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I finished the blocks for the 4 Patch on the Diagonal quilt and layered and pin basted a small HeartStrings top for quilting. I think I’ll quilt this one before assembling the blocks into a top.



The extra strips will go into the string bin!

The design wall is up

I worked some more on the RWB HeartStrings blocks and then put up the design wall. I’d intended to have my sewing table under the window in the small room but with the trundle bed, I needed to rearrange the room so I could use my design wall.

These are the blocks I made last week at Mom’s. I’ll rearrange them a little before sewing them together later this week.


Border decisions need to be made

I finished the HeartStrings blocks and started assembling the top but I don’t know that I can just use the print as a border. It seems kind of light or maybe the top seems kind of dark?!

I need to put it up on the design wall and decide whether to…..
▪️add just the print border,
▪️or to add an inner border – gold maybe – and then the print
▪️or to sash the blocks and then use the print
▪️or to put an inner border and then a piano key scrappy border

First, I need to finish the blue framed 9 patch blocks that are up on the design wall now to free it up. Nothing will get done tomorrow as I have a dentist appt, a hair appt, and my volunteer shift at the library.


I so want to keep knitting on the yellow blanket but I am going to miss hitting most of my goals this month so I’m pulling out the Herringbone shawl which IS on the list to be finished this month.

Finished my blocks

Still sewing along with HeartStrings this weekend … I finished my blocks this afternoon and am settling in now to knit and watch some of the Olympics. I’ll play a little with block placement before sewing them together.


A few blocks

I’m watching the opening ceremonies and knitting but I’ll go up later and make more of my HeartStrings blocks.

Here’s a quick peek!


On my Design Wall

Loving these blocks … Got some red added in yesterday.


I also re-cast on my shawl yesterday during the Super Bowl and made good progress I should be back to the lace and beading section soon.

I couldn’t resist

This is just the type of quilt I like, big easy blocks! It’s another in my 2.5 inch strip challenge and it’s based on an antique quilt I saw on eBay. I get the best ideas there. I also seem to be finally using up some of the fat quarter sets I’ve been collecting. This is the third one in a row that has used them. I had to make myself stop piecing and go downstairs to load another HeartStrings quilt or I would have spent all afternoon up here making these blocks.



I finished up the blocks for this little pinwheels and rails quilt today. I won’t put a border on it and I’ll save the blocks to assemble when I spend some time in Big Canoe later this year. I’m planning on another 6-7 weeks down there and this is the 3rd set of blocks I’m putting aside to assemble there … I love having a reason to procrastinate.


This was another quilt pieced from 2.5 inch strips. Even the pinwheels!

Pinwheels and Rails

My 2nd quilt using 2.5 inch strips is inspired by this one Jackie made. Mine will be child size and have no border – here’s my draft. Ignore the coloring, I was too lazy to change all the pinwheel blocks to different colors.


I started cutting and piecing a few blocks this afternoon AFTER getting a binding made and sewn on February’s UFO which is now ready for hand stitching, and AFTER loading and quilting a HeartStrings donation top.

The first few blocks … The blue pinwheels won’t stay next to each other like in the photo. I’ll move them around as I get more blocks made.


These blocks are all from 2.5 inch strips … Even the pinwheels. I haven’t used Thangles for a while but they’re perfect for this quilt.


And here’s the first of 9 HS donation tops on the list to be done.


My switches have been shipped so they should arrive soon, in the meantime, I stitched this one from the back again using the pantograph Leapfrog.

1000 Pyramids

My triangle die arrived the other day and while I’m not going to piece this quilt right now I plan to cut triangles as I clean up in the sewing room. Before cutting too many, I also decided I needed to make a couple blocks to make sure they went together easily.


On my design wall

I finished piecing the HeartStrings blocks this afternoon and for those of you who commented that I don’t post enough photos of Chesty … I had him pose with the blocks.

We’re doing a Black and White project at HeartStrings in Sept and Oct and if you’re interested in participating, you can find the details here.


Hopefully I’ll finish binding the Carpenter Star tonight while the game is on.

I’m a planner

I drive Keith crazy all the time asking him what the plan is? Not that I expect HIM to have a plan but it’s my opening to asking him what he wants to do so I can form a plan for our day or trip.

I also wake up each morning and plan what I need to accomplish that day.

In order to meet my goals for September, I’ll start with HS blocks and binding during the day and hand stitching bindings and knitting in the evenings. Keith will be coming and going all month so I’ll be able to listen to my audio book while I work in the evening.

This morning I started my set of Pink centered blocks for our current HeartStrings project. If you’d like to join in, details are here!


I don’t have enough of any one pink so this set will just have the pink centers unlike the blue centered set that has some blue corners and will also have a blue binding.

I also got the binding on the Charmed Squares and its ready to be hand stitched.


On my design wall

I like a day like today … A little quilting, a little piecing, and a little knitting. I even managed to make dinner for Keith!

I also like that I’ve been doing these HeartStrings blocks for so long that I have my process down pat. I use 48 blocks per quilt, 6 rows of 8 blocks and it takes me an hour to piece and trim 8 blocks … That’s just 6 hours for all the blocks and its easy to do an hour here and there. I’ve got half the blocks done now, an hour’s work each day for the last 3 days and its fun to see the quilt grow on the design wall.


Finally – a few hours sewing

Today was the first day all week my head didn’t hurt too much to sew. I started with grunt work and pieced 3 backs (just 10 more to do …. ugh!)

And then I cut fabric into strips and started a new HeartStrings top. We’re having a special project in Sept/Oct and since I’m going to be gone so much I need to get an early start.

Cindy’s quilt is our inspiration.

For blocks sent in for group quilts, we’ll use red centers but for anyone making an entire set or the whole quilt (me!) any color center goes. I’ve also made one other adaptation, I’m using my center color on half of my corners to give me a little extra pop of color. My quilt will also be bound in the blue.


We usually have prizes for our HeartStrings projects and VickiW offered to sponsor one of them for this project. I was thrilled to accept as I love her hand dyed fabrics. If you haven’t seen them, take a look at Vicki’s links below. I’ll be posting the full details of the project on the HeartStrings site in a few days and will let you know in case you want to participate.



I pulled out the tumblers today and started playing with them.


I decided to modify my original design somewhat and if I was at home with my stash and tumbler die, I would modify it to look like this drawing … But I’m not so I’ll work with what I have here. I’ve also decided I don’t like the half tumblers … I prefer leaving my edges irregular. I think it adds more interest so this will be the first and last quilt that I use the half tumblers on.



Every year I try to complete 12 UFO’s – one per month but of course every year I create more UFO’s too. The hardest ones for me to finish are those left in pieces … Tops don’t bother me at all but I find it very hard to get backing into the piecing of a quilt that’s been set aside.

Today I pulled out my 9 patch UFO. This one was started in May 2011 and while I won’t complete it this month, I will get it to the finished top stage.

This morning as I pulled it out of the bag.


I usually sew in the guest bedroom but we’ve been moving some furniture around. Luckily my sewing table is easy to fold up and move. Today, I set it up in the living area.


By the time I was was ready to stop and go for a hike, I had the center assembled. I will add a single blue border the same width as the sashing tomorrow and call this top done.



On today’s agenda:
▪Assembling a set of String Log Cabin blocks

When I bought an iron for here I chose a GE with auto shut off (for those times I worry I left it on). I like this one because it stays on longer than most auto shut off irons and the red light at the bottom tells me it’s on. If it shuts off, I just press that button and its back on. I may need to find one of these for home.

You can see the assembly of the string log cabin blocks has started.


Chesty’s in a cone on and off the last couple days. He doesn’t seem as itchy as usual for this time of year but he’s been scratching his ear. He settles right down when I put the cone on him so I don’t think it itches that much. He’s a bit of a mess so I’m glad he’s got a grooming appt. for Wednesday.


I’m loving my FitBit Flex. I’ve read some comments about the accuracy and did some research and testing on my own. Read what the FitBit site says.

For me, it seems pretty accurate unless I’m piecing and then it gives me extra steps so my solution is to clip it on my belt loop when I’m sewing so I still get credit for those steps but not for any of the arm movements. I wear it on my non dominant arm and knitting doesn’t affect it.

Even with my company last week, I managed to keep up with my step goals. I don’t expect to do 10,000 steps each day but would like my average steps per day to be about that.



I’m so happy that I bought a machine and cabinet last year for the condo here. It’s easy to get up and running. I bought a bin full of projects but since we’ll have company tomorrow evening I picked a set of HeartStrings blocks to assemble so I don’t have to pull out and then put away all my cutting supplies too.


The room doesn’t have the best lighting but I have task lighting so it’s adequate.

I took a wonderful hike earlier but didn’t have my camera with me. There are lots of distractions here … Family, hiking, knitting … But I’m not going to worry about how much I accomplish these next few weeks. I’ll do and work on what I feel like and enjoy my time here.


Quiet weekend

I didn’t work much this weekend — a little knitting, a little binding, and a little cutting.

I also attended a genealogy research lecture on Saturday and Keith and I took a bike ride today.

I’ll post a photo of the quilt I bound tomorrow and here’s a very poor photo of the tumblers up on the design wall.


There are lots of sashed tumbler quilts out there and I’d had one on my to do list for a while as something different to do with my GO dies but I was finally motivated to start it after seeing a completed quilt shared with me by one of my blog readers. She used a published pattern and an elongated tumbler shape (I’m not making the same quilt) but it did spur me on to pull out the one I’d played at drafting a while back.


As you can see its not a completed design but it was enough to capture the idea for future use. I do have a half Tumbler die that I hadn’t used yet which I’ll use on the top and bottom and it won’t be a large quilt …. Just a small one for donation.

The photo is terrible I know, a hazard of shooting it with my iPad at night in my hallway that isn’t particularly well lit. I just did enough today to play around with my idea for constructing it. With the angles it’s not completely straightforward.

Ready to pack

I finished up the last of the string log cabin blocks after my volunteer shift at the library and both sets of blocks are ready to be packed up and placed in my GA bin along with the other piecing and knitting projects I plan on working on this summer.


I have one more UFO project to dig up and then I’ll gather yarn for several knitting projects. I definitely won’t run out of things to do in the 6 weeks I plan to be gone.