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Sometimes you just have to trust a project is going to turn out OK. 

I started the latest scarf and chose a bold color combination and as I got to the first change, I began to doubt my choice. I could have gone with one of the subtly color changing skeins but no, I decided to go all out. I guess we won’t know if it’s going to be successful until I’m done. 

Pattern – Oh HELEN 

Yarn – Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton

Needle – size 6

In other knitting news, I got another project blocked … Well, it’s blocking as I type and should be done tomorrow. I’m behind on my goal to finish up 12 of my knit or crochet projects before the end of the year ( By finish I mean block and weave ends in – the knitting is all done on these). I think this one just makes # 5 or maybe # 6 but I need to get busy if I’m going to meet this goal. 

Off my needles

I finished assembling the center of the tessellating quilt and have two of the pieced borders on … I’m debating how to finish it off so I go into the sewing room every time I pass by and stare at it a while. My options are add a top and bottom border to complete the pattern – I know I’m going to do that .. Then I can add a narrow border to float the blocks and I think I’m going to do that one, finally I can add a final framing border but I’m not sure if I want to do that. If I don’t add a third round of borders, I might make the 2nd round a little wider. I’m going to stew over it the next day or two and then I’ll finish the top and move on. 

In the meantime, I’ve been knitting like crazy and the blue scarf is done and I’ve knit a hat to coordinate. It may be a little small but it fits me as a snug beanie and it fits hat head. Worse case, Rae will get another hat.  I’ve got plenty of yarn so I’m going to knit a second hat – one with a fold up brim so there’s a double layer over the ears for really cold days. 

I cannot get these blues to photograph accurately but they’re pretty. 


Off my needles

I’ve done more unknitting than knitting the last three days on both my Eyeblink shawl and this little hat but at least I finished this one. I really should make more hats – one, they’re quick even when I make mistakes and two, I wouldn’t make stupid mistakes if I made them more often. I was going to use two circulars for the decreases on this one but couldn’t remember what I needed to do so I pulled back the mistake(s) and used double pointed needles. I’ll look up the “how to” before starting another hat but I’ve got all the needles packed for my trip so one way or another I’ll finish one or two more.  



The quilting is finished on the small 16 patch top. It didn’t take long yesterday once I got started and now it’s trimmed and ready for binding. It’s a simple top with simple quilting but I love the fabrics (fat quarters from Connecting Threads) and it’s simplicity. Originally I’d intended this one as a donation quilt but I’m finding that I need some smaller quilts around the house here and at Big Canoe for the children when they visit so I’ll keep this one. It will be bound when I get home in a few weeks.  

I’m also gathering up my knitting projects for the next few weeks – I’ll continue on the two shawls both of which are more than half done, and I’ll work on some hats – the first one was started last night.  


Off my needles

My Magnolia Glen scarf is off my needles and unfortunately not without issues. In attempting to bind off loosely, I used an elastic bind off and went up one needle size and my edge seems a bit sloppy although it does have about the same amount of stretch as my cast on edge so maybe it will improve with blocking. A second issue is that my ends don’t match – I took out my beginning section and redid it. I thought I’d figured out what I was doing wrong but unfortunately it doesn’t match my end section so obviously I didn’t get it right. 

I’m still planning to block and wear the scarf and while not exact, I think they’re similar enough that they’ll pass when wrapped around my neck. I’ll consider this my humility scarf – I’d just started to think I was fairly good at this.  


Off my Needles

As promised, today has been a knitting day and Samantha’s scarf is done. 

Pattern – Yowza Weigh it Shawl

Yarn – Miss Babs Yowza worsted weight yarn

Size 9 needles  


When I was in GA, Becky asked me if I was going to make hats for Rae again this year so I ordered some yarn and it arrived while I was in VA. I’ll make two of them – one pink and green and one purple – and they’re now on my list of goals which has been expanded to include projects that I want to complete by the end of the year. 


On my needles

I knit a little each night and my scarf – Magnolia Glen – is growing! This one isn’t a free pattern but I am loving the drape and length of it knit in my cotton yarn. It should be perfect for Tampa!


Knit or sew?

I’m getting ready to head to Big Canoe and in between laundry, packing, and spending some time with Keith (a swim, happy hour on the porch, some TV in the evening) I chose to knit rather than sew. It was was easier to pick up and put down especially the shorter rows of the scarf I’m working on. 

I completely redid the beaded beginning section after making a couple glaring errors – normally I don’t rip out especially on something that is going to be scrunched around my neck but since it was in the beginning of the scarf I decided to do it over.  


Things started moving faster as I got to the stockinette section … The first photo captures the beads better as they reflect the light better than this progress shot from tonight. 

The yarn is a 4 strand cotton that is not plied … Which means you’re basically working with 4 tiny individual strands which slows me down a bit especially when lifting the stitch off the needle to add a bead but I love how the colors shift throughout the skein of yarn. This particular skein starts with the maroon and one strand at at time changes over to green which will then change one strand at a time and end up with solid navy. 

I’ve got an 8 hour drive ahead of me tomorrow so I’m hoping I can get some sleep tonight. 

Off my needles

It was a race against the clock yesterday – Keith’s flight kept getting delayed as I was finishing up my scarf. I debated whether I’d have time to finish the picot edge before he got home and it was time to go to dinner and decided to risk it. (I like to do my bind off all in one sitting if possible.) I knit this one pretty quick – cast on July 18 and I thought I’d probably give it away but I really like it so I think I’ll hang on to it for a while and see if I have an opportunity to wear it this fall/winter. If not, I’ll give it away or donate it. 

Pattern: Be Simple – variation 

Needle size – US 6

Yarn – Wollmeise Pure, fingering weight


The picot edging takes a lot longer to do but I love how it looks. 


On my needles

It’s simple and knits up gorgeous — and it’s a free pattern. Win-win-win!

Be Simple Variations

I think I just have one or two pattern repeats left and I love that I can knit this one until I use up my whole skein.  


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