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I seem to use this excuse a lot for starting new knitting projects but I’m getting ready to travel again and I’m not sure I want to carry the yellow blanket to work on because it’s getting big. Well it’s not terribly big but a smaller project like a scarf might be easier to work on while I’m on the plane.

I find I spend as much time looking at potential projects as I actually spend knitting and after a week of looking at scarf projects, I grabbed this ribbed one that I’d bought as a kit 2 or 3 years ago and cast it on tonight after working at the library.


I added a couple other scarves to the queue during my search but this one met my need for a mindless knit and the yarn was already wound into balls.

The yellow blanket is more than 2/3′s done so don’t worry, it won’t end up as a UFO and I’ll be back to work on it when I get home.


I’m so stressed

I need easy knitting! My Cobweb shawl was completely wrecked last night and set aside for frogging. I worked on my Feather and Fan afghan today and I’ll think about starting a donation shawl or another blanket in the next day or so. I think the next few knitting projects need to be mindless.


I love that this basically has one pattern row and everything else is knit or purl.


Off my needles

I finished knitting the Herringbone Shawl tonight and it’s off my needles and another item is checked off my list.

Goal setting might not be your thing but I like my goals and lists and they keep me focused on what I want to accomplish without taking away my enjoyment in quilting and knitting. I won’t accomplish everything I set out to this month and that’s disappointing but I’ll just carry them over to next month.



On my needles

I got home this afternoon and did a little more knitting on this one today and now it gets put away until the next trip. I love how soft this cotton blend is.



No finishes but another project started

I never did make it back to the sewing room today so the HeartStrings blocks remain unfinished, the framed 9 patch blocks are still on the design wall and unfinished too.

So why didn’t I sew today?

I had my 3rd visit to the dentist in a week, yes on a Sunday. I broke the temporary crown on Saturday night and was in a bit of a panic since I’m flying out Monday morning but the on call dentist told me to come into the office and he replaced the temporary crown. Now if it will just last the 9 days before the permanent crown is due to be placed I’ll be doing good.

We also ran errands and had a late lunch while we were out and when we got home it was late and time to pack. I’m going to have a lot of down time in the coming week and lots of airport/flying time so I wanted to pack a knitting project only the Cobweb shawl is too complicated and has too many beads to work on while traveling and the Herringbone shawl is too close to being finished to last me a week, so I did a quick search through my Ravelry queue and my yarn stash and picked a Feather and Fan baby afghan. I always like to have a project well established when I’m taking it on the road so I spent the rest of the evening casting on and knitting the first few repeats. The yarn is a light yellow color called Creme Brûlée and it’s a soft cotton yarn which should make a nice blanket.


So that’s why I started a new project even though I have two piecing projects in progress, two knitting projects in process, and 3 more donation quilts to bind this month.


Can you see my beads?

The beads blend in with my yarn but I can still see them. Some people like contrasting beads but I like them to be more subtle. In between binding quilts, I’ve been knitting a few rows on this shawl. The yarn reads gray overall but the color is called Storm … I like the subtle variation. The pattern is Cobweb and I’m about to start the lacy part.




Chesty and I are chilling …

He’s dozing on and off


and I’m knitting …


You know you’re ordering too much yarn online when they send you free gifts. Great service from the Loopy Ewe and I got this project bag and a free skein of yarn with my last purchase.



Off my needles

Can you believe I spent 6+ hours last night binding off this shawl? It’s blocking now and you’ll see it again once I’m able to get a glamour shot but can you believe that I can make something this beautiful? I can’t!


I love the sparkle from the beads.


The Wolle’s CCC yarn (color changing cotton) was a little fussy to work with, 4 strands that aren’t twisted together, but worth the effort. I’ve got 5 other skeins that will eventually become shawls.

This shawl by the way is wider than the other one skein ones I’ve done other than the Calla Shawl and even preblocking, wrapped around my shoulders or neck easily and stayed in place well.


I love the Olympics

Watched some snowboarding and skating tonight while I knit. This looks like a hot mess right now but I’m hoping it will all work out in the end!



Regression not progression

This is what my knitting looked like Friday night …


I stayed up late to knit a few more rows and made a mistake that I could not recover from … So now my shawl looks like this…


I wanted to knit last night but was too frustrated still to cast on again so I pulled out the Herringbone Shawl … I love this one and it’s easy knitting but it’s 3/4 done and with my recent disaster in mind, I tossed a lifeline in just in case!!


I spent some time looking through my queue debating starting a different shawl rather than casting on this one on again today but I decided to just restart and to make sure I add a lifeline before starting the lace and beading.

I’m going to piece a little this afternoon but we’ll watch the Super Bowl tonight and I’ll knit. – go Denver! Not usually one of my favorite teams but it’s been fun this year to see Peyton Manning do so well.

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