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Cast on

I’m traveling tomorrow so I cast on a new scarf. I love this green/purple colorway. This is just my second project in Wollmeise and I’m trying to be less picky about the projects that are Wollmeise worthy since I’ve collected quite a bit of it. The project is simple, free, and takes just one skein. 

Pattern: Be Simple – variation 

Needle size – US 6

Yarn – Wollmeise Pure, fingering weight 


I really, really need to get a several of my finished projects blocked. That seems to be my stumbling point in my knitting. I know that some of you don’t block but I’ve got 2-3 that NEED blocking to open up the lace. 


Off my needles

I’m trying to get back in the habit of knitting a little each day. The Tour de France helps but the last two days I knit at night after Keith went to bed rather than when we were watching the tour and I finished my Lace Ribbon Scarf. It’s a free pattern and you can find it via this Ravelry link

This one definitely will need blocking to open up the lace and I love the pattern of the lace and the color of the yarn.  


Megan asked what I was going to do with my knitted items now that we’re living in FL and I answered that I hoped to wear some knitted lace items like this scarf and some of my shawls especially those knit in cotton here in Tampa but I’ll also be able to wear some of the warmer items when I travel or when we’re up at Big Canoe. 


More knitting

Last night I worked on the purple scarf but had some minor errors so decided to go for easier knitting tonight while watching the Tour de France. I keep knitting but the yarn ball doesn’t seem to get smaller.  Hopefully the Tour will get me back in the habit of knitting some every day otherwise I won’t ever make any significant progress on my projects. 



On my needles

Progress is being made on my big red shawl but that ball of yarn doesn’t look much smaller!



Finally finished the Cameo shawl tonight … I was determined to finish this before the end of the week even if I did have to reknit the lace portion. It goes into the pile for blocking now, my least favorite part. 


Finally, something is finished

I’ve been knitting away and finished one of the three shawls I have in progress. Finally. 

Pattern – Brickless

Yarn – Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton

It still needs blocking but I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it. 


A little progress

There hasn’t been too much time for knitting this week but I’ve made some progress last night and today – we have stripes!

I’ve got 3 shawl/scarf projects going and this one is the Cameo Shawl.


I’m going to drive my Mom to my sister’s house tomorrow before driving back to FL over the weekend. Keith and I’ll are traveling next week and then I’ll came back up here. There won’t be much quilting going on!


Cast On

I seem to be in the mood for knitting. Since my GA trip is coming up in less than a week I decided to cast on another project to take along with me. I went searching through my yarn bins and decided it was time to cast on Cameo. My shawl will have a tone on tone kind of feel I think with one solid and one variegated yarn that are close in color. Hopefully I’ll like the result.


I love my knitting bag so much I’ve ordered a second one. I tend to have one or two scarf/shawl projects and one blanket project going at a time so I decided a second bag would be nice to have for the blanket projects then I’d be able to grab whichever project I felt like working on and go. Since I only knit or crochet small blankets, the bag is plenty big to hold the yarn and project.

I also started piecing the 2nd Drunkard’s Path quilt. I cut it out of Homespuns and it’s not looking like I want and I’m almost tempted to toss it all out. Instead, I’ve ordered some best press to help tame some of the stretchiness of the fabric and I’ll make a few more blocks before deciding one way or the other. My main Drunkard’s Path quilt is still waiting to be worked on but I didn’t want to start it and then leave for two weeks.

Since Keith is gone for the week, my table is set up so I can pin baste a couple small quilts but I haven’t started them yet. He gets back late Friday so I’d better get a move on.

I love it when I time Chesty’s walk just right and get to see the sunset.



More ends woven in

I finished crocheting this one the end of October and it also has been been waiting to have the ends woven in. So glad to finish this up. Can’t wait to get it donated. I’ve got one more to finish before taking them back to GA with me for donation.

Pattern – Shelly Blanket (crochet)



On my needles

I don’t mind that this scarf is taking a long time to knit. It’s actually quite enjoyable but it doesn’t give me much to share as I’m working on it. This one will need blocking before the beauty of the pattern comes out. In case you’re wondering, the red threads are lifelines. I’d hate to have to start over if I mess up too bad (there are minor errors but I’m going to live with those since I seriously doubt they’ll be noticeable with the scarf wrapped around my neck!)


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