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It’s 1pm and I haven’t even showered or started to work today – so, so lazy but I was up really late last night. First knitting and then reading. 

I was ready to cast on a new hat in fingering weight yarn but I just didn’t want to think as hard as the Slipstream hat was going to require so I cast on an easier one. I will make the Slipstream one eventually but in addition to the unfamiliar stitches, it’s going to require some adjustment in the number of stitches I cast on … Which means adjustment in the pattern when it’s time to decrease and my brain just wasn’t up to all that last night. 

So here’s one from a book I bought a while ago – haven’t ever made anything from it so this is good! My yarn will work up differently than the one she used but maybe I can find a similar yarn with shorter color changes and make another one later. The pattern isn’t available online although you can see the ones people have made on Ravelry

One thing I love about Ravelry is the notes that people add when they make something – in this case I thought that 5 inches before the decreases would be too short and reading the notes, I see that it is so I’ll know to knit to my usual height about 6.25 before starting the decreases. The Ravelry notes for the SlipStream hat were also helpful In that they told me that the band was too loose with the number of stitches cast on. All good stuff to know before starting a project!


This one is for my sister – Mom pieced it, I quilted it and I hope it’s not too heavy! Luckily, she lives near the mountains in VA so it should be nice and toasty this winter. She wanted a quilt that was soft with a lot of drape so we used Minkee for the backing – I’ve done these both with and without batting and she wanted batting in it – She may need a summer quilt too. 

Quilting is hard to see on the front but it’s the pantograph Leapfrog. It’s the most open one I have and she wants this to be soft and “broken-in ” feeling. 

Here’s a photo of the back.

#11 of 15 to be quilted in July. There are just 4 more to quilt while I’m here – one last one of my Aunt’s bed-runners, another RWB donation quilt of mine, and then I’ll choose the last two from my other donation tops waiting for quilting. 

I also finished the crown decreases on my first hat and will cast on the second one when the plumber leaves. We’ve got a couple minor things needing attention so I scheduled the work to be done before we leave. 

The yarn is a KnitPicks worsted weight.


The 3rd bed runner for my aunt is quilted – #10 of 15 to be quilted in July. Freehand swirls and thankfully I just have one more of these left to do!

I took this photo earlier today but I’m already about half way done with the crown decreases. I’ll finish it up tomorrow and cast on another hat (a different pattern). The pattern’s called Huricane Hat (free on Ravelry)  and it’s an easy knit. 

On my needles

I’m waiting for Keith to leave tomorrow to start my crochet scarf – I need to concentrate on a new method to me – a foundation chain where the chain and the first row are done at the same time – so in the meantime, I’m working on my Yowza shawl while we’re watching the Tour de France. 

I love this colorway – the yarn is Miss  Babs Yowza – a worsted weight yarn. 

Cast off, cast on

The feather and fan blanket is finished. It just needs a light blocking and it will be donated. 

The Madison Scarf has been cast on. Both are free patterns on Ravelry. 

More mistakes

I don’t have a photo but I managed to make a mistake in my feather and fan blanket while we were gone – I’m not good at knitting and talking! Instead of starting something new in the meantime, I pulled out this old, old UFO and knit a little while on it tonight. I’m so used to knitting on circulars that the straight needles were a little awkward to handle. 

When I went to check my database, I realized that I’m piecing a lot more than usual – normally I just have 12-13 new starts all year but I’ve already hit that number and it’s just May. Partly because I’m making smaller ones that can be quilted here in FL. 

I also managed about an hour in the sewing room today and got a couple more blocks made. Tomorrow afternoon my new Koala cabinet will be delivered. I wasn’t quite ready for it as they said it would take 4-6 weeks but I’ll make do – we’re going to move the day bed into the other room but not until they’re finished with the bathrooms and we get the bedroom furniture delivered. 

On my needles

It doesn’t look like much yet but I’m making progress on the blanket. 

Pattern – Feather and Fan, free on Ravelry

Needles – size 8 US

Yarn – Cascade 220 Superwash – a purple heather


A quiet weekend

Keith’s getting ready to travel this week so we had a quiet weekend. It was nice to have the house to ourselves without the workers here but they’ll be back in the morning to resume work on the bathroom. 

I did mange to finish all the blocks for the 9 patch quilt and started assembling the top and I finished knitting the hat for Maureen in the same yarn as the scarf I made her. I love how neat the decreases look in this pattern. Click the link for the free pattern on Ravelry. 


She wanted it longer than the one I made Mom so it’s a little slouchy.  

My goals for the week will be to finish assembling the 9 patch quilt and write up instructions for the website, pin baste one of the tumbler tops from Maine and get it quilted. 

Off my needles

I love the subtle variations in this hand dyed yarn. This one is a gift for my sister and I’ll be making her a hat from the same yarn. 

Pattern – Yowza shawl #1 but with a ribbed vs a ruffled edge

Needles – size 9

Yarn – Miss Babs Yowza yarn


On my needles

I find quilting very intuitive. I can look at many quilts and know how to make them without instructions – helpful since I like remaking vintage quilts but with knitting I usually follow a pattern from beginning to end – except tonight. I made two scarves for Mom and my sister wants the wingspan of one with the ribbed edging of the other so I’m trying to combine the two patterns without messing up. It’s not all that difficult but they do use slightly different methods of increasing. I’ve put a lifeline in and have doubled my stitches, let the ribbing begin!


Do you like purple?!

I seem to lean toward reds and purple accents for my wardrobe. I don’t know if I’ll keep this scarf but I’m liking it!


Off my needles

Needing blocking to open up the lace but off the needles today – project details here

Now that I’ve got Mom’s move behind me, it’s time to focus on getting the townhouse here into shape. First up we need quotes on updating the two upstairs bathrooms and we want some shelves built in around the fireplace in what we’re calling the library. The carpenter and contractor were both in today and now we’re just waiting for quotes – hopefully quotes that won’t break the bank because there’s plenty more to be done around here. 

On my needles

I worked hard getting Mom moved but don’t feel sorry for me. I enjoyed a quiet afternoon and evening here at the hotel – knitting, reading, and napping – and I have a week at home before heading off to Hawaii for vacation.

Pattern – Interlude 

Needles – size 6

Yarn – Wolle’s color changing cotton


Off my needles

I knit well into the evening and finished my scarf. 

Pattern – Falling Birch Leaves

Needles – size 9

Yarn – Wollmeise Twin – fingering

I’ll get it blocked when I get home and hopefully gifted in Feburary. 


The Woven top is assembled – finally. I thought this quilt would be more fun to make than it was although it wasn’t difficult. I’m glad I’d decided to make a smaller version than the pattern. 

I also cast on another scarf – for Becky. She liked this one I’d made but wanted it in gray.   

 She picked yarn from my stash while she was here at Christmas and although I was going to finish up one of the others before starting it, I messed up for the second time on the Eyeblink shawl so I tossed it aside for now and started the first of two I’m going to knit for Becky.
Pattern – Falling Birch Leaves
Needle size – 9

Yarn – Wollmeise Twin



I started another scarf yesterday and worked on it during my flights home but I’m saving it to work on in Janaury when I’m traveling again so I decided to start a baby afghan. Mom’s been crocheting away and I found her a pattern that she used to make a doll afghan for Rae and I decided I’d make a baby afghan to donate using the pattern. 

Pattern – Sweet Baby Afghan – free

Hook – size H

Yarn – Lion’s Brand Ice Cream in the Strawberry colorway

I also had another dentist appointment. I tried to be proactive and have a crown put on a tooth BEFORE something happened but unfortunately the tooth was damaged in the process and now needs a root canal. It’s been bothering me the whole time I was in VA and now I’ve got another 2 weeks before they can do the procedure. I’m not happy. 


I guess I lied earlier when I said I didn’t have much to share today. This scarf is blocked and the ends woven in. Started Jan 2013, I’d finished knitting it in Mar 2013. Yes, it sat in a bin for over 2 and 1/2 years waiting for me to block and weave those 2 ends in. 

Pattern – Falling Birch Leaves – free on Ravelry

Needles – size 9

Yarn – Madelinetosh Pashima, colorway Parchament. 

Looking over my notes, this was the first project I knit from a chart and the first one I used lifelines on. I remember enjoying knitting it but then I like the short rows of a scarf and frequently have one on my needles. They’re great projects for sitting down and knitting when you just have 20-30 minutes and they make great travel projects for the same reason. 

It was way past time to finish up all these projects waiting for blocking and to have their ends woven in. I’m glad I finally put them on my list of goals. 


As best I can tell from the blog because there isn’t a photo, this little shell afghan was probably crocheted 9 years ago and it’s been carried from move to move waiting to have 4 ends woven in so it can be donated. Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? I told you I procrastinate on the finishing of my knit and crochet items and I wasn’t kidding. 

It’s now finished and it counts as #8 of the 12 items I’m trying to finish up by the end of the year. My goal is to finally finish off these scarves, shawls, and blankets and decide what is being donated and get them out of here!



The Cameo Shawl is finished blocking and the ends are woven in. I might actually meet this goal of 12 finished up by the end of the year.   

 The Drunkard Path blocks are also finished and up on the design wall. It looks extra messy because I haven’t pressed any seams and won’t until I have my final block arrangement. 



This scarf has been waiting for blocking and to have it’s ends woven in since April. It’s done in time for me to wear it here at home this winter. 

Pattern – Brickless

Yarn – Wolle’s color changing cotton

Needles – size 5