a better day but unfortunately he has some ongoing renal issues which will continue to challenge us.

I’m not looking for advice …. I have a healthcare background and he receives excellent veterinary care so I’m confident in my ability to make the best decisions about his care but I know there are many of you that are concerned about him so I thought I’d let you know how he’s doing.

We did spend time in the sewing room today …