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He’s a mess!!

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Finn had his 16 week check up at the vet today and got the last of his boosters so I can FINALLY get him groomed! This is the last photo you’ll see of the hairball. The mobile groomer is coming Wednesday and I think he’s going to look completely different … not just because there will be a lot less hair but a lot of the black which has been growing out will be shaved off. Stay tuned!

He was 6 and a half pounds today when they weighed him so according to the vet we can expect him to be about 13 lbs when he’s fully grown. That’s a perfect size, just slight smaller (by one pound) than Chesty was and within the range needed to fly with him in the cabin of an airplane.  Chesty flew a number of times with me and choosing a dog that would be small enough to fly was important. 

Do you shop at Amazon?

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I’ll admit I dislike shopping so I always head to Amazon first to see if they have what I need. I have a prime membership which used to just mean free shipping but now it’s got a number of other benefits including free books, free music, and free videos – TV and movies. I always start at Amazon Smile now that I learned that it generates donations for a charity I choose. 

$33 dollars isn’t much but wow, thanks to me and other Amazon shoppers the Red Cross has received over a million dollars. It’s a good reminder that every little bit adds up and it’s an easy way to help … just like donating to the food bank when I go to the grocery store – what better time to think about those hungry and in need than when I’m stocking up on groceries for the two of us. It’s a reminder of how truly fortunate we are. (And for those of you who know that I rarely go to the grocery store, I’ve got Keith trained to give too)!


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The last time I ordered muslin for my HeartStrings quilts they sent me the wrong thing. It was a heavy duty muslin , not the lightweight stuff I usually use but since it was all I had, I used it for the last set of blocks. It’s a heavy top and I decided I would just back it with flannel and not use any batting and I think I found the perfect backing for it. I’ll get it pieced and carry it along with the top to Big Canoe for quilting. 

My boys

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We had dinner out with business acquaintances of Keith’s and I was talking about why we chose Tampa this time around. While there were a number of reasons – high on the list was being closer to my boys AND having a lot of activities here for all the kids. Chris and Becky visit us frequently with Rae and I hope that Adam will visit more often too. It’s also a fairly easy drive for me to get to GA and our condo at Big Canoe … another opportunity to see the boys and our little ones. 

More of the same

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Keith’s been out of town and there’s not a lot to report around here … I’m still working on the blocks for Becky’s king size quilt but since the design wall is already full I don’t have anything different to show you at this point. She needs to get the bed measurements to me and I should be ready to start assembling – I’m going to do this in sections rather than long rows. Once I’m happy with what’s on the design wall, I’ll start assembling those blocks and then move it onto the guest bed so I can layout the rest of the blocks. 

I’m still experimenting with the air fryer … In addition to apples almost every night, I’ve been making some sweet potatoes. Not quite fries,  not quite chips but really yummy! Mom ordered the same air fryer and has tried a few things too. Most of the recipes available are for breaded/fried foods so it’s taking a bit of experimentation to find the right cooking time and temp and to find the best cut for the veggies. 

It seems like Finn has grown up overnight – I think he’s about 7 lbs now – he’s going to the vet for his last boosters on Monday and has his first grooming on Wednesday. I keep warning Keith that he’s going to look a lot different – it is already hot here and he needs to lose a lot of that hair!!

We’re taking more walks now, he’s easily distracted, and wants frequent breaks but it really helps to run out some of that energy he has and when we get back he takes a good nap and I can get some work done. 

Our anniversary is next week … I was looking at old photos and came across this one from a trip to Hawaii 10 years ago this month … we looked so much younger or maybe my sunglasses are just hiding the wrinkles and I had less gray hair. I know I could color the gray but I’m not into the hassle that would involve – it doesn’t bother me that much!! Right now all I need is a quick trim every couple months. 

Around the house

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I have new wind chimes for the porch – the tones are so rich and resonant. 

The tree canopy on our street has filled out … I love streets where the trees meet in the middle!

Finn took his first walk around the block. We’d been walking him within the gates of the community but his energy level is high and I felt a walk around the block would tucker him out and I was right … he’s taking a nap in the pen in the library as I sit here and listen to my new wind chimes! He bounds all over the place and being able to keep the leash short helps control him so I pulled out Chesty’s old leash.