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Off my needles

Needing blocking to open up the lace but off the needles today – project details here

Now that I’ve got Mom’s move behind me, it’s time to focus on getting the townhouse here into shape. First up we need quotes on updating the two upstairs bathrooms and we want some shelves built in around the fireplace in what we’re calling the library. The carpenter and contractor were both in today and now we’re just waiting for quotes – hopefully quotes that won’t break the bank because there’s plenty more to be done around here. 

On my needles

I worked hard getting Mom moved but don’t feel sorry for me. I enjoyed a quiet afternoon and evening here at the hotel – knitting, reading, and napping – and I have a week at home before heading off to Hawaii for vacation.

Pattern – Interlude 

Needles – size 6

Yarn – Wolle’s color changing cotton


Off my needles

I knit well into the evening and finished my scarf. 

Pattern – Falling Birch Leaves

Needles – size 9

Yarn – Wollmeise Twin – fingering

I’ll get it blocked when I get home and hopefully gifted in Feburary. 


The Woven top is assembled – finally. I thought this quilt would be more fun to make than it was although it wasn’t difficult. I’m glad I’d decided to make a smaller version than the pattern. 

I also cast on another scarf – for Becky. She liked this one I’d made but wanted it in gray.   

 She picked yarn from my stash while she was here at Christmas and although I was going to finish up one of the others before starting it, I messed up for the second time on the Eyeblink shawl so I tossed it aside for now and started the first of two I’m going to knit for Becky.
Pattern – Falling Birch Leaves
Needle size – 9

Yarn – Wollmeise Twin



I started another scarf yesterday and worked on it during my flights home but I’m saving it to work on in Janaury when I’m traveling again so I decided to start a baby afghan. Mom’s been crocheting away and I found her a pattern that she used to make a doll afghan for Rae and I decided I’d make a baby afghan to donate using the pattern. 

Pattern – Sweet Baby Afghan – free

Hook – size H

Yarn – Lion’s Brand Ice Cream in the Strawberry colorway

I also had another dentist appointment. I tried to be proactive and have a crown put on a tooth BEFORE something happened but unfortunately the tooth was damaged in the process and now needs a root canal. It’s been bothering me the whole time I was in VA and now I’ve got another 2 weeks before they can do the procedure. I’m not happy. 


I guess I lied earlier when I said I didn’t have much to share today. This scarf is blocked and the ends woven in. Started Jan 2013, I’d finished knitting it in Mar 2013. Yes, it sat in a bin for over 2 and 1/2 years waiting for me to block and weave those 2 ends in. 

Pattern – Falling Birch Leaves – free on Ravelry

Needles – size 9

Yarn – Madelinetosh Pashima, colorway Parchament. 

Looking over my notes, this was the first project I knit from a chart and the first one I used lifelines on. I remember enjoying knitting it but then I like the short rows of a scarf and frequently have one on my needles. They’re great projects for sitting down and knitting when you just have 20-30 minutes and they make great travel projects for the same reason. 

It was way past time to finish up all these projects waiting for blocking and to have their ends woven in. I’m glad I finally put them on my list of goals. 


As best I can tell from the blog because there isn’t a photo, this little shell afghan was probably crocheted 9 years ago and it’s been carried from move to move waiting to have 4 ends woven in so it can be donated. Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? I told you I procrastinate on the finishing of my knit and crochet items and I wasn’t kidding. 

It’s now finished and it counts as #8 of the 12 items I’m trying to finish up by the end of the year. My goal is to finally finish off these scarves, shawls, and blankets and decide what is being donated and get them out of here!



The Cameo Shawl is finished blocking and the ends are woven in. I might actually meet this goal of 12 finished up by the end of the year.   

 The Drunkard Path blocks are also finished and up on the design wall. It looks extra messy because I haven’t pressed any seams and won’t until I have my final block arrangement. 



This scarf has been waiting for blocking and to have it’s ends woven in since April. It’s done in time for me to wear it here at home this winter. 

Pattern – Brickless

Yarn – Wolle’s color changing cotton

Needles – size 5



Sometimes you just have to trust a project is going to turn out OK. 

I started the latest scarf and chose a bold color combination and as I got to the first change, I began to doubt my choice. I could have gone with one of the subtly color changing skeins but no, I decided to go all out. I guess we won’t know if it’s going to be successful until I’m done. 

Pattern – Oh HELEN 

Yarn – Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton

Needle – size 6

In other knitting news, I got another project blocked … Well, it’s blocking as I type and should be done tomorrow. I’m behind on my goal to finish up 12 of my knit or crochet projects before the end of the year ( By finish I mean block and weave ends in – the knitting is all done on these). I think this one just makes # 5 or maybe # 6 but I need to get busy if I’m going to meet this goal.