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Simple quilts

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Funny how simple quilts are the ones that catch my eye. I saw this one on eBay last night and thought it might look good in RWB. 

Quilt size = 56×76

  • Alternate 4 inch finished squares with 4 inch finished half square triangles (both should be 4.5 inches with seam allowances)
  • Set blocks 11 across and 16 rows down
  • Inner border cut 2.5 inches
  • Outer border cut 4.5 inches 

I’d use lots of different reds, whites, and blues. 

If you wanted a borderless quilt like the inspiration one, you could just add 3 rows of blocks to the width and length setting them 14 rows across and 19 rows down to get a quilt the same size. 

And while I was drafting this quilt – my car was being towed away. The battery was completely dead yesterday when I went out to go to my massage appointment. They were able to jump it but Keith wanted it towed to the dealership so they could check it out and replace the battery if needed. 

Walking, eating, shopping

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I’m not much of a shopper but we do visit LL Bean when we are here. Keith found a few things and we found a ‘home dec’ representation of Casco Bay to hang in the library – it’s not a photo or a map but we liked it. 

Don’t worry, that lobster roll wasn’t that small – I took a couple (big) bites before I thought to photograph it. 

I also wanted to share another one of Ann’s quilts – I liked her zigzag strings but liked the black and brights better than the pastel fabrics so aren’t I lucky she had extra blocks and made one of those too – this is definitely going in my inspiration file. 

The boss

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Finn spent the morning with Keith while I slept late and then ran some errands. When I got back, we went for a walk and played some which was supposed to give me some time in the sewing room – he has to be in the crate for his safety, he finds the smallest pieces of fabric and tries to eat them and you know my sewing room has lots of fabric scraps floating about. He sat quietly for a while but apparently wasn’t in the mood to nap or be in the crate.

He was however willing to nap a while in the chair with me while I knit some on the baby’s blanket … but his nap didn’t last long and then he was ready for some more attention. He was groomed yesterday … can you tell?

It’s still a bit of a challenge for me to work around his schedule and I don’t get as much done as I used to but when Keith’s not traveling, he spends time in the (home) office with him and he’s getting better … it’s only been in the last month or so that I’ve been able to knit when he’s sitting with me. One day, hopefully soon, he’ll be able to sit in the sewing room without getting into everything like Chesty did. 

He did allow me to draft a chisel quilt … there are lots of examples of chisel stars out there and while mine will most likely be scrappy, I like to draft quilts in RWB so they can be used for veteran quilts. 

Quilt size is about 56×80 as drafted using the Accuquilt GO chisel and 3 inch finished half square triangle dies. 

Yes, this is a quilting blog

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Since I haven’t sewn in two weeks how about I share some vintage inspiration with you I found on eBay. I’m constantly looking for quilting ideas – some of which I manage to use, others never make it into one of my quilts but maybe you’ve been inspired by something I’ve shared here. 

I recently finished my Grandmother’s Fan quilt – I have the Accuquilt GO Dresden Plate die and I’ve just made this one quilt and cut this one of Mom’s from that die. I’d love to make a Dresden Plate and this vintage one appeals to me in spite of the fact that I’m taking FOREVER to do similar sashing on the Schoolhouses!!! Notice that my fans have a straight edge and Mom’s have the pointed edges –  both can be made from the same die. 

And how about this hexagon quilt?! I also have that GO die and while I’ve played with piecing hexagon flowers, I haven’t actually made a quilt with them. It’s an unusual setting which I like. 

This is probably not one I’ll end up making although I am VERY drawn to the idea of embroidery on quilts and save lots of inspirational photos for a some day quilt. It’s hand quilted too!

More inspiration

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I might not have sewn the last few days but I never stop looking for inspiration. 

I don’t make a lot of solid quilts but I’ve been collecting some fat quarters. This fan quilt stands out from others on eBay. 

How about one set with a plain alternate block – I don’t do many of those either but this one caught my eye too. Set on point. 

And this one … well what can I say … scrappy blocks, scrappy sashing! It’s beautiful to me!

On my drawing board

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After being gone most of the last two weeks, I had tons of stuff to catch up on over the last couple days. I’ve also finished packing up the sewing room so there will be no more piecing or quilting until after the move but that doesn’t stop me from looking at quilts and drafting my ideas for the future.

I love half square triangle quilts and this antique one on eBay appealed to me because of the strong diagonal line created by the red HSTs.

About 10 minutes playing with my TouchDraw app on the iPad and I’ve got a quick draft of a quilt to make sometime in the future. As you can see, it’s just a nine patch block with red half square triangles placed on the diagonal in the block. I would make this one with 3 inch half square triangle blocks, probably set 6×8 without borders which would create a quilt that is 54×72. That’s 432 half square triangle blocks. 144 red ones, 288 blue ones.

What’s on your drawing board?