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Mom made stockings for Finn, Rae, and Mo for me and I’ve hung them here at Big Canoe. I have gift bags she made for Caleb and Bree but Chris and Becky almost always spend Xmas with us so I wanted stockings for the girls. 

Chris is still sending me lots of photos … how does he know how much I love getting them?! We’ll spend the day with them Sunday but for now we’re at Big Canoe. 

I’m so sure we’re making the right decision to sell Big Canoe but we have had so many good times and great memories that it doesn’t surprise me that I have some sadness about it. We’ll be back of course, we decided not to put it up for sale until March and I don’t expect it to sell right away so we’ll continue to use it until it does. 

One of our favorite spots … just up the hill and overlooking the lake. 

Hearts and Ribbons

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Mo’s pink Flamingo Strippie is quilted and the binding is on and ready for me to hand stitch tonight. 

I knew I was forgetting to bring something from Florida – I realized it was a label for this quilt. I can make a Heart label here but I’m not sure if I have a permanent fabric pen here. If not, I’ll sew the hearts on and write in the info on another visit. 

I don’t know if you can see it but I quilt all the kids names in their first Strippie. And by name I mean the name Keith and I will call them. Caleb is the only one we call by his full name. Rae’s name is Reagan Rae, the Rae being for my Mom and we call her Rae, Bree’s name is Aubrey Anne, and Mo’s name is Monroe Mae. Mo’s name is quilted in three places in the quilt. 

I’ve got the backing pieced for the next quilt – one of Mom’s and I’ll load and quilt it tomorrow. I had the moving company here today to give me an estimate and we’re all set now for them to to pick up on January 4th. So much to do between now and then!


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We’re here at Big Canoe after a long drive and a short visit with baby Mo and Rae. Dinner was cooked, the kitchen was cleaned and we’re relaxing by the fire. Keith is catching up on work even though he took a vacation day today and I’m enjoying my book with a quick break to check email and post.

Tomorrow the mover comes to give me an estimate and then I’ll set up the longarm. With all the packing, the holidays, and family time I’m just going to quilt 3 tops this trip and then won’t quilt any until January when the longarm arrives in Florida.

I finally gave in

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Last year we just had the heat on a couple days but I finally gave in tonight … the temp in the house all day has been 60 degrees and that’s even colder than I kept the house in Minneapolis so I turned the heat on and set the thermostat for 65 … just enough heat to take the chill off. I am enjoying the cooler weather so I’m just commenting, not complaining! 

You’re going to get tired of seeing baby photos … how sweet are these? 

Rae is lending Mo the purple blanket I knit for her when she was born … tonight I WILL finish Mo’s pink one so it will be ready to take to her on Wednesday! Rae’s blanket has been used a LOT and has held up well to many washings … the yarn is an acrylic, Caron Simply Soft and I’m using the same brand for Mo’s and hope it holds up just as well. 


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I don’t know why I schedule back to back trips! I’m running around like crazy getting ready to head to Big Canoe. I had some things to ship off, things to pack up, Finn had to go to the vet and I’m working hard to finish up the final border on Mo’s knit blanket. Tomorrow I’ll do laundry, pack my clothes and Finn’s stuff and by the time Keith gets home at 9:30 pm, we’ll be ready to pack the car for an early morning departure on Wednesday!

One of my tasks today was to find and print photos for these frames I bought a couple weeks ago at Michael’s. How perfect was it that they were on sale 4 for $10. 

Becky and Mo went home from the hospital yesterday … Chris has sent me a lot of photos over the last 3 days but this might be one of my favorites. Rae is so excited about being a big sister. I hope it lasts!

The view from above

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I know many people get frustrated by air travel but I love it – give me my book and some knitting and I can entertain myself across the country or beyond. Normally I choose an aisle seat so I don’t have to climb over anyone if I need to get to the bathroom but today I had window seats on my flights and enjoyed the views … snow covered ground, blue sky with clouds, a long lasting gorgeous sunset, and the lights of Tampa from above.


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I’m at the airport now in Charlottesville ready to head home. I skipped out of dinner last night because I didn’t want to get caught on the other side of the mountain with snow coming. Even with all the MN years, I still don’t like driving in snow especially in the mountains! I spent the night in a hotel and had an easy drive to the airport this morning. Visibility wasn’t good but the roads were ok and it does look festive!

I’m missing Keith and Finn after a week away and am anxious to get home today.

Chris sent me a ton of photos yesterday of Mo, FaceTimed with me last night, and this sweet one this morning. He’s such a good son and must know how hard it is for me to not be there …. I’m counting the minutes until we see her on Wednesday!

Less blogging

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I used to be more consistent with my blogging when I was visiting Mom but I must be doing more quilting and visiting and less blogging now that she’s at my sister’s house. 

We’ve been making stockings since last visit and this visit we’re finishing them up and I’m embroidering names on some of them. These still need to be pressed after I scrunched up the cuffs while I was sewing the names but they look good hanging from my sister’s mantle. 

And just because you all like to see Mom… don’t tell her I posted this photo! We were making the stockings for my son’s family when I snapped it and she wasn’t ready to have her photo taken.