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After all the work to get ready for the carpet installers they call this morning to delay starting until tomorrow. I am SO not happy especially since I was up early to finish stripping our bedroom of everything on the surfaces and the linens from our bed! I never did fall asleep last night because I was going over everything I need to get done in the next few weeks in my mind and I knew I had to get up early too … the two together are guaranteed to make for a sleepless night!

At least I did finish my red scarf. 

Pattern – Be Simple Variation – a free pattern on Ravelry

Yarn – Wollmeise Twin – fingering weight

Needles – US size 6

It’s a little hard to tell from the photo but the dark color in the scarf is a deep purple. 

This is the 4th time I’ve made this scarf – it uses one skein of my favorite variegated yarn and always looks great. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a knitting finish but I’m also making good progress on the striped blanket for the baby so I should have another finish by the end of the month. 

Now it’s time for a nap!


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Having made knit blankets for Rae and Bree I knew I’d be making one for the new baby too and the other day Chris asked me to make a blanket like I did for the Rae – he said same pattern, any color yarn I wanted. They used Rae’s blanket all the time – a while back I pulled all the photos of her that I had with her using it into a collage – and I love making things for people who use them!

I really didn’t want to make the same pattern and I knew Becky would want some input in the colors so after a few texts back and forth we had a plan and I’ve made a start. It’s an easy knit although picking up the edge stitches for the border will be a little challenge. I’ve done it before but not for a long time. 

I used TouchDraw, the same app I use for drafting quilts to come up with my stripe sequence. 

Does it surprise you to see me using inexpensive acrylic yarn? Caron Simply Soft is definitely soft, it’s easy care, and it holds up well to frequent washing. It was my first choice for the blanket and I found the colors I needed at Joann’s the other day…it was even on sale!

I miss knitting

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I almost ordered some yarn last night but manage to resist the temptation since my knitting this year has been almost nonexistent mostly due to Finn. Instead, this morning I decided I’d try to knit a while and see how he did. It took about 15 minutes of me telling him no and convincing him that he didn’t want to chew on the yarn or the scarf and he finally settled down on the ottoman and watched the wildlife out the window while I knit for about an hour. 

This pattern is the Be Simple scarf I’ve done 3 other times, yarn is Wollmeise Pure – my favorite and somewhat difficult to come by which is why it was so hard to resist buying some from the Loopy Ewe last night but I’ll admit I’ve got a great big bin full of it even though I’ve given Mom several skeins too. I’m going to try again tonight and see if he’ll let me knit some more! 

I use the Knit  Companion app on the iPad to keep my place in my pattern although I don’t use the more involved parts of the program. I import my PDF pattern and use the row markers and counters but I don’t type patterns into the program – that’s too much work for me! I know some patterns can also be ordered in a format that works in the app but again, PDF works best for me. 

I also loaded Mom’s queen size log cabin quilt and have made a good start on the quilting. I’m a little more than halfway but with Adam and the kids coming tomorrow and staying until after dinner on Thursday I don’t expect to finish the quilting until Friday. 

Time with Finn

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Finn’s still getting used to being back home so I spent a good amount of time with him today. I love our little park and he’s starting to like romping there although always on the leash. 

I also worked on the washcloths – the crochet ones go way, way faster than the knit ones but I admit I like the knit one best – that’s the blue one that’s just half way done. I’ll make some of both to send off with the scarves I’m going to donate. 

I’m working these from a couple books I have but KnitPicks has a bunch of free patterns and I’ll try some of those too


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I haven’t done much knitting since Finn joined the family – yarn is something he’d love to get his paws on. I thought maybe some knitted washcloths would be a quick easy project and the place I found to donate scarves to also requests washcloths so it would be easy to send them along. 

I’d tried to talk my sister into learning to crochet and bought her some yarn, a hook, and a book to make dishcloths but she never got into it so I asked for it back the last time I was there if she wasn’t going to use it. 

I’m planning to find some ones to knit but the book and the hook were right in with the yarn so I decided I’d crochet a couple today. It’s a worsted weight cotton yarn and a size I hook.


And I did finish the 2nd one and the ends are already woven in. 

Weaving ends

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I’ve shared before about how bad I am about weaving ends in and blocking my knitting. I had a goal of finishing two projects by the end of February that have been waiting … both of these only needed the ends woven in, no blocking, and still I waited until the last day of February. 

 Be Simple Variation – it’s a free pattern on Ravelry. I’ve made 3 of these now – it’s simple knitting and variegated yarns work well and sometimes it can be hard to find a pattern that does work well with them! The knitting on this one was finished in November. LOVE the colors in this one – yarn is Wollmeise pure – a fingering weight yarn. 

This one is the TGV shawl although it’s more of a scarf. Believe it or not it’s been finished since early 2013 except for weaving the ends in. There were 3 knots in the single skein and the yarn wasn’t the softest so after finishing the knitting I stuffed it in a bin.  Now it’s done and in the bin with a pile of other scarves and shawls that need to be donated! I really need to find a place to send them! Yarn is Zauberball®Crazy and I haven’t bought any more of it. Not a fan of the knots or the texture although I loved the striping effect. 

If I was grading myself …

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I’ll give myself a B for this effort. It’s the 3rd animal I’ve made from this book and while it’s not hard – you have to jump back and forth in the book so it can be a little confusing. Especially when I forget that she’s using British crochet terms so a DC (double crochet) really means a SC (single crochet) in US terminology. Of course, she states that in the general notes in the book but I went straight to the pattern since I’ve made two other animals. Luckily it’s easy to see pretty quickly that I wasn’t doing it right and crochet is very easy to pull out and do over. 

All the body parts were finished last night.

The eyes are still a little weird but I’ve taken them out once so I think I’m going to leave them. The black doesn’t show up against the dark gray so I’ve tried to add a little white to make them stand out. 

Here’s a side view that shows the trunk a little better. 

It’s time to stop playing with yarn and get my rooms ready for the kids … their agendas have changed several times and I thought I had until tomorrow night to get ready but Adam just called and they’re getting here after lunch tomorrow and Chris will arrive shortly after that around dinner time. Adam is also able to stay until Monday and Chris who was going to stay until Monday has to go back on Sunday. None of it’s a problem – I’m just happy they’re both coming for the parade weekend with the kids. I know it’s a long drive for just a couple days but Keith is a big kid and he was home alone last year and went to the Gasparilla children’s parade by himself – he asked both boys to come so he could go with the little ones this year!


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My Simply Woven quilt was not only pin basted but quilted!  As you can see, I chose an irregular grid rather than one that quilted each line. Simple straight line quilting that kept it nice and soft. It’s a free pattern from the Moda Bake Shop. 

I also walked a couple miles before setting down with my knitting for the night. 

We had some cooler weather which has been very nice and last night I even used the heat for a little while for the first time ever and promptly ordered a small heater from Amazon as I just needed a little extra warmth here by my knitting chair and didn’t need to heat the entire house (although the thermostat did read 63 when I turned it on). I used to keep it at 65 in Minneapolis but I also sat by the fire in the evenings. 

Of course, I also had someone to cuddle with in MN! Thinking of him a lot this week as I’ve heard that there are two new puppies in the family. We will NOT get another dog … at least not while we’re traveling so much … and maybe never because I don’t think another dog could ever replace him. I tell Keith all the time I’m not a dog person, I was a Chesty person!

There’s knitting too

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I started this scarf in September but set it aside to work on a couple other projects. 

Pattern – Shine (it’s the 2nd time I’ve knit this pattern)

Yarn – Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton

I’ve tried to convince Mom to use an iPad app for her knitting but she insists on paper and pencil. I use Knit Companion although I always just use the PDF in a quick start project.